Stop making excuses for the man who treats you like dirt

Stop making excuses for the man who treats you like dirt

Even though we're miles apart and even though you don't know me, we are us so close and bound in our pain.

I know how you feel every day. I know you want the relationship to work, but honey, you can't be the only one trying.

Because sooner or later you will Fed up with his stupid excuses and reasons why he can't give you the love you need.

I know because I've been in this situation myself. Just like you, I once fell in love with a man who didn't give a fuck about me.

And I tried so hard to make it work out for us.

< em>I bought our peace in our home and paid for it with my tears. I started a fire in our bedroom when he wouldn't sleep with me.

Most importantly, I loved him more than he loved me.

I was a woman so easy to love – a woman who deserved everything but got nothing in the end. And that broke my heart. It took me so much time to recover and get back up.

It was a long process and I had to go through it all by myself while he made a new one was looking for victims.

I couldn't believe that someone who had sworn their love for me could do this to me.

I couldn't believe he treated me like crap the whole time and I just thought it was just a&szz; was a phase and that he would change.

Because people change when they love, but I guess he never loved me.

He only came to me when things got difficult. At that time I probably suited him very well. And he knew that.

He could see it in my eyes when we were alone. He could feel it in the way I touched his body when he was sleeping.

He could feel it in my kisses. He could feel it in my strong heartbeat when he laid his head on my chest.

But even though he knew all this, he never gave me what I craved so much.< /p>

He was just a man who taught me a life lesson the hard way.

He was a man who crushed me emotionally and left nothing for others to come into my life.

With him I was completely drained, without an ounce of the zest for life that I used to have.

I lost myself with him because I was so preoccupied with everything he wanted from me wanted.

With him I became deaf and at some point I learned to live like that. But then one day I saw myself in the mirror and was shocked by the sight.

I couldn't recognize myself anymore. I looked like a ghost in oversized clothes, with greasy hair and dark circles under my eyes.

My lips were pale, as was my skin, and my eyes were barely open. There was no more twinkle in my eyes and no smile on my lips.

I was just the shell of the woman I used to be and I didn't like any of it.

< p>That shook me awake and I knew I had to do something with my life. So I left him, even though it broke my heart.

I had to leave him because there was nothing left to hold on to.

And even though it was the worst moment of my life, I will never regret it because that day I saved myself from him.

While I'm telling you my story, white&rszlig; me that you have the same shitß going through what I did and I don’t want you to mess up your life like I did.

I want you to be smarter and not let him treat you like dirt because you show M’ ;know how they should treat you. 

I want you to stand up for yourself and fight against anyone who gives you less than you do merit. And trust me, you deserve so much more than he can give you.

I know you think you love him now, but once you finally realize what he's done to you and how many times you've overlooked his crap, you'll realize that in the end he's not worth the wait is.

He made zero effort for you to stay with him and he would probably be happier if you left him with that he can get at his next victim.

And he won't stop until he bumps into someone who doesn't love him enough and shows him what an asshole he is.

So please, if you and you care about your life and if you want to have a good life, stop defending him and just go.

You're just lying to yourself by saying all the nice things ü tell about him and the more you do that, the more you will believe in it yourself. So stop in time and leave this toxic man because he doesn't deserve you.

Don't you see that you are much better than him and that he will never give you the love you need?

Don't you see that he will only take advantage of you if you stay with him , and then abandons you like you were never a part of his life?

Trust me, I know how much it hurts. I know it's because i've been through that already and i don't want you to go through the same pain that i did.

Remember, you'll never find the right one if you don't let go of the wrong one.

Be strong enough to make that decision now and keep yourself from more tears.

Show yourself and him that you are not an option and that you cannot be treated like that. Show him that you don't need him to complete you.

You just need someone who accepts you completely!

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