Saving a relationship – How can you avoid a breakup?

Restore relationship - How can you avoid a breakup?

You're in the middle of a relationship crisis and you don't know if your relationship is even worth fighting for?

Or you're scared about your relationship and want to avoid a breakup? Here in this article, we're going to talk about all of those things.

Statistically, almost half of all relationships end in failure.

Once the relationship begins to struggle, it is difficult to find your way out and the carousel of love quickly turns into a vicious circle that is doomed to fail.

It usually begins harmlessly A few disagreements here and there, you start spending more time with friends instead of your partner, the arguments pile up or you keep quiet.

By the time you realize that something is wrong, it's usually high time to do something about it.

Every couple encounters relationship problems after a certain period of time, but if you really love your partner and want to be with them, you have to overcome them and fight for the relationship.

Over time, the initial infatuation fades and you get stuck in your everyday routine.

Many couples lose themselves during this time because they begin to take their relationship and their partner for granted, and as a result, put less effort and work into their relationship.

But a relationship always has to be cared for, almost like a flower, it needs to be watered with care, otherwise it threatens to wither.

Here in this article I want to give you all my advice how to save your relationship. So in this article you will find:

How to recognize a relationship crisis?

Usually there are some indications that something is wrong and that you need to change something.

Save the relationship – Reflect on the relationship

Before you seek a conversation with your partner, you should be clear about whether you want to fight for this relationship or not.

You should reflect on your relationship in general, but also on yourself and your partner.

Reasons for separation

Basically, there are three reasons why a relationship fails.

Even if every relationship is individual and there are often many different reasons why it doesn't work out, they always lead return to these main reasons.

Save relationship – look for the conversation

Once you have become aware of the causes of your relationship crisis and what you would like to change about it, you should start the conversation with find your partner.

Relationship tips

To prevent a relationship crisis, I'll give you a few relationship tips on how you can work on your relationship and maintain it.

But now everything in order…

How do you recognize a relationship crisis?

Often it is not easy to recognize whether a crisis is in your relationship has crept in. At first you don’t realize that something has changed because it often happens gradually.

Nonetheless, there are some indications that you may be in a relationship crisis.

Sure, every relationship is different and some couples fight more than others, and none of this is anything to worry about .

However, you should listen to your gut feeling, because you often get a queasy feeling, only you ignore it at first.

After all, you are part of the relationship yourself and know that something is different than usual – you just have to be aware that there have been changes.

1. You fight more often

That's one of the obvious indicators that something isn't going so well in your relationship.

It's perfect no matter who starts the fight or is at fault – In fact, disagreements are common.

It is important to find out why these disputes have arisen: just think back to some of your disputes and try to find the cause of the dispute.

So a little analysis a few days later an argument can often help to realize that the argument may have arisen from a misunderstanding.

Communication is the most important thing in a happy relationship and you should always try to be with each other talk and share your feelings and thoughts.

A lot of times a fight breaks out because you haven't talked about certain things and everyone has come to their own conclusions about something.

Once you become aware of it and work on it, you can make your own Save the relationship and counteract a breakup.

2. You spend less time together

There can be many reasons for this: you both have a lot to do at work, live far away from each other, have other commitments, etc.

But if you notice that you're seeing each other less than before, that your gut instinct tells you that your partner always has excuses as to why he can't see you, then you should address this topic.

Maybe he has your partner has good reason too and if it's only for a limited time then there's no need to worry just yet.

But if you can't shake the feeling that your partner is hiding something from you or prefers to spend time with other people and he can't convince you otherwise during a conversation, then you should seriously consider whether this relationship still has a right to exist.

Quality Time, Date Night, a bit of Netflix & Chill can save your relationship by just focusing on the two of you during this time.

3. You have less sex with each other

Even if sex is not supposed to be the most important thing in a relationship, the exchange of tenderness and intimacy is one of the cornerstones of a love relationship.

Basically, a relationship without a sex life would be more like it a friendship and not a romantic relationship.

Of course, your sex life is more frequent and exciting at the beginning, you eventually get to know each other better on a physical level.

However, this wears off over time and many couples suffer as a result.

But that alone is not a reason to end a relationship, but you should still talk about the reasons why you have less or maybe no sex with each other anymore.

You also have to decide whether there is no tenderness at all between you or whether you get closer in some other way, e.g. by cuddling.

In order to save the relationship, you also have to talk about unpleasant topics talk and be open and honest with each other.

4. Your emotional world has changed

A clear indication that you are in a relationship crisis is if you often feel lonely and bad despite the relationship feel.

If you often feel abandoned by your partner, it hurts you and can also reduce your self-love.

All of this leads to you questioning your feelings towards one another: you start wondering whether your partner still really loves you or whether you may have grown apart and it is better to go your separate ways .

But if you want to save your relationship, a first step would be to tell your partner that you feel lonely and bad in the relationship.

There isn't Magic Elixir for Happy Couples – it takes work, time and dedication to have a successful relationship.

Reasons for Breakup

Of course, every relationship is unique and there are always individual reasons why a relationship didn't work out, but here I would like to give you the three main reasons why relationships break up.

You will see that ultimately all reasons can be traced back to these three.

1. Cheating

Cheating is one of the most common reasons why couples break up.

Why someone cheats varies: whether it's because they're looking for something new, because their love life is dead, or because they just can't be faithful.

Anyway, it's a big one breach of trust and gives the partner a lot of lovesickness. You're hurt and don't understand what you've done wrong.

Many also ask themselves whether you should forgive your partner for cheating?

In principle, it is important to distinguish whether it was a one-time slip-up or whether your partner generally tends to meet their own needs elsewhere because they quickly get tired of a relationship.

A little time-out can often be beneficial for Clarify whether or not you want to be with your partner and of course how hard your partner is trying to win you back and make it up to you.

2. No time together

Another common reason why couples break up is that they just don't spend time together anymore.

The reasons for this are many – Work, hobbies, long-distance relationships, other commitments, but also children.

Couples often notice that when you have children, you only devote yourself more to them and let your relationship with your partner slide.< /p>

You should always consciously spend time together and concentrate on yourself and your partner.

If everything is more important than the time together, then of course your sex life suffers: either you no longer have sex at all or you only meet to exchange tenderness, which is also not healthy for a relationship.< /p>

Don't take each other for granted, but constantly work on your relationship and that takes a lot of time together.

3. Strangers

This often happens with couples who have been together for a long time.

You just drifted apart after a while and you get to the point where you don't recognize your partner anymore and you wonder if you should go or stay.

Everyone has developed their own interests and hobbies and you might even feel like you're sharing a flat and not with your partner.

You're living together in a way, but you're living separate lives, you've become estranged.< /p>

Many couples usually only realize this when it is too late, but you should react much earlier.

For example, if you spend an evening with your friends once a week without a partner, it is nothing while doing so.

The only important thing is that, in addition to your own activities, you also spend enough time with your partner and devote yourself to the relationship, so you also avoid becoming alienated.

Save relationship &nd; Reflect relationship

Now that you have gotten to know the indicators that point to relationship crises, you should now reflect on your own relationship.

In doing so, you should reflect on yourself and your partner.

It would be best to wä re it when you write down the following relationship questions on a piece of paper and answer them really honestly.

So you have black and white; the answers and you can compare them with the answers for your partner.

Usually you get a new perspective and can visualize the entire relationship, what is important to you and what you expect from a relationship and thus decide whether you are still happy in this relationship and want to save the relationship .

Questions about yourself:

Try these questions as honest and objective like possible to answer.

I know it's difficult to be objective about yourself, but if you need help, you can ask a good friend to help you answer the questions.

How am I feeling about this relationship?

Try to describe how you are currently feeling about your relationship and why you are how you feel right now.

You can also describe situations in which you feel differently (whether positive or negative).

You can also write down how you felt at the beginning of your relationship and try to identify a point in time when your feelings or well-being changed.

Why do I want to save this relationship?

Here you should think about what is important to you about this relationship and why you want to save it. Why am I actually in this relationship?

What do I like about my partner? Here you can also list some events that you particularly remember, shared experiences, such as holidays, excursions, simply beautiful moments together.

What am I wrong made? What did I do well?

This point is particularly important, but also particularly sensitive, as one tends not to be objective.

< p>Here you should really go into yourself and think about what you did well and what you did wrong in the relationship.

Even if it's difficult, it's very important to do so because you can really analyze the relationship and the background.

What am I missing in this relationship? What is important to me in a relationship?

Thinking about what you want out of a relationship is especially important because it helps you recognize , what is missing or maybe everything is there anyway, just not in the desired intensity?

You can also arrange the things you want according to their importance and set priorities or consider how important these things actually are to you?

How does my Partner true?

Try to put yourself in your partner's shoes and see you from their perspective. How do I appear to him? Am I making him happy? Am I unfair to him? Am I still the person he fell in love with?

This is the best way to reflect on yourself, because you can see yourself from someone else's perspective and you might discover things that you might not have noticed otherwise.

Questions about yours Partner:

The same applies here: try to answer the question as honest and objectively as possible!

< p>On the one hand, you put yourself in your partner's position and try to illuminate your relationship from his/her point of view, on the other hand you reflect on your partner and what you like about him and what not.

How do you think my partner is doing in our relationship?

Here you should see your relationship through your partner's eyes. how is he with you How does he deal with your problems?

Does he prefer to talk or eat everything into himself until he lets it all out in an argument and can be hurtful?

You should also think about whether he is also suffering from your relationship crisis and whether it is burdening him.

What bothers me about my partner?

Listing the negative characteristics of your partner and putting them on paper is often a good idea, as it is easy to do tends to make sweeping claims that everything is bad.

That's why it's important to write down specifically what exactly are the things that bother us about our partner. Sometimes everything is not as black as it first appears.

What is important to my partner in a relationship?

You have already answered this question for yourself. Now you should answer the same question for your partner and think about what things are important for him in a relationship.

This way you can see if you are looking for the same things and how many What do you have in common (or differences) in this respect.

What did my partner do wrong? What did he do well?

Here you should try to be as specific as possible. Try to describe precise incidents/deeds in which your partner did something good or something wrong.

This way you avoid making blanket statements that everything is bad.

Your partner has certainly done some things well, otherwise you wouldn’t be with him in the first place and you should think about these things and decide whether you want to save your relationship.

< em>What are the positive qualities of my partner?

In a relationship crisis you run the risk of seeing everything badly and that is why you should now look at the positive qualities of your partner highlight.

What do you like about your partner? What Makes Your Partner Lovable? Why did you decide to enter into a relationship with your partner?

Things are definitely not as black as you first imagined.

save relationship – look for the conversation

Now that you have reflected on your relationship, your partner and yourself and have visualized what you care about in this relationship and whether you want to save the relationship or would rather put an end to it, you should now seek a conversation with your partner.

You should try to have a calm and open conversation in which you listen to each other and try to empathize with the other person. Because even arguing needs to be learned.

Putting blame on one another will not help you to solve your problems.

Instead, you should try to show what is currently wrong in your relationship works well and how you feel.

You should also tell your partner what you want, but also admit that you are also to blame for some things.

< p>

During the conversation, you should make sure that you treat each other with respect and speak in an appropriate tone, without insults, insults, and saying non-offensive things.

Sure, it is Feelings in the game and you're upset, but you still love each other (or loved each other) and you shouldn't forget that!

Everyone should get the chance to express their point of view and their perspective on to describe things and to show his feelings.

Try to really let your partner finish and get their perspective.

Try to put yourself in their shoes, and your partner should also try to see things from your point of view.

This is the only way for you to understand each other and find a solution to your relationship problems.

Because if you both stick to the relationship, you still have feelings for each other and don't want to lose each other, then you already have a good basis to work on your relationship.

In In this conversation you can make concessions, show that you want to work on yourself and you can agree on what you want to do to save your relationship.

Relationship save – 5 Preventive Relationship Tips

So that there are no times of crisis in your relationship in the first place, I have 5 tips for you here that you should use to prevent yourself and take them to heart.

1. Nobody’s perfect!

I know that social media has distorted our ideals a bit.

Instagram & Co. we all strive for the best photo with the most likes, always want the best and basically lead two lives – one online and one in real life.

As a result, we also always wish for our partner to be perfect, our prince charming, who is flawless and reads our every wish from our lips without us having to say a word.

But the reality is very different: neither our partner nor ourselves are perfect!

Everyone makes mistakes and that is perfectly human, so we shouldn't expect the impossible!


2. Change of perspective

In order to have a healthy relationship, you should put yourself in your partner's shoes during conversations and arguments and try to see things from their perspective.

Often this can lead to misunderstandings be bypassed and one realizes that perhaps an initially ”mean” It wasn't actually meant that way.

So before you accuse your partner of a crime, you should look at it from all angles and then draw a conclusion.

Such a change of perspective can often work wonders!

3. Quality time

In a relationship it is very important to spend time together.

It doesn't have to be anything spectacular – a nice movie, you two on the couch and a glass of wine for a romantic evening for two.

For example, you can choose one day of the week to do something together , away from all the obligations of everyday life.

Both of you, intimate togetherness and the exchange of affection will do your relationship really good.

This is how you maintain your relationship and reduce the risk of growing apart and becoming strangers.

4. Good things take time

It takes time for a relationship to work: time to develop, time to grow, time for each other and time to do things to get through.

A romantic relationship needs time and so you should spend as much time together as possible.

This way you can get to know each other better with all your quirks and mistakes, but also learn to love each other despite everything.

But you can't expect things to change overnight in your relationship happen or your partner changes from one day to the next – Good things take time and so does a relationship.

5. Talk, talk, talk

This is probably the most important thing in a relationship – Communication!

Talk to each other, and a lot. Let each other know how you're feeling, if you're happy or if something is bothering you.

If something about the relationship is bothering you, talk to each other and try to iron things out. Unfortunately, staying silent won't work.

Silence can often lead to misunderstandings, which in turn lead to disputes and problems.

And if you have problems talk, try to stay calm and treat each other with respect.

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