Our relationship ended because of you

Our relationship broke because of you to break

I'm telling the truth when I say that I want to let you know from the bottom of my heart what a huge impact you have had on my life.

You changed my life for the better now that I'm no longer the main part of your web of lies.

Our relationship ended because you couldn't change anything.

You just couldn't be a man and face your own demons – the ones you so willingly lost the fight against.

You just had no one to care for but yourself.

You decided to end our relationship when you kept putting your friends and your own desires ahead of mine.

Although at all times I dropped everything just to make you smile.

I put you first on my priority list while you were last on my list. I was really there at your snap!

If I had known what rubbing your magic lamp did, I would have let the Djinn out of the bottle.

I would never have continued this endless battle with a manipulative idiot.


But now that we're not together anymore, I have time. I have time to breathe Time to think.

I had time to realize that it was never me who had all the insecurities. It was actually you.

So, congratulations. Congratulations on losing the best thing that ever came into your life.

Congratulations on making me think it was my own insecurities that caused the Relationship failed.

I also want to congratulate you for being the BEST manipulator ever.

Throughout the relationship you really do take full responsibility for yours Behavior avoided.

And you avoided them by always blaming me to cover up the real problem in the relationship – you.

Well, congratulations!

I hope I haunt you when you lay in bed at night and look in the rear-view mirror like you have haunted me for so long .

I hope you see what a gift I have been to your life.

I hope you realize that while you were with me I made you the best version of yourself.

I hope you understand that no other woman will get involved with your crap like me.

I hope you're looking for those simple but loving love letters I left for you when you're away.

I hope you are looking for this care package I packed for you because you always forgot something you needed.

I really got you through your darkest times and this is the shittiest part of our story.

I hope you realize that loving a person doesn't mean destroying every part of them.

I want you to know how hard I try have to deserve your love.

But it was never enough. I could never make you love me like I love you.

I remember how empty I felt trying to help you fight your inner battles .

I remember trying to show you what love is.

I remember being the only girl who ever came that close to changing you and your bad habits.

I remember it, once being the girl you thought changed everything.

But the thing is, it doesn't matter how many lessons I've learned from our inner conflict, because you still haven't grasped the concept of loving anyone but yourself.

All this time during our relationship, I loved you more and more every day, despite your flaws, but you never loved me. You only loved yourself.

Just remember: Nothing is unrequited.

Maybe that's why you jump from relationship to relationship and each one ends the same?< /p>

By leaving every woman you played your games with insecure and heartbroken.

But sweety, don't worry about me because < strong>I now understand how much I am worth and I knowß spot a narcissist the next time I see them.

I will never hold onto anyone the way I did you again. So go have fun with someone else.

Just remember that everything has its revenge eventually.

And if there is karma, then I will watch it spread like you did in our relationship.

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