Should I write to him? We have the answer!

Should I send him Write? We have the answer!

Almost every woman who sets out to find a partner hopes to find the man of her dreams. It should be like the fairy tales we used to hear when we were little girls.

A prince charming comes into our lives and turns everything upside down.

< p>At that moment we lose our feet and all the waiting we have behind us suddenly makes sense. But can it really be that simple?

Nowadays it's a bit harder because men also want to be conquered, but they also want to be hunters themselves.

Flirting in itself is not that complicated, but when you meet a new man you want more than just a flirt.

But what if we fall in love? How does it have to go then? As women, can we take the first step or do we still have to wait for the man of our dreams to be the first to contact us?

The last time you were very interested in a man, you were waiting for him. You were very patient, already planning your future together, but unfortunately there was no message from him.

Now you want to do it differently, you don't want to follow the stereotypes anymore and up wait for the man, for the first time you listen to your gut feeling and take matters into your own hands.

All the time you're wondering if this is a good idea at all, if you're going to come across as needy, but the constant back and forth isn't for you either. You finally want to put your head down.

Who knows, maybe that way you'll find the love you've been looking for your whole life.

< p>However, there are a few things you should consider before taking the first step.

You mustn't rush anything. As we have already mentioned, men like to hunt, but still they want to be sure that the hunt will end successfully.

No one wants to be rebuffed and that's why they are right careful.

As a young, independent woman who knows exactly what she wants, you shouldn't allow yourself to play games.

That's exactly why we're going to give you a few helpful tips tell him when to be the first to text him and when to be the first to forget.

When should you text him first?

After a long time you have found someone you like. You want to get in touch with him, but you don't know how to make the first step, or even better, whether you should make it.

There are a few situations in which you too If you are a woman, you should report first to set your own life in the right direction.

1. The first date

The first date was just great. You talked all night, you didn't run out of topics to talk about and you noticed right from the start that you had quite a lot in common.

After the first date he took you home like a gentleman you noticed that he was thinking about whether there will be a first kiss.

But neither of you worked up the courage to take the first step.

Although there was no first kiss, the evening was just perfect. When you got home, you immediately looked at your smartphone to see if there was a WhatsApp message from your dream man.

But unfortunately he didn't get in touch. Maybe he just didn't have time to text you right after the date or he figured it would be better to write something romantic when he gets home.

You don't know what to do now. You're impatient because just thinking about him makes you sweat. He just did it to you.

If you have a good feeling and have noticed that the chemistry between you is right, you should get in touch with him.

You can just do it write a short WhatsApp message that the evening was just great and that you are looking forward to a hopefully second date.

With the message you give him a clear sign that you like him and that it is now up to him how the whole thing will develop.

2. Spontaneous meeting

It's not uncommon to end up at a party where you don't know that many people. Suddenly you notice a guy in the crowd who takes your breath away.

In that moment you forget everything around you and only focus on him.

You want learn all about him and your childhood friend introduces you. You guys talk and laugh all night and it looks like he's interested too.

At the end of the evening you exchange numbers. You go home with your girlfriends and he with his buddies.

On the way home you keep checking your smartphone, but no message comes. You're already losing hope and thinking he won't call you.

Don't despair. In this case, you can be the first to contact us and write an unobtrusive WhatsApp message.

For example: ”Did you go straight home or were you still going around the house?” “I just wanted to make sure the number worked because you didn't say anything. :p”.

The first message should always come across as relaxed and casual, without much feeling or emotion. You don't want him to know you have a crush after the first text.

3. A few days of radio silence

You've been on a few dates, everything has been going well so far, you've texted each other every day, but there's been radio silence for a few days. You don't understand the world anymore.

What could be the reason why he just doesn't get in touch any more all of a sudden. If you don't feel like kid stuff and the constant back and forth, you should be the first to get in touch.

You can confront him directly about it or you can start an attempt as if nothing happened. Just ask him about his well-being and what he's been up to in the last few days.

You can also make a joke, such as, “Have you found the woman of your dreams and that's why you won't let yourself go anymore look?” “Could you at least give me a sign of life? I'm worried.” or the classic “How are you?”

After such an action you will find out exactly why he has not contacted you for a few days.

When should you absolutely not text him?

There are a few situations that men take advantage of to boost their ego and when they realize they are a woman hooked up, they take advantage of it to the maximum, not everyone, but the majority.

And that's why we're going to give you a few tips on when not to text him because he's just playing games with you .

If you recognize any of the above situations in you and your chosen one, you should flee and delete their number.

1. He never has time

You've been the first to contact him a few times and the same excuse keeps coming up, unfortunately he doesn't have time, he's got so much on his plate that he just couldn't get in touch.

Even though he's so fully booked, he finds time to post new pictures on social media or to comment on pictures of other women.

That should be a red flag to you, he just isn't interested in you and you shouldn't get in touch if you do.

If he was really interested, he would always be Find a few minutes for you to text you just to make your day.

2. He only answers in the evening

Almost every day you are the first to contact him and wish him a good morning, but his answer always comes late in the evening.

That means you're just a stopgap for him. He only contacts you when he has nothing better to do. Apparently you are his second choice so to speak and you shouldn't put up with that.

Now you should completely ignore him and when he contacts you, wait until the next day to answer and write a 0815 excuse.

3. He ignores you

You thought you were imagining it, but after a while you realize he's deliberately ignoring you.

You didn't want to admit it at first, but then you caught him. You were in town with your girlfriends and you met him in a café seen it.

You grabbed your cell phone immediately and were the first to report it again.

The moment he saw your message, he just pushed you away. That was like a slap in the face.

After a few hours he replied that he had a stressful day and unfortunately couldn't get in touch earlier.

After something like this, you shouldn't write to him any more, because apparently he doesn't want to come along to talk or write to you.

If a man doesn't get in touch with you, you shouldn't immediately become lovesick, because there can be a plausible reason for it.< /p>

Some men just don't like this back and forth texting and prefer real face-to-face communication.

Some are just not that articulate and therefore just want each other don't make a fool of yourself.

But more and more often it happens that the man wants to get a clear signal from the woman so that he can go hunting.

Women want be equal their whole life, now you have the ideal opportunity to take your own life into your own hands and make the best of it.

You don't have to take yours Dream man are waiting for him to knock on your door, you can knock on his door too.

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