Relationship Basics: How Every Pot Finds Its Lid

Basics of a relationship: How every pot finds its lid

Basics of a relationship, well, that sounds kind of cold, callous. When one thinks of a happy relationship, one often fails to see that a successful relationship also has its foundations.

The foundations of a relationship serve to ensure that we have a happy partnership. But the most important thing about it is the fact that we want to have a happy relationship with someone we love.

You have often heard the phrase “He would be good to you fit. You may not like him the first time, but over time you will find out.”

Other couples try to convince us that you can learn to love someone over time.< /p>

That's correct. There are many happy couples who have found their partner in this way.

But you must also know that not everything has to be right from the start so that it can also work later.

In this article we will share many helpful tips on how to have a lasting relationship with your right partner.

If you want to be happy, you don't need much. Just two people who have a common goal are enough and nothing stands in the way of happiness.

The most important thing is not to despair. These tips already help those who are in a relationship, but also those who are still looking for a partner.

Let's see what we can offer you. 😀

The basics of a relationship, it can be that easy!

1. Humor

Every romantic comedy makes us swarm and smile, we imagine how nice it would be if we also had such a sympathetic relationship.

Humor is a very important basis of every successful relationship.

If you can laugh together, you can overcome every obstacle together. It doesn't matter who makes whom laugh, all that matters is that you can relax and be happy together.

What could be nicer than being with your partner to be able to laugh? It's very important that you don't take humor too seriously.

In most relationships, fights sometimes arise because one partner jokes about the other.

One gets angry and the other understands the world no more. We always tease each other at home, why are you angry now? You often ask yourself these questions.

Now you have to open your ears wide, home is home and the public is the public.

At home, when you're alone, you can poke fun at each other's bills, but between friends you should hold back.

You can that way hurt each other and you certainly don't want that. It's always better to laugh together than to laugh at each other.

Laughing together strengthens relationships and creates positive feelings.

2. Common hobbies and interests

After a while, being in love wears off and what's left?

The butterflies no longer flutter so wildly through your stomach and everyday life comes to you. What can you do now?

A lot if you have common interests or hobbies. Everyone thinks that opposites attract, but is that true?

Over time, you realize that the foundation of a good relationship is common ground.

Everyday life can sometimes be very stressful and then it is easier when the partners enjoy their free time together.

When they pursue their common hobbies together. They combine fun and love. Is there a better combination?

It often happens that couples in long-term relationships have different interests and hobbies. This often leads to arguments or someone having to scale back their needs for the sake of their partner.

That's not too bad if you do it once a month, but in the long run it leads to dissatisfaction. Quarrels become more and more frequent and the partners move away from each other.

If you don't have common hobbies, don't despair. You have enough time to find something that will appeal to both of you. This will definitely bring you closer.

3. Understanding

Understanding is a term that is not so easy to classify, because it runs through all phases of a relationship. If you want to have a good relationship, you also have to understand your partner.

Sometimes there will be situations when your partner will bitch around for no reason. You have to keep calm.

You may think he's bitching for no reason, even though you haven't asked him why.

Give him some time, but still I want him to know that you always have an open ear for his problems. You also have to understand if your partner makes the wrong decision.

You are his support and you have to give him support.

Sometimes your partner will withdraw, so you also have to show understanding and give him his freedom. Understanding is one of the most important foundations of a happy relationship.

And it is very important that it is mutual. If one is understanding of the other, then so should the other.

4. Keep calm

In long-term relationships, couples fight over little things more and more often.

For example: if someone is late, if you haven't taken out the garbage, if you bought new shoes again and so on.

One will always be the explosive. Arguing is inevitable if it weren't for the personification of calm.

What do I mean by that? When your friend is angry, you need to keep calm. You have to be the one to calm the situation down.

You need to find a way to calm your partner down and get the positive out of the situation. What is the easiest way for you to achieve this? With a kind word.

You know the old saying, a kind word opens every door.

In this case, it's the door ;r to your partner's heart. If you go into the other room and put on the new shoes and proudly walk in front of him, you'll definitely make him laugh.

Especially if you're clumsy.

And after a few minutes, the tension in the air is gone. You can enjoy the rest of the day together.

What would have happened if you had answered annoyed too? That would only make the whole situation worse and a real argument would ensue.

The role of calm personified must be fairly divided. Always remember, you can avoid any dispute very quickly.

5. Puzzle

Now a lot of question marks are floating over your head. That's a good thing, it makes you think.

Shall you play jigsaw puzzles together now? No, well, you can do that too if you feel like it, but I was thinking of something else.

You must be like a puzzle. You have to fill in the blanks of the other. No matter what it is, you must complement each other.

This is not only limited to the household, but also to private life, work life and family life.

If one has a problem, the other will help him. You must find a solution together.

If your partner is not feeling well, you should take over their chores so that they can get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

This puzzle also relates to the same point of view in a relationship. You must also have the same ideas about what is important in a relationship.

For example, if your partner values ​​loyalty, honesty and communication, you should too.

Because that's the only way the relationship will be successful.

6. Common goals

Common goals are very important. This way you can see right from the start whether the relationship has a future.

If you have common goals, then you try twice as hard.

You will motivate each other and this way you will reach your goals faster.

Over time you will realize that your common goal is to live together. This is the beginning of the rest of your life.

Shared goals don't always have to be limited to moving in together. Sometimes it can also be goals in the world of work that you then achieve together as a couple or found a start-up company.

You have many opportunities, make the most of them.< /p>

7. Talk, don't argue

If you want to have a stable and happy relationship, you must learn to communicate. Not only you, but also your partner.

It is always much better to talk about problems than to argue.

During the argument you can say something hurtful, what you will regret later. But if you talk calmly, it's easier to find a solution.

Nowadays people talk about a culture of debate. You will learn how to argue in a subtle way without hurting the other’s feelings.

After the conversation, the problems will disappear.

So count to ten and communicate. You have to explain everything to your partner in an understandable way, without making them feel cornered.

Another good tip is to speak in the first person. In this way you take responsibility for your feelings, statements and behavior.

Your partner will react more openly and also feel more comfortable.

For example, if you want to solve a problem, you should start the sentence with me: I feel bad when you treat me like this, it gets me down.

It is too important to let your partner finish, to show him that you take him seriously and finally to compromise.

8. Freedom

Everyone should have their freedom. When you are at the beginning of the relationship, you want to do everything with your partner.

You want to be with him and he with you every free minute. But after a certain time you get the need to do something without your partner, girls' or men's night, a wellness weekend just for you and much more.

That shouldn't unsettle you. It doesn't mean you don't love each other anymore. It just means you need some time to yourself.

It can improve your relationship. After that you will have new topics to talk about, experiences to talk about and most importantly, you will miss each other.

After a short “breakup” it's always nicer to see each other again.

9. Personal Development

It is very important to work on your own personality. If you had certain goals before the relationship, you should still stick to them in the relationship.

Regardless of whether your partner supports you or not, you have to do it for yourself.< /p>

If you give up your dreams because of the relationship, the relationship will fail sooner or later. Mutual acceptance of desires should be at the top of the relationship list.

Work together towards your common goals, but also leave some space for your own desires.

10. Positivity

Always think positive. Now that sounds easier than done, but that's how it is. If you welcome every obstacle with open hands, you will be able to overcome it.

By adopting a positive attitude, you will drive everything negative out of your life.

Your relationship will become even better and more beautiful. You will always find a reason to laugh and put the other in a good mood.

11. Make Wishes

In order for both of you to be happy in the relationship, you need to make your wishes known. Of course, the wishes should remain real so that they can be fulfilled.

Wishes don’t always have to be about travel or gifts, sometimes they can be about relationships. If you want to change something in the relationship, your partner should know about it in good time.

This will avoid frustration and give your relationship a positive refreshment.

If your partner reacts negatively to it , you should make it clear to him that you still love him, but that you long for a change that you only want to experience with him.

After that he will definitely calm down and respond to your wishes.

12. Acceptance


Every person in the world is unique and we love this diversity. But what happens when your partner has particular quirks and habits? You're trying to change it.

And that's exactly what you shouldn't do. His quirks make him who he is.

Maybe you fell in love with his quirks and if you change him, he won't be the same person anymore.

You have to take your partner for who they are and accept their pros and cons. If you insist on a change, it will probably have a negative impact on your relationship.

This can hurt your partner and then out of anger he will try to change you. This will lead to dissatisfaction for both of you and you certainly don't want that.

13. Be yourself

Being authentic is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. You must never pretend and force yourself into different roles.

Always say what's on your mind and be open about your feelings.

If you have to pretend in a relationship just to please your partner, you need to know right away that the relationship will fail will. You have your unique character that you should never change.

It's something you were given at birth and he fell in love with that very person. Your character is something that defines you. You should be proud of that.

But your partner should accept you as you are, the original version, with all rough edges.

14. The past is the past

What happened in the past should stay there. If you decide to start a new relationship, you should put your past behind you.

You must not compare your new partner to your ex.

The relationship you used to have cannot compare to the current one. Every relationship has its ups and downs and if you keep thinking about your ex it will only drag you down further.

When you look into your new partner's eyes, you become your future see. Get involved, you won't regret it.

It doesn't always have to be about an ex, you should also leave past quarrels in the past.

No need to keep harping on it, once is enough.
Better focus on all the new bickering coming your way. :p

15. Self Love

If you love and respect yourself, your partner will too. You must first be happy with yourself in order to have a healthy relationship.

You must put aside all self-doubt and be in tune with yourself.

This positive attitude will carry over into your relationship and your partner will shower you with love. Loving yourself is one of the most important human needs.

These 15 basics of a relationship give you just a small overview of what to look out for when you are in one want to have a successful relationship.

Nevertheless, you must always remember that people are different and everyone decides for themselves what is best for them.

When it comes to romantic relationships, the most important thing is that you love each other, and together you can do anything if both partners try.

On your own, one can only fail because he or she can bear the burden ;r has to carry both and in the long run it becomes too exhausting. That's why you should divide everything fairly and enjoy the time together to the fullest.

Love is not mathematics, you act without big; thinking about it, just off the top of your head.

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