Stop fighting for someone who is okay with losing you

Stop fighting for someone who is okay with losing you

You need to stop fighting for someone ;fight who just says he loves you but doesn't do anything to prove his words to you.

You need to stop hurting yourself and stop obsessing over the possibility lose having a happy future by fighting for someone who is okay with losing you.

Because no matter how hard you try, you'll be the only one anyway be fighting for both of you. There is no luck in it.

Have the dignity to say, “I love you, but I love myself more.” Have the dignity to choose yourself if they didn't.

Just because you chose someone and you decided to fight for them, hot ;Isn't that why he's willing to do the same for you.

If at some point he shows you that he doesn't want to try hard or fight for you, then listen. Stop running in circles because you're getting nowhere.

It's not easy and everyone knows it. It's not easy to give up on someone you love. But that's the only thing you can do if someone is okay with losing you.

There's no reset button on your heart and around allowing reality to invade to see that all your efforts have been in vain would mean you accept that your love has broken you.

But wouldn't it hurt less to be broken just once, when you accept the truth and leave, than to be broken again and again by choosing to stay and fight for someone who is ok finds himself losing you?

Open your eyes and save your heart. Enough is enough. How much of yourself can you give to someone who doesn't appreciate you?

How long will you be able to be the only one fighting? Love isn't supposed to feel that hard, and when it does, it most certainly isn't love.

Okay, you love him. Let's call what you feel love. You love the idea of ​​love. You love the perfect future you have planned for yourself.

You love everything you could be and that's why you fight so hard. You love the feeling you get when he shows you just a little attention or when he treats you right for a second.

But you don't deserve just one minute of his attention in 24 hours.

You don't deserve to be treated right sometimes, you should be treated right every day.

For all the trouble you've put in and all the things you've done for yourself, you deserve way more than he gives you and way more than you have.

But he's not willing to give you what you deserve. Why would you keep giving him way more than he deserves?

Just think about it; When loving someone who is wrong for you is so intense and strong, imagine what it is like to love someone who is right and good for you?

If you don't let go of your one-sided love now, you'll never find out.

Darling, save your efforts for someone to take care of you. Save your efforts for someone for whom they will not be in vain.

Don't go into battle for someone who doesn't care if you are on the battlefield die.

Save yourself for someone who will treat you with respect and who will never take you for granted.

Show that man who you are for fought as hard as it feels when someone dies.

Show him what it feels like when someone who gives his whole being for him left.

Show him how it feels when a girl in love regains her self-esteem. Show him how empty it is not having you in his life.

Don't lose yourself in someone who doesn't deserve you.

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