Romantic gestures by women that make men think they're “girlfriend material.”

Romantic gestures by women that make men think they are ”Girlfriend Material”

1. A smile every time he enters the room

A discreet smile is a sign of affection. Men feel privileged that girls who like them are so happy to see them.

A smile is a sign that she was looking forward to the moment when they will meet.

2. Compliments

Who doesn't like compliments? A lot of men would say they don't care, but who doesn't like hearing something nice about themselves from time to time (not too often, that would be too a lot).

They particularly like the compliments that set them apart and are special to them. They like to feel protected.

It has a greater meaning for them because they rarely get compliments outside of a romantic relationship.

3. Cuddling

Although they like to be tough and some of them are reluctant to show their emotions, they do like cuddling.

This is the best Way for them to feel your love and warmth.

4. Little cute things

Anything that shows them how much you care about them. Something to let them know you were thinking of them.

It can be as small as texting him before an event and wishing him luck.


Careful touches like touching his arms or shoulders or running your hands through his hair, a kiss on his cheek will melt him.

5. Attention

Listening is one of the best gestures a girl can do. A man likes to have someone who genuinely cares about what he has to say.

It can be anything from mundane things to deep conversations and things that happened to him in the past are, or even be about future plans. The key is to listen.

6. A good morning kiss

It sounds every alarm clock. There's no better way to start a morning, especially one of the early ones followed by a hectic day.

When a good morning kiss is matched with morning coffee or breakfast; nt, he will make his day better. And when you're not together, a cute Good morning sweetheart is also a great solution. 

7. Hum songs while you do whatever

A lot of guys say their girls are so sweet look while they drive or do chores around the house and hum a song that's on the radio.

It's just nice to see someone so happy and her think ”I made her happy” which makes them proud of themselves that they can put a smile on a girl’s face and joy in her voice.

8. Something that shows imagination and effort

such as B. Buy them a small toy model of the dream car they talked about. Buying her favorite ice cream/making heart-shaped pancakes with her favorite jam.

Every little detail that shows you've listened to his interests and that you've put some effort and thought into it what you can do for him.

9. Slightly longer and firmer hugs

If you do this from time to time, it will be different from other hugs. That way he'll know he's your sanctuary.

If you put your head on his chest, he'll go into guardian angel mode, which will make him hug you and you a lot more more to protect.

10. Massages

A back massage after a long day at work can be very helpful in showing your affection.

Innocent massages can also turn into sensual ones Massages transform when you're in the mood. Then it's a win-win situation for both of you.

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