She doesn't answer anymore: This is how you can end the radio silence

She doesn't answer anymore: This is how you can end the radio silence

You met a great woman and made contact. You like her very much and want to find out more about her.

You chat and the conversation just takes off. You even went on a date and you feel like she could be the right one.

And then all of a sudden: nothing. radio silence. She no longer reports. You wait for her message, but your smartphone remains silent.

You check if she answered, if she read your message, when she was last online on WhatsApp.

You begin to imagine your phone ringing, but nothing. You rack your brains and ask yourself, “What did I do wrong? Why isn't she calling me anymore?”

I know it sucks! I know women can be complicated sometimes, but I'm sure there's a reason.

Let's discover together what could have gone wrong and how you can make it right.

It doesn't have to be over. There's still a chance you'll conquer it.

To help you with that, I've collected the possible situations and causes of radio silence in one place for you. I am sure that there is a solution hidden for you too.

1. She no longer reports to the online contact

Whether you met on an online dating site like Tinder, through mutual friends, or even on a night out, today, connecting online is the first step to getting to know each other.

Through Chatting is a great way to get to know the person better and it's also common for people to text each other before going on the first date.

She doesn't answer, even though you already have chatted for a few days?

It depends on how much you've written and how your conversation went, but the reasons why she's no longer in touch can be the following:

< strong>1. The conversation was too boring for her: Let me be honest with you. We like men with a sense of humor. Men who are creative and ask creative questions. Maybe you just asked irrelevant questions and she just got bored. After all, no woman wants to be interviewed.

2. You only talked about yourself: Me, me and me. no That will not do. Women like men who listen carefully. Or in this case, read carefully. If you just talked about yourself without asking her a question, then you screwed up. The main point of chatting is to get to know each other and not to introduce yourself.

3. You talked too little about yourself: Too little is just as bad as too much. When she chats with you, she wants to get to know you. And if you don't share anything about yourself, she will soon get bored because she can't trust you. So try to find a happy medium.

4. Filler: Repeating the same questions, meaningless words, emojis, etc. just to keep the conversation alive won't do you much good. Either concrete topics of conversation or end of conversation. Your choice!

5. You didn’t take the next step: The next logical step would be a date invitation. If you hesitate, she will stop contacting you because she thinks you are not interested.

6. She missed your message: It could also be that she forgot to answer you. Sometimes it happens. Maybe your message moved down her chat history and she didn't see it. It may sound like a vain excuse, but trust me, it's happening!

What can you do?

Your task now is to analyze your chat history and see if you made any of those mistakes.

If you did, then you can try texting her again, but this time with specific questions.

Avoid general questions like, "How are you?" or ”What are you doing?”

And don't just say ”Hey!” with an accompanying emoji. We don’t like that.

Try to inject some creativity into the conversation and ask a fun question. The short message should look something like this:

I hope you're not stuck somewhere in the desert with no power. :O I hope everything is ok with you. Message me if you have the time to. :D.

Flirting is just as important in chat as it is in real life. Sometimes it might be easier because it's not face-to-face.

If you need a little help with this, you can also find questions for girls here, with which you can loosen up every woman.

And one more thing: Invite her on a date! If your chat history has been going on for a long time, then it's time to find courage and ask her out!

You can also find first date tips and date ideas here , so you have an idea of ​​what you can do. I gave you everything you need. Now it's your turn!

2. She doesn't call after the first date

You were on a date and everything seemed perfect. You talked about everything, fun the evening ended with a goodbye kiss on the cheek and she said: “I had a lot of fun&rsz;, we should do that again.”

And you haven't heard from her since . In most cases, the first date decides your future.

Either it works or it doesn't. Be honest with yourself and take a look back at the date. Was it really that good?

1. Boring topics of conversation: awkward pauses, silence, superficial small talk… These are all first date mood killers. Think about whether there were any on your date?

2. Nothing in common: We're always attracted to people with whom we have a lot in common. Maybe it turned out during your date that you don't have anything in common. That's something that doesn't bother you, but maybe they do?!

3. You are different than she imagined: This could be another reason. Women tend to picture the perfect man in their heads. Maybe you just don't match the one she had in mind.

4. Pity Date: I know that sounds awful, but sometimes it happens. Maybe she was just being polite and didn't have the courage to reject you.

5. You didn't make a move: Maybe she would like to have more tenderness when saying goodbye. If there wasn't a crackle between you, chances are you'll end up in the friend zone. If you make the move, she will see you as a potential partner.

6. She's testing you: She may just be playing games with you and want to see how you react if she doesn't get back to you. Women sometimes do this to see if the man is really interested in them.

What can you do?

You can wait a few days and try to get in touch with her again.

You can send her a short WhatsApp message and ask a simple question.

Like this: ” Hey, I'm near the restaurant we ate at last time and you popped into my head. 😀 How are you? What are you doing?”

It's easy. Be yourself and ask a casual question. If she replies, you might be able to find an opportunity to ask her out on a second date.

Another idea: you can send her flowers if you know her home or work address.

Include two movie tickets to subtly ask her out. I know it would be hard for me to say no. 😉

If you're getting a second chance, here are a few second date tips that may help.

First and foremost it is important that you are honest with yourself. Don't try to sugarcoat the situation.

If she rejects you or still doesn't respond after the interview, it's time to put it down and back off.


3. She doesn't get back to you after several dates

You've had several dates, had interesting conversations, made plans together and now it's all gone in a moment. She doesn't answer anymore.

What the hell happened?! In this case, ghosting hurts a lot when the other person breaks off contact out of the blue. The reasons can be the following:

1. She doesn't want anything serious: She may have noticed that you have developed serious feelings for her. Maybe she's one of those people who fears commitment and cutting contact seems like the best option for her so she doesn't have to justify herself.

2. She's not sure what you want: It can also be the opposite. She is not sure if she is just an affair for you anymore or if you want a serious relationship with her. Maybe you haven't made it clear to her how you feel about her.

3. She lost interest: Unfortunately, it is also possible that she has lost interest and is looking for a partner again. This can be painful, but it's not your fault. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

4. Her ex contacted her: Ex-partners can disrupt all life plans. All it takes is a message or a phone call and the whole world is turned upside down. Maybe her ex reached out to her and now she's not sure what or who she feels for.

5. She's still in love with her ex: Well, that also happens. Women can go on multiple dates with one guy only to forget about their ex and realize they still love them. Ouch! That hurts.

6. She’s busy with something: Just to give her a credit, it really could be that she's busy with something else. Maybe she's having family problems, work problems, exams and the like and doesn't have time to deal with her love life right now.

What can you do?

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You can play it safe and try connecting again.

Try sending a voice message this time so she can hear your voice.

You can tell her something funny or remind her of something you went through together.

This way you can bring back memories of you in her and it will surely stir up certain emotions in her.


If that doesn't work out then my advice from a woman's point of view is that you send another honest message.

Hey, I like you a lot and I think we have It sparked, but if you don't want anything from me, then I'll leave you alone. I just want to know the truth. No hard feelings. 😀

This saves you time and nerves, so you can be 100% sure it's time to give up.

After several dates, the least she can do for you is honesty and explanation… So no accusations, no criticism, just a simple, honest question.

If none of this works, then unfortunately I have to tell you that this should be your last message and that you should just let go.

If she's interested, she'll reach out, if not, then she's not worth it.

Whatever the situation, whatever the reason acts, do not be discouraged.

At least you've learned something and know what you need to work on in order to score well with women.

The most common mistakes men make

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1. She stops answering and you write 100 messages a day.

The more messages you send, the more you will chase her away. End of story.

It's okay to wait a few days and then message.

If she doesn't respond after a few of your attempts, there's no need to get her attention this way. This has never worked before.

If she is interested in you, she will contact you and she will reply to your message. Point. Off.

2. She doesn't get back to you and you blame her.

“I can't believe you haven't reached out to me.” ”What do you do all day, why don't you ever answer?” It really doesn't work.

No woman wants to hear criticism from a man she hardly knows.

You should definitely avoid such behavior. Because that's how you collect negative points with her and repel her from you.

3. You beg for a date

Some men never understand why a woman rejected them. Please don't be one of these men.

Don't start begging her for a date or a chat.

Please avoid such behavior as it will only make you seem pushy and needy and that is not at all attractive.

4. Stalking

Some men take the phrase “men want to hunt instead of being hunted.” too literal. No woman wants a man who wants to get her attention by stalking.

There are those who would scroll through a woman's Instagram or Facebook and intentionally like her old pics just to get her to notice them.

This is an absolute no go. Don't do that, otherwise you'll soon find yourself on their block list.

Conclusion: Realize that it often has nothing to do with you , but the reasons can simply lie with the woman. Don't let that affect your confidence. It is important that you remain calm and not pushy.

You can use your last meetings or your chat history to check whether the chemistry between you is right. Listen to your gut feeling and trust your intuition.

If you believe that she is the woman of your dreams and that it is worth fighting for her, then then can you continue with this Be positive, easygoing, creative and fun.

After all, there are always great women who will see what a catch you actually are. 😉

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