Relationship without love: The power struggle between heart and mind!

Relationship without love: The power struggle between heart and mind!

Love relationships, what could be nicer than when two soul mates collide and great love develops from it?

Everyone dreams of that us, with that one person, to spend the rest of our lives, raise a family, and be happy together for life.

But are all people in the world lucky enough to find their true love? Can you already know after the first date that you are dealing with the right partner for life?

When I look around and analyze other people's romantic relationships, I get the feeling , that not everyone listens to their heart.

Sometimes it seems that other couples don't love each other but are still together. If I'm to be honest, I've had these doubts myself that I'm in a relationship without love.

Is it really possible to separate relationships and love? What is it then, is there a specific term for what you call a relationship like this?

I'm that kind of guy who always wears his rose-colored glasses, someone who celebrates romantic love and all , I don't really understand what doesn't fit my ideas.

But it is precisely in this article that I want to deal with the phenomenon of relationships without love so that we can get to the bottom of the background, so that we can understand it and give another relationship a chance to prove itself.

Is human happiness only crossed with romantic love or can a happy relationship also be built on the basis of reason?

What contributes to couples staying together even though they no longer love each other and what are the reasons that falling in love grows into a loveless relationship.

You can find them here Answer to your countless questions and if you have any doubts about your love life yourself, you can put them out of the way.

Table of ContentsShow 1 What makes you doubt that you are only deceiving yourself in your great love? 2 When are the doubts real and when are they only imaginary? 3 Why can't I break away from a relationship without love? 4 1. You're fooling yourself 5 2. You're afraid of being alone 6 3. You're blinded by chemistry 7 4. It's a sanity relationship 8 5. You let others influence you 9 How can you tell that he is not the right one? 10 1. His behavior, habits, character 11 2. His quirks 12 3. Is he enough for you? 13 4. Future together

What makes you doubt that you are only deceiving yourself in your great love?

Even when we were little, we always heard the phrase “You'll know when it's the right one.”

And each of us is impatient for the day ahead been waiting for that one chosen dream man to walk into our lives and now that the time has finally come, you're skeptical.

How can that be? This is not as unusual as you think. Because just as you can feel when it is the right partner for you, you can also feel when he is not the right one for you.

Our gut friend ;hl and our subconscious send us signals, which in most cases are correct.

Sometimes we bury certain doubts in our subconscious because we don't want to deal with them, but eventually these doubts arrive the surface and our love life can suffer greatly.

These doubts can also develop from our suppressed fears, but a good sign that you are in a relationship without love is infatuation.

In the early stages of Relationships are all on cloud nine. The butterflies in your stomach are a matter of habit and you have a permanent grin on your face. You want to spend every free minute with your sweetheart and everything he says or does is perfect.

This is exactly what the infatuation phase feels like, when you're different, when you're constantly making excuses for not having to meet up with your partner, alarm bells should go off for you.

< p>If every attempt he makes to surprise you or do you a favor backfires, then you should know that unfortunately you don't love him.

Maybe you still don't want to admit it , but it is like that. If the first few weeks of a relationship are not harmonious and loving, then the relationship has no future because there is a lack of love.

When are the doubts real and when are they only imaginary?

Sometimes we are afraid, we are at the beginning of the relationship and do not know what to expect. In the past you had bad experiences and now you are always under stress.

You can't focus on the good things in your love life because you think too often about what could go wrong. You have to learn to switch off such thoughts.

You mustn't suffer from failed relationships and partnerships all your life, your past has nothing to do with the future.

It can happen that while you hold on to the past yours future passes you by.

Your partner will not put up with such a half-hearted relationship because nobody wants to be unloved in a relationship, especially if there is no good reason for it.


Many other people suffer from comparing their relationships to others. They analyze their partner’s behavior, everything he says or does is put on the gold scales and everything is wrong.

You want to be able to measure yourself against other couples and at that very moment you lose them important things from the perspective. You pay too much attention to what others are doing, saying, thinking that you forget your own feelings.

You neglect your own needs and don't even feel that you are happy in the relationship, even though it is unlike any other relationship around you.

Such reasons are just imagination and your relationship shouldn't fail because of that made-up doubts that have nothing to do with reality and you shouldn't let that influence you.

Shake off the prejudices and enjoy being with your partner. The only thing that matters is how you feel and how he makes you feel.

Real doubts only arise when the partner has a negative influence on yours life when he pushes you to make changes you don't want, ones that stifle your desires and change you from the core.

Real doubts come out then, when your partner is violent and abuses you physically and mentally.

In these cases you should not disregard these doubts, you should free yourself from the cage of your fear as soon as possible and dare a fresh start.

A relationship must be respectful and where there is no respect is present, you should keep your hands off it.

Why can't I break away from a relationship without love?

If you were to start a poll now as to whether someone would stay in a relationship without love, I'm sure the majority would answer NO.

But if it's that clear , why do we have situations in which people are in relationships without love for years?

If someone cannot break free from a relationship without love, there are various reasons. We'll get to the bottom of the most common ones.

I'm sure you'll find yourself in a few.

1. You are fooling yourself

You have been with your partner for a long time and after so much time you should just throw it all away and start something new? You can't even imagine that.

That's why you lie to yourself, you pretend that the relationship isn't bad for you, that you're happy, even though you've been feeling lonely and depressed lately.

You're just afraid to take the first step and change something, so you find it easier to live in make-believe than to accept the truth.

2. You are afraid of being alone

Many people find it difficult to be alone and that is why they prefer to stay in relationships where love is no longer present than to be alone all the time life.

You get used to living with one person and you are afraid of the change that awaits you.

The biggest problem when you live with someone is that you share an apartment. Life changes dramatically after a breakup and there is always the question of who will get the apartment.

Because we humans are creatures of habit, we don't want to accept such changes and find each other deal with the fact that the relationship isn't what it used to be, but we can still live with it.

3. You are blinded by the chemistry

I hear that over and over again, it has often happened that my girlfriends wanted to end their relationships because they simply no longer love their partner, but whenever it comes to the crucial conversation, they change theirs Opinion.

What's behind it? That is very easy! The attraction, the chemistry, the crackle. With some people we are just a perfect physical match, everything is right.

The kisses are passionate, the touches are gentle, but not too gentle, because he can also lend a hand, but the psychological level just doesn't fit.

You don't understand each other mentally at all, but you can ;Physically, she fits like a glove and this keeps getting in the way of what you're trying to do.

In that case, you'll have to find another way to end it all. You must not be alone with your partner, it should be a public place where you have no chance of hugging each other.

You must be able to resist your lusts, for it is for your own good. Realize that this is only a momentary pleasure that you will regret later.

4. It is a relationship of reason

Relationships of reason may not sound so romantic, because you are aware that it is not about great love, but still decide More and more people are opting for a reasonable relationship or even a convenience marriage.

You may not have heard the term, but I'll quickly explain what it is.

If throughout life you've only ever been in relationships with the wrong guys and no matter how hard you tried, every relationship failed, you were faced with the shambles of your great love and you had to fight again with the lovesickness.

Nobody wants something like that and if at all possible they want to avoid it in the future.

You can do something like that with a reasonable relationship. You find someone who suits you, you have common goals and desires that you couldn't share with your previous partner.

Your new partner is accommodating, he understands you, even likes you gifted something he made himself, pure romance, but still you don't love him in the same way you loved your previous partners.

This is more about respect and you appreciate him for the way he treats you and the way he treats you, he makes you feel special.

Because you used to had to go through hell again and again, you never want to do something like that to yourself again and stay in the relationship even though it's not about true love.

5. You let others influence you

You have often made the decision to end your relationship and finally put an end to the spook, but then you let other people influence you and you change your mind,

Even you have no support from your own family and they make you realize again and again that you will make a big mistake, because your partner is just great and you will never find a better one.

< p>Such comments do not leave you cold and make you feel insecure and as always you change your mind and move on with your dissatisfaction as before.

How can you tell that he is not the right one?

If you can't figure out for yourself that you're in a relationship with the wrong partner, we'll help you out.

There is some simple tips that will help you recognize that you are dealing with the wrong partner.

Look at the clues and if you recognize yourself in the majority, you can be sure you've hooked the wrong person.

1. His behavior, habits, character

Each of us has our own ideas of what our partner should be like, how he should behave and it is precisely his behavior that makes him a human being .

If it is important to you that your partner is kind to other people, that they want to help others without asking anything in return for being empathetic, you should make sure that your partner has such character traits.< /p>

If you settle for less, sooner or later this will become a bigger problem in your relationship and you cannot ask him to change.< /p>

2. His quirks

It is perfectly normal for someone to have certain quirks, because you certainly have some that don't suit everyone. The question here is whether you can live with their quirks or not.

When you choose someone you have to be able to deal with the whole package, in which case you also have to be able to handle their quirks love and respect.

If you realize from the start that this is too much for you and that you don't want to sacrifice yourself for it, you are with the wrong man.

When you really love someone, you also love their weaknesses and quirks because they are a part of them.

3. Is he enough for you?

When you are in a happy relationship, your partner is enough for you, you don't look for new partners, you don't even think about it, because there is no better partner than your own.

But if you are still active on Tinder during the relationship and think about having sex with other people , you should face the truth and accept that you are with the wrong person.

You put up with them until you find something better, and such behavior is wrong because it can hurt the other person's feelings.

It's wrong to give someone like a consolation prize look at until you get the grand prize.

4. Shared future

If you can't imagine yourself with your partner even after 50 years, if you get stomachaches from the mere thought of your children or grandchildren, it means that he is not the right one for you.

With the right one, you can't wait to build a life together and start a family. If you dread your imaginary future, you should end this.

Relationships are always complicated and they can get us into emotional chaos that is difficult to get out of, but the worst part is if you're not right with your feelings, then you have always something to doubt.

You have to go inside and search for the answer of what is most important to you in a relationship. If the answer is love, don't settle for less because your true love is waiting for you somewhere out there.

But if love is just something abstract to you, what do you If you can't do anything, you can also get involved in a reasonable relationship. That way you'll find a partner who's exactly what you want.

It's up to you. You decide about your life and your love life, it only matters that you are happy and content with your decision. You shouldn't be interested in what other people think.

Sofia Müller

Relationship counselor Sofia Müller came to the conclusion that through her articles and books, she learned more Reach out to people and help them, so she started her blog Your Way.

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