She doesn't ask for much, she just wants to know that you care about her

She doesn't ask for much, she just wants to know that you care about her

While it doesn't seem like it at first glance, this woman is pretty simple and straightforward.

She is simply aware of the things she needs, wants and expects, and she will not lie to you or herself about her.

Natü Of course, an immature man will find her too demanding. A fuckboy will think you too needy.

A manipulative asshole will mistake her independence for self-centredness.

A player will mistake her desire for commitment for desperation.

Yes, a boy will see her for too choosy. He will think that she is asking too much and that no one in the world can ever fulfill all of her desires.

He will think that she is too sets high standards and too strong conditions.

That she plays the untouchable just because she craves everyone's attention and because she wants everyone to chase her.

None of this is true, however, and only a real man will be able to to understand it.

A real grown man will see this girl as a strong woman who knows her worth; as a woman who knows what she wants and who refuses to settle for less than she deserves.

He will see that deep inside, behind all that tough outside, is a delicate little girl.

That behind all this strength there is a girl, that is afraid to show its weaknesses.

That behind that cold cover is a kind and caring heart.

You know, the Truth is, this girl wants to be loved more than anything in the world.

More importantly, she wants to be sure of that love.

You don't have to buy her an expensive dinner, take her to a fancy restaurant, or impress her with grand romantic gestures.

She doesn't expect you to completely neglect your life just because she's now a part of it, or that you forget who you were before you met her.

She doesn’t want you to change the essence of your personality just to fit her needs or become someone you aren’t just so she can like you more.

< p>You don't have to go against your principles or follow her blindly.

However, another thing she doesn't want or need is to doubt your purpose and question your feelings about it ask.

Instead, she wants someone who came into her life to stay – a man who will give her the kind of love she can count on no matter what.

You know, this girl isn't going to worry about whether you don't care about her or not and she won't try to decipher your mixed signals.

She doesn’t want to waste her energy on a relationship that has no future and a man who doesn’t take her seriously.

This is simply because she loves herself Appreciates having you treat it as a backup plan or second choice.

I know this sounds cliche, but the truth is that the only way to impress this girl is with the little things.

You can do it by sweetly teasing her. e Send good morning and good night messages by remembering her important events by noticing when she did something to her hair.

By holding her hand and her show you're there when she needs you most.

By wiping away her tears and doing your best to put a smile on her face.

You can do it by surprising her from time to time for no particular reason, her asking how her day was, taking care of her when she's sick and just by being there.

Yes, it's that simple.

I know you may think you'll have to move mountains to win this girl’s heart, but the truth is, she doesn’t need any grand gestures.

Instead she needs someone who will try as hard as she has.

What she needs is a shoulder to lean on when she needs support, two hands to catch her when she is about to fall, and arms to hold her when she needs comfort.

What she needs is a heart that will love her, and a man who's not afraid to show it en.

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