Stop texting him and find out what happens – 5 reasons why this is a good decision

Stop texting him and find out what happens - 5 reasons why this is a good decision

We all know that dating life is complicated, especially when you're in the early stages and both people are trying to impress the other and see if they're a good match.

That's why it's important not to make mistakes when texting. I would even say that reading between the lines is just as important as writing messages.

You may be surprised, but his messages contain many clues as to how much fancies you or if he is a violent psychopath.

Now that we've established that dating life and the subject of texting is complicated, there's one more aspect to this -; nothing to write about. Does it really work?

When should you use this tactic? And is this tactic really worth all the effort?

Well, we'll get to that in a moment. First of all, I want to tell you all the steps that need to be taken before using this method.

After that, I'll explain the possible consequences of this tactic and also give the size ;I agree, so it's a good decision not to text him anymore.

So give it a try, stop texting him and see what happens! Let's go!

1. You were left behind

The thing is, if he wants to talk to you, he will. No matter how busy he is or what he is doing, at least he will tell you that he will get back to you later.

Even if he's forgetful and stressed out, there's no excuse for him to ignore your texts.

That's why you need to stop texting him when you've already texted him two or three in a row without getting a reply from him.

And no matter how badly you want to tell him something, you have to resist the temptation and put down your phone.

It's important that he realizes that you don't drop everything for him when he feels like it. If he wants to be with you, he'll have to put in a little effort.

2. Your communication is on news

If you've just met and aren't ready to meet up every day, that's ok.

If you don't have a problem with that, then that's fine too.

But if your communication is limited to texting only and you suggest that you meet up and he comes up with an excuse to postpone the meeting, then something is wrong.

< p>Think about it. If you really wanted to meet someone, then you would like to spend time with that person.

If he avoids it, it could be because there is another woman in his life or that he keeps you as a last resort. And you didn't deserve either!

3. You're always the one who writes first

That's fine if you're the first one up in the morning and he really likes texting you.

But if you're always the first to text, even if he's already awake or is active on social media, then you should take a break.

Give him a chance to be the first to start a conversation for a change.

Give him the opportunity find out what it's like when you're not the one starting a conversation anymore.

He'll either realize how much he misses being in touch with you and end up writing to you, or he'll show you that he's not interested in you.

I know; that this is hard, but it will save you time and most importantly a broken heart which is even more painful.

4. You're the one keeping the conversation going

Both a relationship and a conversation take two people.

If you're the one who has to keep the conversation going at the beginning of your relationship, imagine how it is first will become when the two of you are in a more serious relationship.

Being in a one-sided relationship sucks as much as talking to yourself.

If he isn't interested in talking to you, then you shouldn't show interest in talking to him either.

Even if you want to talk to him, sometimes it's better to pull yourself together.

5. He lets you do all the work

This is a completely different aspect. Some guys act like they're hard to get.

Some guys just love being chased, so they make you do all the work.

And some men are just not interested in you. And then there are manipulative assholes who want to take advantage of you with their texts.

If he bombards you with texts and calls and demands that you text him throughout the day, so that he always knows where you are, get lost!

This will never get better, because such men have to have everything under control, including you.

And before you know it, he will take control of your life and isolate you from your friends and family so that he is the only one you can turn to.

If you are in a If you recognize these scenarios that are good reasons to stop texting him, then read on to find out what steps you need to take if you're thinking about stopping texting him.< /em>

These steps are incredibly important because they can help you identify where you want this relationship to go.

Do you want this relationship to end leaving because he doesn't deserve you or do you just want to use this tactic so you can light a little fire under his butt? Whatever it is, you need to remember that you deserve to be happy and that you deserve someone who wants you to be number 1 in their life.

Now to the measures:

1. Check your texting habits

The thing is, the way we write reveals a lot about who we are and it's really difficult at times is not to show how much we care about a person when we text them.

We really want to meet that person, we want to know everything about them and we want that person knows everything about us.

But it's important that you stop for a moment and consider if you're being taken advantage of.

Are you always the one to text first? Are you always the one keeping the conversation going? Do you write about anything that isn't necessarily important or interesting? In that case, it's time for a change of tactics.

2. Think about the content of your messages

Like I said before, do you text him any things that come to your mind throughout the day without even thinking about whether they are important to him?

You can do that if you've found the person who has the same quirky sense of humor as you do, but once you've met each other, it's a good idea to slow down a bit.

Do your messages only consist of sexual innuendos? Is it because he wants it or because you want it? If he's the one who takes the conversation to a sexual level but disappears the moment you want to talk to him about something else, then you should do the same to him.

The thing is that he only wants to text you on a sexual level.

He is not interested in getting to know you on a more personal level.

3. Find out how much he likes you

I know it's hard to face the truth, but you have to do it for your own sake.

Fortunately, there are many signs that can tell you if he likes you.

When you meet, he mirrors your movements, he moves closer to you and he always talks softly so you can get closer to him.

But if he's only talking about himself and barely paying attention to you, then he's only into himself.

When you text each other he always lets you know when he’s busy and apologizes for not having time.

When he doesn’t and simply without explanation or sorry disappears, then you should do the same to him!

4. Disappear in the middle of the conversation

This is probably the most difficult action because you really want to talk to him and have a good conversation with him. But you ultimately want him to miss you.

You want him to want more of you, so it's important that you walk away at the height of your conversation.

Remember that you shouldn't do this all the time, only once or twice .

Once you two have developed a relationship, show him what it's like when he loses that connection for a little while.

It might sound like a game , which you play with him, but sometimes you just have to play to win.

5. Let him come to you

The last step is that you shouldn't be the one who writes first.

As I wrote earlier in the article, you should give him the opportunity to write the To be the hunter and the one who starts the communication.

You deserve to be chased too!

Now are the consequences that can happen; if you stop texting him.

If by now you weren't sure whether to use this method, you soon will be.

Trust me, men love to be chased, but they love chasing women even more!< /p>

1. He wants to know what happened

If you guys keep texting each other and then suddenly stop, then it's natural for him to be interested is awakened.

If he's into you, then he'll text you to find out what happened or even call you and ask on a date to talk to you personally.

However, if he's not is into you, then your phone will remain silent.

While this may hurt your feelings, it's better if you find out that way rather than falling completely for it.

2. He starts to miss you and shows interest in your everyday life

This aspect goes hand in hand with the above aspect. When he finds out what happened and why you withdrew, he will also suddenly take an interest in your day-to-day life and make an effort to keep the conversation going.

The thing is, men hate losing and he almost lost you for being an idiot. And he won't let that happen again.

3. He suddenly has time for you and he starts chasing you

Once you ignore him and stop texting him, suddenly he has a lot of time for you to text and meet with you. You see, you were always the one who did all the work.

You initiated the talks and arranged meetings. Once you stop doing that, he'll realize he's going to have to work hard to keep you.

The funny thing about relationships is that you will never get respect if you don't demand it.

And that goes for all relationships in your life, not just love relationships. Show him that you can't be toyed with and that your feelings are just as sensitive as his.

Your time is just as valuable as his. Once you show him that you deserve respect, he will respect you too. And if he doesn't, then he doesn't deserve you anyway.

4. You fall in love with yourself and with your life

And the best part is that you fall in love with your own life.

Once you stop wasting your time on an idiot who can't make up his mind about you, you can spend your time doing all the things you've always wanted to do.

You have time to pamper yourself, go wine tasting, go hiking and you finally have time to pursue your passion and dreams.

< p>Once you've shown him that you can't be toyed with, you'll respect yourself more. And I had to learn that the hard way.

It wasn't until I stopped caring about the wrong people in my life that I could take care of myself. And is there a greater love than the one you can give yourself?

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