Stop chasing him and see what happens – 6 possible scenarios

Stop chasing him and see what happens - 6 possible scenarios

You know, the funny thing is me keep writing that we have to wait for men to come after us like we deserve.

But then I look at myself and see that I'm kicking my ass off to make my relationship work and for what?

For five minutes of his time?

For love for five minutes?

The hell with that!

We deserve to be after us, so why are we Hunters?

Why are we the ones who give everything of ourselves and try so hard to make things happen?

To make our relationship work?

Me tell you why- because we are raised and taught that we should take care of our relationship.

But it takes two for love, it takes two for a relationship.

There's no point in being the only one trying and fighting.

So this goes to those who are fed up with busting their ass for the wrong men.

Stop listening to him be and see what happens.

Each of these six possible outcomes is still better than the situation we are both in right now.

1. He misses you

You know never what you have until you lose it, that's scientifically proven.

And there's a high probability that's true for him.

Once you start To put yourself first and give yourself all the energy you wasted on him, he will realize that he misses you.

He enjoyed the attention you showered on him, he enjoyed being the one you were after, and now that it's all gone he misses it.

He will miss your laugh, your smile, your incredible energy that kept him alive.

But take a good look at your life before and now.

If you're the kind and way, how to be your own center of the universe, how to treat yourself as a queen, how you really deserve to be treated…is he really worth giving it all away?

If he still expects you to come after him after weeks of giving you the bare minimum of attention, he must be crazy.

And I know it's hard, something to leave what you have put so much effort into; I know it's hard to stop chasing after someone you really like.

But it's about time he got after you.

< p>It's time he gave you the love you deserve. If he doesn't, leave him!

2. Fewer bad dates, so more free time

The thing about guys who want to be chased is that they're either not interested or they need an ego boost.

And you are the one who gives it to him.

The love you have for him makes it easier for you to find many excuses for his behavior, so many Making compromises and sacrifices that you wouldn't normally make. But is it worth them all?

Every time you two were together you felt like it was borrowed time; that it was basically the only free time on his calendar rather than making his schedule free for you.

Because that's what you do when you like someone, that's what you did for him.

And now that you're off all those bad dates, you have a lot more time to yourself.

All the time you've been waiting for him, now you must use it to make your dreams come true.

All the time you've been obsessing over him and wondering what the hell is going on in his head, you can pursue your passions and your life.

You have a chance to find what makes you happy, the many benefits of being single find out.

Once you fall in love with your life, everything else is fine. Even your love life.

3. He starts chasing you

This is the time when he starts to think selfishly.

He will dare Thinking about how good it is to spend time with you, how much it meant to him to have you by his side.

He'll think about all those dates where you had a great time together and of course he will want to experience it again.

But you're gone, so the next step is to get after you again.

Men are hunters or something, but basically they enjoy it both to hunt as well as to be hunted.

The perfect combination then is to give him the opportunity to do both.

You had your role in the chase game, you have him showed that you care, you showed him that you two make a great team and that there are tons of things you have in common.

You've shown him that you're great to spend time with and texting all day isn't boring.

Now it's time for him to return the favor.< /p>

Stop texting and calling him; stop giving him insight into your life and pretend you two are just acquaintances.

It will turn on the panic button in his brain that he is losing you and his hunt mode will activate .

Unfortunately I think this shitß not enough.

In this phase of distancing, he will start texting you and making time for you.

He will send you the most random things, exist just to start a conversation with you.

He will shower you with compliments and every time you receive them well he will be filled with pride .

They love the fact that they work hard and that their work is recognized.

So, every time he hits you with his ”seduction skills” speechless, he will take it as a reward.

And voila, you got yourself a man when you stopped chasing him. You've also bought yourself a lot of free time.

4. You notice men who are actually interested in chasing you

There is no chance that you can notice someone around you while you are chasing someone else. That's how it works.

You only have eyes for him, so you don't see a man who is in love with you.

You only have ears for him, so you can't hear love in someone else's voice.

Because love for him took over you, you couldn't see men who would be honored to have you by her side.

And now you're giving yourself a chance to do just that.

Just because you retired doesn't mean your love has stopped.

But instead of thinking about breaking up completely, think about it, just do it put it on hold.

You haven't given up on him entirely, you're just pausing. And don't be afraid to open up to other men while you're doing it.

You don't have to let her into your heart or look for love; just give someone else a chance to entertain you.

Let someone else have a chance to be a part of your life, maybe like a friend or that cute guy at the bar who will lift your spirits.

Or maybe something more. You know never what life can throw at you, and you never will if you close your mind to it.

Don't be afraid to take risks and don't be afraid to meet new people.

< p>You might end up pleasantly surprised.

5. You can rekindle relationships with your friends

Sometimes we tend to get so lost in love that we slowly distance ourselves from our people, our friends and our family.

It doesn't have to be anything big, but it's still enough to make you feel distant when you finally meet them.

It doesn't even have to be noticeable, but you can still feel it—in the way that you can't open up about difficulties you're going through, and in the way that you can afraid they might judge you for it.

But they are your people, they will never judge you.

They are the ones who make you ugly seen you cry and still love you afterwards.

They are the ones who held your hair while you threw up and they still love you.

They are the ones who have stood by your side while you have been through breakups and they are the ones who have helped you mend your broken heart.

And they will always be the ones who have your back.

And this is a great opportunity for you to rekindle those relationships.

Plan a weekend and go wine tasting with your friends, or just sleep away the weekend with a bunch of silly movies and junk food.

Hit the clubs and find new adventures to tell your grandkids about ;then.

Think of this time as a perfect opportunity to pretend there is no tomorrow and tonight is your last night.

So go ahead that it counts. And then every night after that and every morning after that.

Think of it as a chance to make your life something truly extraordinary.

6. You start to enjoy your life

This is probably the best result of all.

This is where you fall in love with your life instead of falling in love with an asshole who doesn't appreciate you ;.

This is the result where you finally see that it was he who dimmed your light; that it was he who took your spark.

Not even because he's a bastard, but simply because he only took parts of you and never gave anything back.

When you give someone parts of yourself, when you try so hard, put so much will and so much love into someone, and that someone never gives anything back, you become hollow.

You are empty and drained just because you didn't get any of it back. And it's that simple.

But once you learn how to be alone; when you start spending time with yourself, and when you master the hard craft of self-love, you'll be amazed at how great life can be.

And you will every single second enjoy it!

Whatever the outcome, it will still be better than being trapped in a one-sided relationship.

And you might be afraid to do that because he's the one you love; he's the one you let in and he gambled it away.

You may be scared to death trying to be alone now that you're like this are used to having him around even when you know he shouldn't be around anymore.

But that's a risk you have to take yourself.

Stop chasing him and see what happens- you'll either lose someone you never really had, or you'll gain someone who's yours will be worthy.

Either way, it's a win-win situation.

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