Sex Games: 10 Exciting Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Sex Games: 10 Exciting Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Most of us know it: at the beginning of a relationship everything is exciting, you have sex often, you want as often as possible to be close and intimate with your partner.

But after a certain time, things calm down and everyday life begins. Many couples are then confronted with the situation that their sex life suffers from everyday life.

Work, stress, children – all of these are factors that affect your erotic lovemaking.

So that you don't suffer from it and counteract a supposed boredom, I have prepared 10 sex games here that will get your love life going again.

As always, the same applies to sex games: everything is allowed what you like!

It is important that you talk about it beforehand, discuss each other's preferences and sexual fantasies and find things that you both enjoy. do.

No one should feel compelled to do anything they are uncomfortable with.

You should respect your partner's boundaries and not decide beyond them, because that's the only way you can both relax and enjoy your lovemaking to the fullest.


#1 sex games: sex toys< /h2>

There is nothing like a sex toy that makes your intimate hours more exciting.

Meanwhile there are already various sex toys, both for her and for him or for both, the choice is huge.

For example, vibrators are a great way to arouse women by playing with and stimulating her clitoris with the vibrator.

Believe me, it will bring her to climax and keep her climaxing for a long time Remain in memory.

Love balls also add a little pep to everyday life. The woman can wear them during the day and get in the mood with them.

But you can also make a game out of it: you have to wear the love balls and you are not allowed to have an orgasm or have it for as long as possible ;probably delay.

You will see, the salvation will be all the nicer.

A sex toy for both is the cock ring, which stimulates the penis and the clitoris at the same time and thus pleasure for both increases.

Just try out different sex toys and decide for yourself which one suits you best.

#2 sex games: dirty talk

One thing that can increase your pleasure is when you whisper dirty stuff into each other's ears during sex.

This is a real turn on for your lovemaking if you heat each other up with it.

You can also get in the mood for dirty talk beforehand by texting each other sexy messages.

You don’t have to write anything explicit, you can also use various emojis ???✋ use to signal that you're hot for each other.

You know yes, finally not, who might be reading next door 😉 At home you can then put what you have written into practice and let your love life blossom again.

#3 sex games: accessories

Most of the time you are naked during sex, but try to keep certain accessories or clothing on during sex.

This can be high heels, a tie or a hat.

Many men find it ’ ;Extremely exciting when the woman wears a detail during sex.

Another possibility is when you're going out, for example, and you whisper in his ear that you're not wearing your underwear.

He won't wait to come home and get your clothes from the body.

Of course, sexy lingerie is also a real eye-catcher and gets his heart beating faster.

You can also have fun together go to a sex shop and look for sexy lingerie that you both like.

There you will find, for example, suspenders, lingerie, corsets, but also costumes with various openings for the breasts, buttocks and vagina.

Just try out what you feel most comfortable in ;hlst.

#4 sex games: sensual massages

A massage can work wonders. With a sensual massage you can caress your erogenous zones and thus arouse each other.

In any case, use a good massage oil or lubricating gel, with which you can slide easily along the body .

For women, the areas around the nipples/nipples and the inside of the thighs are the most sensitive and intense.

For men, this is the stomach and genitals.

You can get out of the You can also do a massage or a hand job and catapult him into seventh heaven.

He will certainly show his gratitude to you.

Use a blindfold during the massage to enhance the experience as it allows you to focus more on the other senses.

You can also use a feather or other soft objects to stimulate.< /p>

Your imagination is the limit as long as you both enjoy it.

#5 Sex Games: Truth or Dare

This game knows well each from his youth: truth or dare.

It can also be made into an adult version that can be played in pairs or in a group if you feel comfortable.

Depending on how you feel like it make it more or less intimate.

You can ask yourself questions about personal sexual preferences, favorite sex positions or unfulfilled sex fantasies.

The questions are largely for the purpose to get to know each other better and increase your love life.

If you have to, you can let it all go: try a striptease, a short hand job or various sex positions – here you can let off steam and spend an exciting intimate time together.

The only important thing is that you trust each other, open up and are open to new things.

#6 Sex Games: BDSM

Hot Sex Games à la bondage, bondage games & Co have grown in popularity at least since Fifty Shades of Grey.

Even if it's still a little taboo, we've all become quite curious and want to try out such BDSM games.

You can also make these techniques harmless and less painful: you don't have to use whips right away or act like a dominatrix &nd; you can also approach gradually.

To start with, you can use a blindfold to block your partner's view, handcuffs to tie him to the bed.


You can spoil him afterwards.

Another possibility is candle wax, which you let drip down on his body and ice cubes, with which you then cool down again.

It's a special kick, the Getting your partner up to speed and then stopping just before the climax, letting it flounder for a few moments and then relieving him of his sweet agony.

You can also come up with a common code word to signal that you want to stop or are uncomfortable.

#7 Sex Games: Masturbation

This love game is also an ultimate sign of trust: putting your hand on yourself before the other.

Especially men find it extremely arousing to watch their wife masturbate and have an orgasm has.

Especially when masturbating, your partner can learn a lot, because you (unconsciously) show what you like best and how you are guaranteed to climax.

Women usually stimulate their clitoris or their G-spot while men arouse their penises with intense up and down movements.

You can also turn this into a game by making a bet on who will come first.

Masturbating at the same time is an extremely intimate situation and will bring you both closer together and strengthen your relationship.

While you masturbate you can also watch porn together and get even more aroused.

#8 Sex Games: Sex Positions

Most of the time it comes boredom in bed for couples because the same sex positions are ”worked out” missionary position and rider position.

There are so many different positions that you can try and satisfy both partners.

You can also take a look at the Kama Sutra and get suggestions there .

Of course you don’t have to do any complicated acrobatics just to spice up your sex life a bit.

Often a slight change that brings new freshness into the bedroom helps.

< p>Try sex positions such as doggy style, reverse cowgirl or even the famous 69 position.

If you've already tried these, you can always improve as long as you enjoy it ; power.

You can also re-enact various situations and sex positions from porn.

You can also set a goal and try a new sex position every week or month, for example.

# 9 sex games: Do not touch

The following applies to this love game: you are allowed to watch and participate, but do not touch!

So you can, for example, throw your partner on the bed and take him with you Lots of kisses, slowly undressing him and spoiling him orally.

All he can do is lie there and enjoy it – he must not touch you!

This will give him a special kick, since it is a ban and he will long for it all the more.
Forbidden fruit, then!

To make sure he doesn't use his hands, you can handcuff him to the bed.

You can also tease him while he's helpless in bed and has succumbed to you.< /p>

Another possibility is a striptease – he can only watch, nothing else.

If you then free him later and he is finally allowed to touch you, the sex will be all the more beautiful and intense because he has saved his lust and is now much more aroused.

#10 Sex Games: A Morning Surprise

Many of us have so-called wet dreams during the night in which we dream of wild erotic experiences.

It is a real surprise when such a dream becomes reality.

There is probably no better way to wake up in the morning than with oral sex.< /p>

When you feel a warm tongue in your intimate zones, it's an incredible feeling and you know; At first you don't know if it's a dream or if it's actually happening.

Oral pleasure can then turn into sex and there is no better way to start the day than with sex.

You'll think about it even while you're at work and look forward to the next time.


Here I have described 10 sex games that will liven up your love life be let go.

It is important in a relationship to always try something new, including when it comes to sex.

There are no limits as long as you both enjoy it. and you feel good about it.

Especially during sex you have to be relaxed, otherwise you won't have an orgasm and you won't enjoy the sex.

The most important thing is Communication between the two of you is also important because you have to tell each other what you want right now and what is an absolute no-go for you.

These things then have to be accepted and respected.

Let your imagination run wild, discover new things and expand your wish-list that will satisfy you and bring new excitement to your sex life.

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