She's not REALLY yours FOREVER until she does these 12 “Clingy” Things

She's not REALLY yours FOREVER until she does these 12

1.She doesn't let herself down treat

She expects you to treat her the way you'd like to be treated yourself.

You're in the same boat and you have to; We treat each other as equals.

So if she gets angry about something small, ask yourself: would you react the same way?

2. She always wants to be with you

She always tries to include you in her life.

Maybe she found a great little bistro and wants to visit it with you and create memories there for life.

She is not pushy. She just loves you and just wants to make sure you'll always be by her side.

3. She wants an official relationship status

She is not satisfied with an undefined relationship status. That doesn't mean she's clingy.

She just wants official relationship status so your time together can finally begin.

4. She texts you all the time

Most men feel suffocated when they should be happy.

You should feel good. Your girlfriend tries to keep in touch with you when you're not around.

She does it because she likes you and enjoys spending time with you.

5. She "brags" with you on social networks

She posts your shared pictures and posts about you on Facebook.

It's her way, to the whole world to show how much she likes you.

She is proud that you are her boyfriend and you should be flattered.

6. She wants to know where you are

Imagine that you went to a party and she didn't ask you anything.

Wouldn't you feel a little left out?

She asks a lot of questions because she cares about where you are and what you are doing.

She is more relaxed when she just knows you're fine.

7. She is planning your future together

If she talks about your future, it means that she really likes you and can see you in the long run.< /p>

8. She can't keep her hands off you

This means she's head over heels in love with you.

You should happy that it's like this and not the other way around.

It means that she is attracted to you.

She likes the physical contact as it confirms ;makes sure you will stay by her side forever.

9. She is sometimes jealous

Being jealous is normal and natural. Everyone is jealous in one way or another.

If she doesn't mind you talking to other girls, she probably has a reason for it.< /p>

You cannot be in a relationship and act like you are single.

10. She makes sure you know she loves you

It's that simple – she's brave enough to talk straight to you and tell you her feelings.

She's not ashamed to love you the way you are.

She won't play games or pretend to make you chase her.

No – she is simple and honest.

11. She always has time for you

She is not a weak, submissive girl.

She is a woman who loves your time together values ​​you and puts you first.

She will happily rearrange her appointments so that she can meet up with you and you should appreciate that.

It shows you that she will sacrifice almost anything to be with you.

12. She wants to get to know your family

If you want to stay together, she needs to get to know your friends and family.

She wants to get to know the people who are so important to you and want to be a part of yours too life.

If your girlfriend is like that, then don't let her go, you lucky bastard!

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