Real men protect their women, they don't abuse them

Real Men protect their women, they don't abuse them

I have no idea what they told you during your childhood, but let's get one thing straight from the start – ; Abuse is not love.

Just think how many women would be spared torture if we would just stop romanticizing abuse?

No, love shouldn't be hard. It takes a lot of effort, but you should never have to bend over backwards to get it.

No, love shouldn't hurt. Longing for someone, missing them when they're not there, longing for their hug and touch are all normal things, but all of these are considered sweet afflictions.< /p>

True love never questions your worth, never makes you question if you're good enough, nor makes you feel that way , as if your heart is being broken into a million pieces every day.

You know, we all need to get one thing in our heads – real men don’t make love difficult, they make it seem like the easiest thing there is.

Real men don't hurt their women, they protect them. Anything else is just a lie we tell ourselves out of fear of letting go of our toxic partner.

The truth is, a real man would never do anything to intentionally hurt the woman he loves.

He would never do anything that could make his wife feel insecure or threatened. or something that might break her heart.

There is a list of things real men do when they deeply love their woman and abuse is never one of them.

Men who abuse women are nothing but Cowards who hide behind their manliness.

But they are not real men. They have only the bare form of a man, but inside is nothing but a corrupt soul.

If you asked a child to draw someone who abuses women either physically or emotionally, do you know what they would draw? A monster, and that's what they are.

The thing is, a real man respects himself enough to never lie, never play games, never hurt anyone, the gave him his heart. It's that simple.

Real men value their women. You know that whatever you give a woman, she will give you in return. If you give her your heart, she will give you all her love.

If you give her a house, she will give you a home.

When you give her your love you will feel like the only man in this world. What more could you ask for?

Real men protect their women. But it's not just in public that they pretend and abuse them when they are at home and no one is looking.

They even protect their wives from themselves. They make them feel safe and never let anything bad happen to them.

The thing is – real men are aware of a woman’s strength, they don’t see her as the weaker sex, but are there for her when life throws her down.

Real men hate to see shattered women on their knees begging for love or mercy. That makes their stomachs turn. That only turns a sadist on.

What turns a real man on is seeing his woman with her head held high, happy and confident in her own skin. For real men, there's no bigger turn-on than that.

A happy woman is a real man's greatest strength. Only cowards enjoy abusing and putting down women who wanted to give them their hearts.

Sometimes we give ourselves because of the circumstances we may find ourselves in , or satisfied due to pressure from society. And that is one of the best foundations for abuse.

You just start going with the flow. You start ignoring your wants and needs. You forget your worth and think you deserve all the pain you are going through. But that's so wrong.

So please don't settle. Instead, love yourself so much that solitude becomes a better option than allowing someone to disrespect you.

Love yourself is key if you want to avoid the bullet that also called abuse.

And if you think about it, it really makes sense. Because when you love yourself, you know what you deserve.

You know your worth and how you deserve to be treated. When you love yourself, you give others the opportunity to love you too.

So whoever you are, whatever you represent in this world, regardless of who you are. No matter what you've been through in your life or how much you love a man, you always need to know that real men protect their women and don't abuse them.

So, please, never settle for a violent man.

You must know that the love of man, who is worthy of you, will feel like home.

A real man will be there for you when things get ugly, he will be the shoulder you lean on can support you when the going gets tough and he will do whatever it takes to protect you and keep you safe.

So please don't let anyone threaten you and don't call it love.

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