Relationship break: can it go well?

Relationship pause: Can that go well?

A hiatus in a relationship- is it really a hiatus or is it just an extended expiry date of the final breakup?

This is the question most couples face when they've gotten to the point where they don't know what to do anymore.

Does it make any sense to take a break from a relationship or should you put an end to it as soon as the first relationship problems arise?

That's not such an easy question. You have to consider all factors. Why would anyone take such a break in the first place?

That's not an easy question. You have to consider all factors. Why would anyone decide to take such a break?

The reasons are different. Someone is afraid of being alone.

Some have children together and want to try again because of the children.

Some hope that they will forget their partner's cheating after a break in the relationship.

And most still believe in a happy relationship and a future together with your partner.

Whatever is behind it, everyone should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages.

Nothing is as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to a romantic relationship.

In order for everything to be fine again, both partners have to make an effort and roll up their sleeves.

Some couples take the next step and do couples therapy and look for one together with the couples counselor solution. Everyone can decide for themselves what is best for them.

The most important thing after such a break in a relationship is not to fall into the pattern of on-off relationships falls.

We will show you how to deal with a break in a relationship.

After that, hopefully you will decide on your right path.

Because what is good for a person is not automatically good for you.

The positive sides of a break in a relationship

More time forü r you

The most common problem in long-term relationships is that the partners do not take enough time for themselves, or rather they do not take time off.

At the beginning of the In a relationship, you want to spend every free minute with your partner, and that's a good thing.

During this time, infatuation is most intense and you should enjoy that too.

But over time you have to dedicate yourself to your own daily chores and you should also pursue your hobbies.

When you have to scale back your own needs, the relationship to become a problem.

In that case, the relationship break can make sense, because you have more time for yourself again and can use the break to find a way to best reconcile the whole thing.

So that you and your partner can enjoy the time together and not feel like a burden.

If you allow yourself a break without your partner, that means not that you don't care.

It just means you just want to switch off and recharge your batteries.

The feelings intensify

Often you do Proverb “Only when you lose something do you learn to appreciate it.” belongs, so it is with the love relationship.

A relationship break can change your perspective and you realize that you care much more about your partner than you thought.

< p>It wasn't until you went to bed alone that you could feel how much you missed him. That you long to be near him.

That you want to kiss him goodnight and wake up next to him.

All of these are Signs that it's still not over, that you have a future together. Of course, only if your partner feels it too.

More open conversations

If you are physically separated from each other for a longer period of time and even make a physical separation, you get the opportunity to communicate more openly with each other.

After a few days of the supposed separation, they gather thoughts and you get a clearer picture of the situation.

You don't just look for faults in your partner, you become aware of your own guilt.

You can meet in a neutral place and discuss everything like adults and look for a common solution.

You are aware that you both need to change. After that, you will become clear about your feelings and can now focus on your common goal, reunification.

When relationship problems are no more

The best part about a relationship break is when you realize that nothing really bothers you about your partner. What do I mean?

You've often fought over little things, like he leaves his socks everywhere or he always leaves the toilet seat up.

Now that you're alone, you miss everyone his quirks and bad habits.

You realize that this is what you miss the most.

In a relationship, it doesn't have to be perfect, to make it perfect.

Everyone has to love their partner for who they are, with their rough edges.

You look ahead

It can also happen that during the relationship break you realize that you don't want to win him back at all.

You are aware of your own feelings and draw a line under them. You don't want a fresh start, you want a permanent breakup.

This back and forth hasn't made any sense for a long time and all visits to the couples therapist have backfired. The only way out is to end the relationship for good.

What is important during a break in a relationship?

Clear rules

Clear rules are the be-all and end-all of every break in a relationship. This limits the possibility that certain mistakes can be made during the time-out.

Since this is only a break and not a permanent separation, one should not cheat dü .

Such an affair can destroy the attempt to renew the relationship.

This can make you and your partner doubt and arouse suspicion.

Since the relationship is already on shaky ground, you should avoid such actions.

So just set a few rules, such as: No flirting, no cheating. Anything that could hurt the other.

Radio silence: yes or no?

You have to regulate that too, because that can lead to arguments lead.

For example, one answers, the other does not answer. This automatically leads to an argument.

You have to define that clearly. If you don’t agree, then you need to find a compromise.

For example: The relationship break lasts a month and after that you will make a final judgement.

< p>During the month, you are allowed to make 10 messages and 3 calls.

And of course you must not get angry if your partner does not answer right away.

R&auml ;physical separation

During the relationship break, it would be best if you also split up physically.

It is very difficult to really go through with a relationship break when you are still living together.

It would be best if someone found a new place to sleep with relatives or friends.

That is the easiest and best for your well-being. This is the only way you can sort your thoughts and feelings and make the right decision.

Talk to the children

In some situations, having children together is the biggest problem and the worst hurdle to overcome.

That's why it is that from the start The most important thing is to play with open cards.

If the children are still small, it will be a little more difficult because in most cases they do not understand.

It's not easy with older children, but you can explain everything to them through an open conversation.

It's just important that they know that you both for they are there, no matter what.

No sex life

As long as you are in the relationship break, sex is forbidden. You must be separated not only geographically but also physically.

I didn't want to shake your mind. You must keep your head clear and you can only do that by avoiding temptation.

When the happy hormones rise, you can't keep a clear head and right now you need it.

Meetings should never take place in the apartments, but in a neutral place.

This break should bring clarity to your relationship life and you don't need such disturbances.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy is becoming more and more common these days and more and more effective.

If you feel like you can't do it on your own or aren't getting any results, you should seek couples therapy.

A couples counselor or couples therapist will certainly give you helpful tips, like you can overcome your crisis. Now the only question is, do you want it too?

Relationship breaks are always exhausting and bring the partners to the edge of their minds, but when you really love each other and all that is just a phase, it's worth it.

Take as much time as you need. True love will not run away, it will always be waiting for you.

The most important thing is that you are pure with your feelings and have no doubts.

If you have any doubts, don't drag it out and decide like adults that it doesn't make sense anymore.

You can't love force it and when its expiration date has come, there's no stopping it.

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