She's cold because she wasted all her warmth on you

She's cold because she wasted all her warmth on you

When you see her, she'll remind you of snow – beautiful on the outside but cold to the touch. That's what you made of her.

She wasn't always like that. She had a bright, cheerful personality.

She had incredible energy. She had an incredible amount of compassion and understanding for others.

But little by little you destroyed the spark in her. You eclipsed the sunshine inside her.

You were her biggest weakness.

She never learned, “No! " to say to you She was always there when you called her. She let always standing and lying down to be with you.

She took from herself and gave it all to you because she thought that was the right thing to do. That's what you do when you love someone as much as she loved you.

Sometimes she got tired, she didn't get anything in return, so she had to get up. She demanded to be treated right but never really got through.

She always forgave you even though you never really apologized.

As soon as she saw you, she forgot; them all bad. You had her under your control, which she couldn't resist.

She could never be mad at you for too long. No matter what you did.

No matter how much she cried or how she felt, a sweet word, a kiss, a hug and she ignored everything else .

Days went by without a word from you, then you just walked back into her life like nothing happened.

Then everything was perfect for a short while. Then, boom, you were gone again. You just took off.

Every time you did that, it broke her heart a little more.

She used to tell you how awful she felt felt every time you did that.

She used to tell you how much it hurts and how she's falling apart inside. But you didn't really care.

Sure, you listened to her. You said a sweet word or two and promised it would never happen again.

But as soon as she felt safe and happy again, you pulled the safety net off her and she fell right on her face.

Actually, she never really meant anything to you. The only person you cared about was yourself.

You never treated her right. You never showed her the respect, love and understanding that she gave you.

You just took, took and took until she had nothing left to give.

Her emotions were exhausted. Her soul was tired.

And in this state she received one last blow from you. You didn't come back.

She can't really tell if she broke it or if she broke it a long time ago.

All she knew was that she had to accept whatever she couldn't change. All she knew was that even though she was so damn tired, she had to keep going.

She had to get back up and get on with her life. She had to find the power within herself that she didn't even know she had.

The great thing about this whole thing is that she finally realized that your departure was the best thing that could have happened to her could.

The bad thing is that she doesn’t know if she’ll ever find someone she can trust and feel safe with again.

She has no understanding now. ndnis more. She has no love at all now. She has gone deaf. She's gone cold. She is but a shadow of the woman she once was.

Though there is still warmth deep in her heart, it is covered with steel walls and a thick layer of ice.

This is their defense mechanism. This way she can be sure that nobody will hurt her like you do.

But guess what? I used to be that woman. I loved someone as toxic as you and I survived to tell my story.

I survived and learned to trust again. And she will too.

I was broken and devastated, I was at my emotional bottom, I was afraid to love, I was afraid to trust and I got through it.

I made my pain my greatest weapon. I've worked to make my life better than it's ever been, and I've succeeded. I learned how to be happy on my own.

And sometime later I also found the right hands to hold me tight. I found the heart that thawed my ice and restored my warmth.

Trust me, she will too. Trust me you will want her back. Trust me, she won't give a damn.

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