Phases of a relationship: 5 steps to true happiness in love

Phases of a relationship : 5 steps to true happiness in love

The phases of a relationship are the cornerstones of every happy, but also successful, relationship.

This success is very important and we must look to it we focus on.

You might be wondering what does success have to do with love? One cannot function without the other.

This isn't success in the truest sense of the word, it's relationship success.

Don't get me wrong, in romantic relationships it's always a plus to have success at work too, but now speak we about love.

Success in love is characterized by the time, patience and effort we put into a relationship.

A well-known saying says it best define: “Nothing comes from nothing!”. That's how it is with everything in life, but especially with love.

Both partners have to roll up their sleeves and make an effort so that they can also reach the desired goal, a long and loving partnership.

Like every stage of life, there is also a relationship their phases that each of us has to go through.

These are five relationship phases that you will sooner or later recognize in your own relationship.

That doesn't mean your relationship will go down the drain, it just means it has to pass a few tests.

Most couples who have been to couples therapy are on board The five phases of the relationship have already been made known.

For those of you who have not studied the work of couples therapists or have not done couples therapy, we are giving a small guided tour the five most important relationship phases.

Every person who sets out to find a partner hopes to find the right partner.

The true love that makes the feeling of infatuation blossom again.

And that's a good thing. Each path must also have a specific goal, in which case it is true love.

But you should always keep something in mind: true love is not just falling in love and the enchanting feeling of butterflies in the stomach.

True love is a complex project that requires a lot of willpower and self-sacrifice.

We don’t want to rip your rose-colored glasses off your eyes, it just matters that you know ;t that the infatuation phase won't last forever.

That you will sometimes have power struggles with your partner.

That your sex life won't always be as perfect as it was at the beginning of the relationship. That you have to live with your partner's quirks.

If this scares you, we can comfort you. It's the same for every loving couple in the world.

The best part is that despite all that has been listed, your relationship can be something wonderful.

You just have to be patient , after that you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief satisfied and happy.

5 phases of a relationship, that's what awaits you!

1. Falling in love

The infatuation phase is the first phase of any love relationship.

There is no couple who has skipped this phase. (Here we are talking about relationships that are wanted and lived without ulterior motives.)

After so many years of dating, you have finally found the right partner. The new love and the new partner awaken the long forgotten feelings.

You're floating on cloud nine. Not only you, your partner holds you tightly by the hand and together you float across the whole world.

The hormones are going crazy. Oxytocin and dopamine ride a roller coaster through your body.

Butterflies in your stomach have become part of everyday life. Ah, love is beautiful.

You, he, you two together can hardly believe your luck. No couple loves each other as intensely and sincerely as the two of you, you think.

Everything is perfect.

Nothing can stop you and your love. That's what you think, but then something changes.

The infatuation phase lasts an average of 3 to 18 months. The second phase enters your life.

2. Infatuation Fades

The second phase is the most difficult for most couples to overcome. Up until now everything was just perfect and from now on everything is changing.

Where have the butterflies gone in your stomach? Where are the rose-colored glasses? Why am I not floating anymore? You're wondering all this.

Now it's very important to keep calm and keep a cool head.

This is perfectly normal. Of course something changes in the relationship after a certain time. It's always the best in the first few weeks.

You're interested in everything about your partner, you want to spend every free minute with him. But you can't do that in the long run.

You also need to focus on work, pursue your own hobbies and also spend some time alone sometimes.

That's not a bad thing. It just means that you're already used to each other.

You know that your partner had a life ahead of you, just like you did.

That simply means you don't have to worry about when you'll see him again because he's a part of your life now.

At this point in the relationship, you become committed to the aware of your partner's quirks for the first time.

You start analyzing everything. It even starts to annoy you. (probably you too)

But that's what love is, going through the difficult times together and making the best of it.

Not only looking for the mistakes, but the mistakes of the Partners accept.

Very few couples are aware that a relationship can only be strengthened if you have ”&uum;overcoming” being in love. has.

The infatuation phase does not show us the true picture of what awaits us in the future with our partner.

It only shows us the illusory world that we have come up with ourselves.

After the In the first phase we become clear about the true picture of our partner. It begs the question, “Are you okay with that?”

3. Opposites don't attract, throw it away!

In the third phase of a relationship, you go after the problems.

You want to change your partner because his quirks and his behavior bother you a lot.

Every day you have a new reason to argue. In the morning it's that he didn't take out the garbage.

In the afternoon his socks, which are lying on the floor again. In the evening it even bothers you that he lies next to you and snores.

He blocks every attempt to change him. The quarrels are getting more and more violent.

Now he wants to change you too and you don't like that at all. You weren't the problem, he was.

And that's when you should stop, take a deep breath, sit down and talk about everything. It is important to talk openly with one another.

You must not slander anything, but present all the facts, play with open cards.

Of course you have to be careful be careful not to hurt the other person's feelings.

Words can be very dangerous. A spoken word is like the passage of time, you can never take it back.

Some quirks aren't as bad as they seem at first. Because some of them make up the partner's character.

If you eliminate the quirks, you have to take the risk that the partner's character will also change.

With it may also happen that you miss the quirks and then it's too late.

In this phase there is often a separation, because neither of them wants to give in and change.

Power struggles become part of everyday life. Everyone defends their point of view and does not want to respond to the wishes and suggestions of the other.

You can't achieve anything with power struggles. A happy relationship knows no power and no fighting against each other.

As a couple, you can only fight with each other against the whole world.

4. That's you and that's me= We

In the penultimate phase of a relationship you can judge more clearly and objectively. You now know your partner very well.

You know how he ticks and how you have to behave in certain situations so that there are no arguments.

You have him also showed your true face. He knows what bothers you and he makes an effort not to do such things anymore.

Only now do you realize that your relationship has matured. That you love each other precisely because of the differences that define you.

That your imperfect you and his imperfect you form a perfect we.

Only together can you become one . That is the power of true love.

Accepting opposites and overcoming all obstacles together.

It is also very important that you have enough freedom , some time that you only have for yourself.

For example to meet girlfriends or to have a girls night out or he goes out with his buddies.

In the meantime you get the opportunity to miss each other, after that the reunion will be much nicer ;ner and you will have new topics to talk about.

5. Home is where the heart is!

The last phase is the most beautiful phase in a relationship. After all the ups and downs you've been through together.

After all the thoughts of separation and all the “I don't want to lose you,” here you are. This is the final stage, the stage of true love.

Not every couple can make it, but those who make it to the end know it's love.

The trick is not to let go. Don't think your relationship is safe at this stage.

You still have to make an effort to keep everything going. The love of caring for a delicate flower.

Now you have built a stable, emotional and honest relationship that encompasses everything – Love, infatuation, friendship, intimacy and the “till the end of days”.

When you have reached this last phase, you can be proud of yourself, of yourself.

Everything you've been through together has only brought you closer together and shown you that nothing can separate you.

Since love is like an enchanted circle, in this last phase we meet the first phase again, the feeling of being in love comes back and the butterflies in the stomach start fluttering again.

The stages of love aren't easy, but they aren't that bad either when you've found the right partner.

Two souls always meet for a reason. You have to find out why and not give up at the first stumbling block.

True love can taste very bitter, and even hurt at times, but its fruits are always addicting.

When you feel the feeling of security, you should also cherish it. mpfen.

Infatuation is only a small part of every relationship, but the future brings new tasks that can only be mastered with understanding, togetherness and love.

The true one Love comes to us only once in a lifetime, be careful not to let it go.

Sometimes we don't even know how lucky we are. It's only when we lose it that we realize it.

Don't learn from your own mistakes, always learn from other people's mistakes.

Many have foolishly lost their love, because they were too proud, because they didn't want to give in. Love means giving and taking.

Sometimes you have to give more and in the next moment you will be the one who takes more. That's what true love is all about.


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