Pet Names For Your Boyfriend: 63 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

pet names for your boyfriend: 63 cute names to call your boyfriend

When you fall in love, you want everything for it; r do to make your loved one feel special.

This includes giving your friend special pet names that show them that, to us, they are the is the only man alive.

However, since it can be difficult to come up with pet names for your boyfriend, you can always rely on the internet and the things you can find there.

If you don't like cheesy names, you can always use more subtle ones and vice versa.

The most important thing is that your friend feels valued and loved. If you can do it – Mission accomplished!

He'll be on cloud nine and you'll have a lucky man by your side.

I know you're very curious to find out how to make him happy.

So read on and find some really cute pet names for your boyfriend to show him how much you love him.

< h2>1. My big strong man

You can call him that if he's a really big guy who works out a lot and cares about his appearance.

It'll do his ego good – he'll see that you check him out a lot and that's why you gave him that nickname.

Since he'll feel great about that nickname, he'll probably give you a cute one too. Come up with a pet name.

2. Gummy bears

That's such a cute name for your boyfriend. Calling him that shows him that he's so cuteüß is that you could eat him up.

If you call your man gummy bears, he will know that you are happy with him and that he gives you everything you need.


3. Hercules

When you call him that, you show him that he is very strong. You show him that you like his looks and adore his iron muscles.

That's why he'll be happy to show you his love by carrying you from the living room to the bedroom after you've fallen asleep on the couch. For he is your Hercules!

4. Treats

You know what to do with treats, right? You eat them! And that's exactly what you want to do with your sweet friend since he's so delicious.

By calling him a treat, you're showing him that you like his looks and the way he how he treats you, and that there's no place you'd rather be than in his handsome arms.

5. Heißer Feger

Wow, is it getting hot; here? That's probably because as soon as you see your friend, you feel the need to rip his clothes off immediately.

That's why you call him Hei&rszlig;er Sweeper, because every time, when you're around him you want to sleep with him.

I hope he lives up to his name, but that's something only you know!

6. Prince Charming

You know that every girl dreams of her prince charming all her life?

Well, if you decide to name your boyfriend that, it means that you no longer have to look for yours because you have found the love of your life.

It will also please any man to hear this pet name from his wife's mouth that he is your prince charming.

7. Schnuckiputz

When you meet the cutest guy in your life and he becomes your boyfriend, that's probably what you'll call him.

This pet name shows him that you mean a lot to him and that you care about your neck ü head over heels in love with him.

There will be times when you'll call him that over and over again, especially when you're cuddling and you're feeling deeply loved.

And do you know why? Because he's a real cutie!

8. My Hero

If your friend is always there to save you from all your problems, then this pet name suits him perfectly.

He will also be proud of himself for having saved you so many times that he used to always being with you to protect you and to be your guardian angel.

9. Cream Pie

Since you call him that, he must have made a pretty good impression on you, right?

He must have done something pretty special for you and you just can't believe what a wonderful boyfriend you have.

And you want him to know that every second, so you call him Cream Pie as often as you can.

10. Cuddly Bear

You know how much people love to cuddle with their pets?

When you call your friend Cuddly Bear, it means it that he is your favorite stuffed animal and you just love to hug and kiss him.

This is the perfect nickname for your friend as it will make them feel like the most important person in your life.

11. My stallion

If your man knows how to please you in bed, you will call him that since you see him as a sexual beast who is all yours sexual fantasies.

This pet name will make him feel good about himself. His ego will probably be very inflated, but that's what you wanted in the first place, right? You naughty one!

12. Sweetheart

If you call your friend that, it means you definitely don't want to lose them.

It's a sign that your husband is everything you dreamed of and life with him is a fairy tale.

13. Daddy

This Spanish pet name suits a hot guy, so if you call him that, he's probably pretty sexy.

You have a great time with him and love to push your body against his strong muscles. Ay mi papi, muy caliente!

14. Cuddly

This is the perfect pet name for a friend who is a little fat but cute. and cuddly.

If you call your man that, he will like it because it will make him feel comfortable in his own skin.

15. Champ

If your man has won your heart and you don't want anyone else in your life, this pet name suits him perfectly.

He will feel superior because he has the heart of such a beautiful woman and sweet woman like you and he sees you as the best thing that ever happened to him.

16. B’rchen

If you want to spend the rest of your life with your boyfriend, then this pet name is perfect.

He will feel great doing it because he has someone proud enough to call him that in public.

It is definitely a sign of great love and affection. He is your teddy bear who you love to cuddle with and nobody is happier than you.

17. Handsome

When you call your boyfriend handsome, that's exactly what you mean. You think your man is sexy and you want to sleep with him.< /p>

You love being in his presence and all the time you two spend together is very precious to you.

On the other hand, he loves it and it will boost his ego. That way you will have a happy man by your side and you will feel good about making him feel that way.

18. My love

That's a great nickname for your boyfriend. It says it all and he will feel so loved and good when he is with you.

It shows him that you really love and appreciate him and that means a lot to him.

If you call him My love his heart will melt and he will be so glad to have you in his life.

This is surely one of the best and easiest ways to make your man feel loved .

19. Godshusband

If you want to show your man that he is sexy and strong at the same time, you can call him Godshusband.

He will more than glad you think of him that way.

Most guys love being called that by their partners as it builds their ego and makes them feel wanted.

So if you want your partner to feel great then white ;t you what you have to do!

20. My soulmate

That's probably the most romantic and cutest nickname you could give your boyfriend.

If you tell him that he's your soulmate, then he'll understand that you're serious about the two of you.

He will know that you want a lasting relationship with him and that you love and care about him. And that's what every man wants, right?

21. Sweetheart

This is a great nickname for your boyfriend and it will not only show him your love on a sexual level but also on a romantic level.

Believe me, a real man will find it more important to call him that than e.g. hotter sweeper.

For the right one, Herzblatt will be everything they want to hear from their loved one.

It's sweet. and guys feel good when they hear that from their partner.

22. Smooch

If you want to compliment your partner's smooch and lips, I'll just call smooch.

It will make him feel special , for actually taking the trouble to come up with a pet name that suits him.

He will want to kiss you even more because you like his lips so much. And he'll be thrilled to have the cutest pet name ever.

23. My Romeo

This is another cute pet name for your boyfriend that will melt him.

If you call him mine If you call him Romeo, it will instantly remind him of never-ending love and he'll be glad you feel that way.

He will feel special as not all women call their partners that. This pet name is sweetüß and personal at the same time.

I'm sure your husband will love him and be comfortable if you call him that.

24. Bae

This is one of the most common cute pet names for your boyfriend. Most women take this because it's a simple way of showing that you're attached to someone.

Bae comes from English and means “before anyone else” and that's a true token of love.

It shows that you belong to someone and that you love their company.

It's mostly used at the beginning of a relationship, but some couples call it felt that way throughout their relationship.

And Bae is really cute, isn't he?

25. Mr. Handsome

If you want to emphasize the beauty of your husband, you will not use cute animal names.

In that case, you'll go with this meaningful pet name that will convince him he's hot as hell; looks.

And no man could ever resist being called handsome.

I am sure you will drive him crazy and he will do anything to so that you'll be as happy as he is when you call him Mr. Handsome.

26. Honey

This is another cute nickname for your friend that you make them feel special about.

Maybe you won't use this nickname as often as e.g. sweetie, but you will saying it to him here and there will remind him how important he is to you.

If you tell him he's a real honey, he'll get all euphoric and just think about when he can be with you again.

27. Beetle

This nickname for your boyfriend is sweet as candy. It's not a very common pet name, but it's a great way to show your husband how much you love him.

If you call him that, you knowß he that you love and care for him and that he is that one special man in your life.

Since Beetle is not a common pet name, he is special and heartbreaking; rmend.

So if you have a girlfriend who calls you that, consider yourself lucky as she really likes you.

28. Süßer

This one is for all couples who just started dating.

If you meet your boyfriend Sü ;ühe calls it, it means that you are head over heels in love with him and you are both still in the infatuation phase.

Everything seems so perfect and you are so excited ;confident that nothing can go wrong.

Your favorite thing to do is give your boyfriend various pet names to make him feel good.

Calling him cutie is spot on.

< h2>29. Loverboy

I can already see why you call your boyfriend that.

He's probably a bomb in bed and you feel so great that you want to make him feel special too.

And there's no better nickname than loverboy, right?

He gets really hot. happen and every time you say that pet name it will boost his ego.

30. Amore

It's a foreign word, but since people use it a lot, we all know its meaning.

If you call your man Amore, show him that you're deeply in love with him and you're serious about both of you.

This word symbolizes unconditional love that will last forever.

So if you want to make your man happy, just tell him he is your cupid and he will know he is the only man for you.

31. Teddy Bear

This is one of the cutest and most common pet names for your boyfriend. It shows that he is so cuteüß and is cuddly, like a teddy bear.

He will be very comfortable if you call him that, but maybe you shouldn't necessarily call him that in front of his friends.

< p>But you can always call him teddy bear in your sweet home. That way he will be the only one who hears those kind words.

32. Honey Bear

Just like the nickname before, this one shows how much you love your husband.

It shows him that you love everything about him and feel great when you're with him.

When you tell him he's your honeybee, you're sending him the sweetest message ever.


You are showing him that you love him and that you care about him.

33. Baby panda

Is there a cuter word than that? I don't think so!

If you want your husband to have the most unique pet name, try this one and see if your boyfriend finds it likeable.

I'm sure he does will be comfortable in his skin if you spoil him like this.

34. Honey

Calling your man Honey will make him feel like the sweetest man on earth.

This pet name shows him that you are very much in love with him and that there is no one else you want to be with.

He can also call you that because one sweetheart cannot live without another. You are a perfect match and you make a great couple!

35. My Fatty

This nickname is for a man who loves to eat but is not fat.

It shows him that heüß is just the way he is and you don't mind if he's a bit fatter.

This will mean a lot to him as he may be a little insecure about it. But if you accept him for who he is, nothing else matters.

36. My everything

Calling your man your everything will show him that he is everything you need to be happy.

He will be in seventh heaven to have someone like you in his life. You'll see it in the affection and love he gives you.

And after all, that's what every woman wants, isn't it?

37. Sweetie

This is one of the cutest pet names for your boyfriend. By calling him sweetie, you are showing him that he is a part of you.

If you reveal to him that you love him so much, he will certainly never do anything that jeopardizes your relationship could.

38. My ying to my yang

Telling your man that he is your ying to your yang means that he completes you as a whole.

He is your soulmate and your best friend rolled into one.

It makes you feel whole and belong. If you call him that, he will be on cloud nine in an instant and that will be the greatest thing for him.

39. My Cupcake

You'll probably use this nickname if you're deeply in love with your boyfriend.

This usually happens right at the beginning of a relationship, but it can last for quite a long time.

Your man will feel like the sweetest cupcake if you call him that and he will make that feeling real. hl love.

40. Honeybee

He's your honeybee, the only man you love to cuddle with.

This pet name suits him perfectly because he does all of that is what you've always wanted.

He makes you happy, cheers you up and is always there for you.

41. Darling

You probably use this nickname if you think your husband is the best thing on earth.

Calling him darling proves you Affection and unconditional love.

You can call him that in any situation and he will be happy every time.

42. Honey Paw

If you love him to the moon and back and he's sweetüß like honey, just tell him he's your honeypot.

This heartbreaking pet name will make him feel good and he'll be lucky to have someone like you.< /p>

And every time he hears Honeysuckle, he will come up to you and kiss you because you mean so much to him.

43. Schnuckelchen

I don't have to explain this nickname in great detail. It's very simple: if you like him, you call him Schnuckelchen.

He will feel great because you care about his feelings and that means a lot to him.

44. Panda Bear

This pet name is reserved for those who are crazy about each other.

Calling your husband Panda Bear shows that not noticing other men as he is all you need.

45. Spooky

If he's your spooky, then you gave him the perfect name.

Every man loves a little pampering from time to time and Sparrow is a great name to make him feel that way.

46. Gold Piece

If you like the way he looks then let him know that he is your gold piece.

If you show that you are feel safe with him, he will be thrilled.

47. Lucky Bear

This is another perfect pet name for newlyweds.

If you tell him that he is your lucky bear, he will feel very special.

He will think this name was made just for him and will be very proud.

48. Sweetheart

Are you excited to stand next to your sweetheart? I bet you are – and you should be too.

When you have a man who is your everything, it's also a nice gesture to make him feel special too.

49. Dream Man

Calling him Dream Man means that he is the miracle you've been waiting for.

Not only will you give him make him feel special by naming him that, you'll also be lucky to have someone you can always count on.

50. My better half

If he's your better half, there's nothing more important than that.

Any pet name will suit him well because of his feelings for you.

51. Grumpy

This is another great pet name for your friend. It shows him that he's special and you're just calling him that.

52. Schnuffel

This nickname for your boyfriend may not be that common, but some women use it.

He's cute; like all the others and has a positive connotation.

53. Sugar Daddy

Okay, not all women have sugar daddys, but those who do call them sugar daddys.

In a relationship like this, love takes a backseat to material things.


54. My grandfather

This nickname doesn't have to be just for your boyfriend. You can also use it e.g. for your son or another guy.

However, if you use it on your friend, you are showing him that you like the way he thinks and behaves.

55. Mio Amico

That reminds you of a hot Italian guy, doesn't it? And you're not that wrong.

Calling your husband Mio Amico (my friend) is a sign that you love him. find. And yes, you're glad he's just yours.

56. Puffelchen

This is a pet name for your boyfriend to make him feel loved.

Since he's not that common, he'll be glad you took the trouble to come up with something unique for him.

57. Augenstern

If your man has beautiful eyes, you can always compliment him by calling him Augenstern.

He will be happy be as the eyes are the mirror of your soul. If you like his eyes, you'll like his insides too.

58. Beloved

It's kind of like G&rsault;ttergate or Loverboy and a great way to compliment your man.

It will boost his ego and make him feel desirable.< /p>

59. Muscleman

If you love your man's strong muscles, then you can tell him he's your muscleman.

He will love it and you will have your biggest fan.

60. Pupsi

By giving him this pet name, you're showing him that he's not just any person in your life.

It shows him that you care about him and that you like him a lot. After all, you don't call everyone a pup without it coming across in a negative way.

61. Baby

This is a personal nickname intended only for your friend.

If he is small but can handle it, he will enjoy it when you call him my little one.

It's cute. and very personal.

62. Hoppelbäschen

This is one of the cutest pet names around here.

If you have a friend who calls you Hoppelbäschen, you can you consider yourself lucky as she is creative and always knows how to make you happy.

63. Kuschelwuschel

If you like to hug your man and feel comfortable in his arms, you can call him Kuschelwuschel.

It's a pet name, den only the two of you will know and most importantly, your man will love him.

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