She remembered who she was and everything changed

She remembered who she was and everything changed

She was strong, determined and independent. She never thought that she could lose herself because of a man. And then she met him.

With every day they spent together, she liked him more. With every beautiful gesture he made for her, she fell more and more in love with him.

It was perfect… until it wasn't anymore.

At some point she started to give too much into the relationship with him. He had never asked her to, but love blinded her to her own needs.

She began to love him more than herself.

Her started to put his wants above her needs. She gave in to the weakness of loving someone too much. And that someone wasn't her.

The fear of losing him chased away all the love she had for herself.

She no longer did what she liked and enjoyed just to please him and his plans at all times to be available.

He also no longer attended to her needs. He adopted her own attitude towards himself.

Her wants and needs no longer mattered to him.

She was beginning to realize how selfish and disrespectful to her.

But then it hit her: No one can love you unless you love yourself.

No one can meet your needs unless you can do it yourself.

She remembered who she was and everything changed.

She became herself again, doing things the way she did before her happiness depended on him.< /p>

She found time for her friends and hobbies again and enjoyed being herself for a change.

She stopped trying to be the woman he wanted to be with.

She became herself again. And that made all the difference.

She remembered that he fell in love with SHE at the time.

SHE fascinated him so much and moved him to all the wonderful romantic gestures he made at the beginning of the relationship.

Regaining her self-esteem wasn't easy, but seeing how it affected him and their relationship made her stronger than ever.

When he met her, she was for everything in this world for him, but she started treating herself like she wasn't anything and soon he did too.

She had it that way tired of feeling like a nobody. She wanted him to go back to who he used to be, but first she had to remember who she used to be.

When she became her old self again, when she finally took care of her own well-being again, so did he. She was no longer the needy girl who was suffocating him.

When she returned to the way she was before he met him, he fell in love with her all over again.

She couldn't blame him. If it was so incredibly easy for her to forget herself, it must have been so much easier for him.

He never wanted to hurt her, nor did she want to hurt herself, but that's exactly what she did by loving him.

He became the most important thing in her life, and she held on her own life was no longer important.

He was the only thing that mattered and her obsession was exactly what drove him away.

There wasn't one certain moment when she realized that this someone she seems to be with him is not her true self.

This went on for far too long, but luckily one day she got fed up.

He was so happy that she found herself again. He was so happy that he found her again.

And you know what? It was never the same as it was at the beginning. It was so, so much better.

She knows; now that she will never lose herself again for a man or any other reason.

Yes, she loves him deeply, but she has made a promise to herself never to let her love for him be love to herself.

Once she started living her own life separate from him, being with her became so much more interesting.

He saw how much she enjoys pursuing her own happiness and it made him proud to be with such a woman.

He always wanted to – to be with someone to be proud of.

She remembered who she was and everything changed.

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