Say these 6 things if you want to hurt your ex

Say these 6 things if you want to hurt your ex

A breakup can bring mixed feelings. Not only do you feel sad and depressed when your ex hurts you, you also feel incredibly angry.

You are angry at him for treating you badly and never showing you any respect Has. On the one hand you feel hurt and betrayed, on the other hand you are furious.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But let's face it, you're not willing to wait that long.

You want to hurt him like he hurt you. And preferably as soon as possible.

To be honest, revenge is never good. Best to let go of the negative feelings and not take revenge because karma is a bitch.

He'll get what he deserves in time.

If you still decide to seek revenge, there are a few things you can say to your asshole ex that will hit him hard.

These words will be burned into his memory, the he won't soon be forgotten. Here are some painful things to say to him:

1. I never loved you anyway!

You can pretend that what you had wasn't true love and that it was all just a lie.

You can tell him that you were only pretending to love him and that you were just playing games with him.

It has to appear like you really mean it though. Even if he didn't love you, he will feel deeply hurt.

His ego will be bruised. He'll be mad that he's been toyed with.

Even if he doesn't believe you at first, there will still be a spark of doubt that will drive him insane.< /p>

2. You're not that funny!

Every guy loves to be seen as funny. It makes him feel important and cool.

Bying your ex-boyfriend not to be funny will hurt his feelings.

No one wants to hear their jokes suck, especially the guy who just broke up with you.

You can tell him you laughed just to be polite, because you felt sorry for him.


This is going to hurt like hell!

3. Your boyfriend is cuter than you!

Nobody likes to hear that one of their friends is better looking than they are.

Sometimes we're aware of the fact but don't want to hear it from someone we've been in a relationship with.

So when you tell him his boyfriend is way sweeter than he, this will make him jealous.

The thought of you checking out his friends while the two of you were dating will drive him insane.

4 . You're a loser!

No man wants to be called a loser.

You can mention his low-paying job (even if that's not true) and say that you would never have been satisfied with what he made anyway.

You can say that everyone else Men work harder and earn more than he does. Compare his achievements to those of other men and you are on the right track.

5. You're just average in bed too!

Telling him he's a bad lover will hurt him instantly. Do it!

6. I didn't like any of your gifts!

Mention all the gifts you've ever gotten from him and tell him you didn't like any of them! They sucked!

His taste in choosing gifts is terrible.

Not only did he not know how to choose a good gift, he didn't know many other things either (Housework, errands, etc.)

This is how you can make him feel like a slob. He'll think he can't do anything right. It's really a bad feeling.

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