Sapiosexual: Intelligence is the new sexy!

Sapiosexual: intelligence is the new sexy !

These days you hear the different sexual terms almost every day and everyone is more or less familiar with the sexual orientations like heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual or bisexual.

< p>Maybe you can't define it exactly, but you knowß which sexual group you belong to.

But over time, other sexual preferences develop that have been given their own names.

So we come across more and more to demisexuality or the less well-known sapiosexuality.

To avoid confusion, we will focus exclusively on sapiosexuality in this article so that you can get an accurate overview of this sexual preference.

What is sapiosexuality and who is sapiosexual?

It is very important that we stress right at the start that sapiosexuality is not a sexual orientation!

Sapiosexual people just have a preference that puts them in this group.

The term "Sapio" is derived from the Latin word “sapere” derived and means knowledge.

When you look at the meaning of the word sapio, you can immediately get the idea what kind of preference sapiosexual people have.

For sapiosexuals intelligence, knowledge comes first. When they start looking for a partner, they don't pay too much attention to appearances, they are attracted to smart people.

Small talk is a no-go for them, deep conversations are what they crave and what they want to share with their partner.

Now you're wondering, does such a thing even exist? a person attracted to stupidity? Would anyone fall in love with a person who couldn't hold a sensible conversation?

That's a tricky question, because as looks are in the eye of the beholder, so is beauty Intelligence of a person in the eye of the beholder.

Not all people have the same idea of ​​intelligent people.

But the basic principle of sapiosexual people is that they first look at the inner values, knowledge, intelligence, humor, sarcasm and only then focus on one pretty face, a washboard abs.

When choosing a partner, these are the arguments in favor of a relationship.

A beautiful face without a smart head is of no use to sapiosexual people, or better said, it is repulsive to them.

Sapiosexual people give a person that doesn't stimulate their intellect, no second chances just because the person looks good.

It doesn't matter to them what the person looks like if they can't have an interesting conversation.


Am I sapiosexual without knowing it?

There are a few simple questions you can answer to see if you can count yourself among the sapiosexual people.

If you answer YES to most of the questions, you can be sure be that you belong to the Sapio group.

Just to reiterate, sapiosexuality is not a sexual orientation, it's just a preference.

Just as someone likes tall men, blonde women, petite women, or curvy, sapiosexual people also like intelligent people.

Now let's tackle the questions so you know if you're attracted to intelligence or if you prefer packaging.

1. Aren't you a fan of small talk and do you use every opportunity to avoid 0815 conversations?

2. Are you captivated when a person has something interesting to say? Have you ever felt that time just flew by while someone was telling a story about a documentary?

3. Do you love to discuss deep topics during a date and don't you mind if an intense debate develops out of it?

4. Do you intentionally avoid people who are too focused on their looks and clothes because you can't have a normal conversation with them?

5. When you talk about someone, you never say, whoa, he or she has a great body, you say, he or she is very interesting, you can have a nice conversation with him/her lead and it's never boring?

6. When you meet someone, you don't automatically think about sex, you want to get to know the person better, look behind their facade and analyze their point of view?

7. If you are in a café sitting, you are always attracted to the person sitting alone reading a book. That's when you feel the need to sit down and discuss the book.

8. You are more fascinated by people who spend their free time in museums, galleries or exhibitions than people who go to the gym.

9. You are always happy when your admirer gives you a book for your birthday more than a bottle of wine.

10. Your partners have never been model types, they have always been nerd types.

If you answered yes to the majority of the questions, then rest assured that you are attracted to intelligence too.

You are attracted to it even though you don't think it is are aware of.

But if you now look into your dating history, you realize that those dating partners who had an interesting story to tell have always twisted you around their fingers.

If someone was just beautiful and attractive without saying anything interesting, you didn't want a second date.

I hope we've given you a little more understanding of the term sapiosexuality.

Now it will also make more sense to you when you see a model with a not-so-attractive man.

In most cases, everyone assumes that the man is rich and that the woman is greedy, but no one assumes that he has something in his head, that he wants her through his intellect.

Each of us knows that looks are fleeting and if you are looking for a partner who can only score points with the outside but cannot formulate a halfway normal sentence, no long-term relationship can develop from it.< /p>

With age, sexual desire decreases and you want a partner with whom you can talk about everything and everything, someone who makes you think, who makes you want to do better become.

No one wants a partner with whom they will neglect the rest of their brain cells.

Who is more sapiosexual, male or female?

There is no research that can show who is more into intelligence, male or female.

Nonetheless, a study conducted on Vietnam veterans by evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller found that sperm quality changes as a function of IQ.

The smarter the man, the better sperm he has. As a result, his descendants will have a better memory.

Based on the study, it is assumed that the man's intelligence indicates that he has good genes.

< p>That's why women are more likely to choose more intelligent men so that they have better genetic material.

Women are also historically the ones who focus more on their partner's inner values ​​and emotions, Men, on the other hand, sometimes tend to think with their best pieces.

Has sapiosexuality become a trend?

If you jump into online dating and click on any dating profile, you immediately realize that everyone ticks the box tagged sapiosexuals.

Any dating app e.g. B. Tinder asks you if you're Sapio.

But what's the deal with being Sapio? That's how you stand out from the crowd.

You want to signal that you're not interested in stupid people and that people who don't want to have a sensible conversation aren't welcome.

Well, if you sign up on a dating site, you should you brag about sapio if you don’t want to hear silly talk.

But believe me, there are many people who brag about sapiosexual without knowing what it means.

Because if you were to analyze the dating platforms, you could say that all of Germany is sapiosexual.

Does intelligence exclude the physical?

Sapiosexual people are not prude and they do have their needs that they want to meet, but the difference is that you have to stimulate their intellect before you can put them to bed gets.

Sapiosexual people can belong to any sexual orientation, you can be homo and sapio, straight and sapio, bi and sapio, all combinations are allowed and there are no limits.

The closest thing we could count sapiosexual people to would be demisexuality, because demisexual people are attracted to emotions, only when they feel an emotional connection can they be with you get intimate.

In this day and age that we live in and everything is about looks, it's nice to know that there are still people who want to have heartfelt and exciting conversations, that there are people who want to know what's going on inside you without judging you or laughing at your point of view.

Sapiosexuality is much more intimate, much more passionate, much more fiery than you think. Most people find it easier to show their bodies naked than to mentally undress and show what's behind the surface.

If you can stimulate a person's intellect, and by a conversation can seduce the person, only then can you say that you are a true seducer.

It's easy to put on a fake smile, to put on an outward appearance but our minds are what define us and what sets us apart.

Set yourself apart with your knowledge and find a partner who will push you to be the best version of to be yourself Who supports and demands your desire for more development.

Because intelligence is the new sexy, it was about time!

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