She's not angry or mad – she's just done with him

She's not angry or mad - she's just done with him

The only thing worse than an angry woman is a woman who doesn’t feel anything.

When a woman gets to a point where she doesn’t feel anything anymore, you can be sure that you have missed all your chances and lost her forever.

There is nothing you can do to bring her back or make her stay because she is gone because she has nothing left .

Women are givers and protectors, but once they have nothing left to give and you have nothing left to give – are they done with you.

You have exceeded all limits – and there were many.

I wish I could say she's angry or mad, but that grieving stage is long gone.

She has already behind the sleepless nights where she hoped you would change, but you didn't.

Despite her anger and tears, she healed and now she is free. She let took time to mourn and said goodbye to the dreams she had with you.

Now white&rszlig; her that she can only rely on herself.

So she decided to take care of herself. She has decided to take back her power and put it where it belongs – within itself.

There is nothing sadder yet redeeming than the fact that you really can survive anything.

You can get used to anything – even being taken advantage of and moving on after your heart has been broken.

You can survive both. So she preferred the second option.

She was fed up with your late and inaccurate answers and the questions you always avoided.

She was tired of having to decide everything on her own when you should have been on her side and helping her.

She was tired of both of you for a team when in fact she was the only one doing all the work.

And what about all that casual bullying and gaslighting that left her feeling guilty all night?

No one deserves to be treated with disrespect on a daily basis and then act like it's all cool Alright, although it's not.

Women are not meant to mother their partners or obey their commands.

Love is about mutual exchange and mutual appreciation.

The good is that she can leave anytime if someone hurts her. She can regain her power at any time – and she did.

Even though she felt weak and helpless, she knew deep down that she wasn't. She knew there was so much more to her.

She knew that the things that happened to her don't define her. That the man she loved doesn't determine her. That the problems she had didn't define her.

She knew that everyone has the right to change and be whatever they want to be.< /strong>

The less we think about the past, the more possibilities we have before us.

So she decided to move on and finally close this chapter of her life.

Because she knew that there is more to life than half-hearted love and unreliable modesty; nner that there is more to life than feeling locked in and waiting for something that will never happen.

Waiting for change made her to draw the line.

The less she felt, the freer she became. And she fell in love with that feeling, she fell in love with the freedom and with her own power.

She realized that no man could control her reason, her free will, her freedom of speech and her tears worth.

She decided to live her life in a way that accepted and respected her feelings, with or without a man.

She decided to make her own To feel well again, and she did: She's not angry, she's not angry; this time she just loves herself.

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