Relationship at the end: can it still be saved?

Relationship at the end : Can she still be saved?

Love, breakups, relationships, chaos … why does everything have to be so complicated?

It all starts with a look. With a smile. With a gentle touch … It then evolves into something so unreal we could only dream of.

We plunge into a sea of ​​illusions and unrealistic expectations of love that fills our hearts and souls.< /p>

A love that clouds our vision and reason. We lose the ground beneath our feet as our heads float in the pink clouds and we believe our happiness will never end.

However, our illusions are shattered the moment the infatuation phase passes and we realize that all is not as ideal as it first seemed.

There comes a moment when where we realize that a relationship isn't just about holding hands, hugs, kisses and dreaming about your partner.

We recognize that there is work to be done in a relationship and that even a small crisis is enough to shake everything we have believed in.

Unfortunately, some loved ones don't manage to overcome this crisis and despite best efforts, the relationship still falls apart.

On the other hand, there are people who cling to the last glimmer of hope and despair struggling to keep their relationship alive while standing on shaky feet and where just a little bump; is necessary to destroy them to the ground.

These are people who are afraid of being left alone, who stay in an unhappy relationship out of habit, or still blindly believe that things can change.

That's why they keep their relationship alive, even when the love is long gone.

But how do you know if your relationship is in trouble?

Sometimes it's not enough use the full force of emotion or the mighty power of love to keep a relationship alive.

But how do you know it's time to draw the line and say goodbye forever?

There are clear warning signs of the end of a relationship that many don't or don't heed want to consider.

Don't be one of them, but recognize in time whether you are wasting your precious time and energy in vain and whether it is time to break up.

Relationship at the end: 12 Warning Signs It's Over

It doesn't matter if the relationship lasts three months or ten years, there are no rules in love and it can always happen that the relationship comes to an end.

Sometimes we can do some things just can't control it and no matter how hard we try, sometimes we just have to accept that it doesn't work.

There are situations where people see with crystal clarity that their love's ship has long since reached the bottom of the sea, but still remain on it, torturing themselves and their partner with it.

They get caught in one Lovesickness, sadness, despair and anger because they don't want to accept that something they have put so much time and effort into is doomed to fail.

That's pretty understandable , because our minds cannot accept that there is only a shadow left of the previously great infatuation.

We cannot accept that our love has withered.

However, sometimes it is time for humans to go their separate ways and that is the time for making that difficult decision.< /p>

1. Relationship at the end: He annoys you

A clear sign that love is fading is when the mere presence of your partner annoys you.

Everything he does annoys you. The way he talks, walks, dresses…

Even the most banal things immediately drive you crazy: You're sitting on the couch watching a movie and you're bothered by how loud your partner is breathing … You eat together and it bothers you how loud he chews…

When you're newly in love, all your quirks, even the big ones, somehow recede into the background because you see everything through rose-tinted glasses sees and does not detect errors.

You learn to accept your partner as he is, with all his rough edges, because it's all about love.

However, when love fades and the rose-colored glasses fall off, come everything bad to the surface.

2. Relationship at the end: you hardly talk to each other

A lack of communication is the number one warning sign when it comes to a relationship crisis. You sit at one end of the room, he at the other.

Everyone is in their own world and it seems like you are just two strangers who happen to be in the same room. Like in a doctor's waiting room.

Sometimes you would find it easier to argue with him and get rid of all the anger that has been building up inside you over time.

It would be better to finally say everything to each other face to face and put an end to your suffering.

Without communication, no relationship can be happy and stable.

< p>The partners must share their thoughts, worries and problems with each other, because only then can they know what to expect from each other and build a happy relationship.

If this is missing, then stands the relationship before.

3. Relationship at the end: You each make your own decisions

In a happy and stable partnership, the partners make most decisions together. Even the most trivial ones like „Where are we going to eat today?”.

Of course, every person is an individual and should know how to make their own decision, but when in a relationship, they will always at least ask their partner for opinion and advice, because it is a sign of respect and love.

If your relationship has been without a sense of togetherness for a long time, this is a very bad sign and indicates that the only thing left is , which is breaking up.

4. Relationship ending: You don't spend time together

When two people are in love, it seems like they live in their own world, isolated from everything.

They don't care where others are, what they do, what they think, they just want to spend as much time as possible together and enjoy each other.

Romantic candlelight dinners, romantic trips, caresses, tokens of attention, tokens of love – all of this is an essential part of any relationship where love blossoms.

However, if you have spent almost no time together lately, it may mean that love is over.

Of course, sometimes we don’t have time for all of this due to all the busy commitments of everyday life, work and such, but if you want, you can find time.

However, if you prefer your partner to go somewhere with his buddies, when you go out with your girlfriends and it's a ‘relief’ is not having to be with him, then that's definitely the end of the story.

5. Relationship at the end: There is no trust in your relationship

Distrust, jealousy and constant control are definitely the biggest relationship killers.

A stable and happy relationship involves two partners who love, respect and trust each other and in which each has the right to live their life outside of the relationship.

However, if your partner is too jealous ;What's important is when you feel like he's in control of you all the time and you don't have any freedom anymore, all the love you felt for him is gone.

Without trust, the relationship is shaky from the start because there is no solid foundation to hold on to. Even if feelings are still involved but there is no trust, it is time to say goodbye

6. Relationship End: Listlessness

Has it been so long that you don't even remember the last time you were intimate?

The loss of Passion alone doesn't have to mean the end of a relationship, but it is one of the bigger relationship problems couples face.

Physical intimacy is just as important in a relationship as emotional connection.

If it's absent, it means something is seriously wrong in the relationship.

Especially when it's weeks or even months or if intercourse is just a chore or even an effort for you, unfortunately you have to let your partner go.

7. Relationship at the end: you make no effort to please each other

If your partner always dresses up and looks well groomed like he's on the cover of a fashion magazine when he's out with his friends, but doesn't even do his hair when he's out with you, then laugh ;sounds the alarm bells.

At the beginning of a relationship, where everything is still brimming with passion and love, the partners strive to be attractive and desirable for each other.


New clothes, hairstyles and gym are a must and we always try to look our best to please our partner even more.

However, in long relationships that effort somehow stops. You feel like you don't have to worry about it anymore because you've already conquered your partner.

It's not uncommon for partners to gain weight, let themselves go, don't care and the like.

You don't realize that you have to keep winning over your partner and showing him that you're interested.

If this is not there, then there is no love.

8. Relationship at the end: no more respect

Next to trust and love, respect is the most important thing in a relationship. The relationship needs to be on an equal footing for things to work properly.

Treating a partner with respect means respecting their opinion, listening to them when they have something to say, not to lie, don't cheat and don't belittle your partner.

For example you are in the company of your friends and your partner is always making jokes about you?

Well, that's acceptable, but sometimes he goes so far below the belt that you're wondering if this is the man you love.

Even if one of you had an affair and promised not to do it again, for example, but did it anyway, it's also a sign of disrespect and lack of love.

When there's no respect from either you or his, it's time to step out of the relationship and let it be in the past.

9. Relationship at the end: no joint future plans

Partnership means holding hands while walking in the same direction together.

All stumbling blocks are easily overcome when two people have the same goal, the same plans and work together to achieve them.

This greatly strengthens the relationship and lets the Love grows.

Not having the same goals as your partner means there is a high probability that the relationship has no future.

You want children, he doesn't, he wants in someone else Living in the country, you don’t want to move and the like.

Of course, you can always compromise if you really want to.

You have to ask yourself now, as you envision your future, do you see your partner in it? If the answer is no, you know what to do.

10. Relationship at the end: You don't care

He can berate, insult and belittle you – you do not care. He can cheat, have 100 affairs with 100 different women – you don't care.

He can leave the house for a month – you do not care. You don't care if he doesn't call you because he has to stay late at work or because he wants to have a beer with his friends.

You don't care about his work anymore, his problems. You just don't care anymore.

You just feel a big emptiness when you look at him and you don't care if he tells you I love you or I hate you says.

This indifference is the clearest sign that love has passed and the relationship has ended.

11. The end of a relationship: Others notice

Not sure if your relationship is over? Then feel free to listen to what those around you have to say.

It usually gets on our nerves when someone else interferes in our relationships and gives us advice about something they don't understands.

But in this case, a third, objective opinion can be a good eye-opener for you.

There are some things we can't determine for ourselves because there are too many emotions involved and we can't see the overall situation realistically in this chaos.

If one of your friends or family members happened to see you asking what's going on with you and if everything is alright is by no means a good sign.

If those around you are noticing the changes, then the house blessing must be very crooked.< /p>

12. Relationship at the end: Even couples therapy didn't change anything

And finally the most important question of all: did you try to save the relationship and how?

Some people decide to take a little time out and have a relationship break or a physical separation to see where they went wrong and what life without a partner would be like.

Some choose couples counseling because they believe that the couples counselor can give them advice that will help rebuild and strengthen the relationship.

In the end, it doesn't matter Whatever method the couple chooses, it is important that it works.

If you and your partner have already tried to save the relationship, talk to each other, go to counseling, live apart etc. and none of it worked, unfortunately you are wasting your time and energy trying to save the sinking ship.

Conclusion:Every breakup is painful because we feel it is our personal defeat.

We have failed to save what we have built over a long period of time.

But even the greatest loves can't be sure that they will last because sometimes things don't work out no matter how much we really want them to.

It There are situations in which a relationship can be saved, but also situations in which there is no longer a chance.

Once you have recognized these warning signs in your relationship, stop wasting valuable time!

< p>You deserve a happy relationship and someone with whom you feel like the last piece of the puzzle has finally found its place.

You deserve to love and be loved and you can you only when you stop putting a comma where the period should have been a long time ago.


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