Ouch! I'm in love with my best friend!

Ouch! Me I'm in love with my best friend!

One often watches romantic comedies in which best friends fall madly in love with each other. It looks so cliche that you'd think it would never happen in everyday life.

Who would want to fall in love with their best friend? The best friend is something like the big brother or the best friend in the male body.

My best friend could never become a boyfriend you think.

That used to be, best friends are just friends for life. In this day and age, it's becoming increasingly common for best friends to fall in love and either be happily ever after or be heartbroken.

Many can relate to those feelings cant handle. Suddenly feelings of friendship turn into feelings of love, you look at your best friend in love and only then do you realize that love has developed from friendship.

But can such a combination work at all? Can this turn into a happy relationship, or will it all end in heartbreak?

You're asking yourself a thousand questions in a minute. The whole thing confuses you because you don't know how to deal with your feelings. Emotional chaos was a foreign word for you and now you are in the middle of it.

How should it continue? Will you stay in the friend zone forever or will you get your happy ending?

Now we have to take one step at a time, we must not rush into anything because it is very important that you are clear with your feelings.

Maybe you have you're just imagining it and it's a childish crush because you've been alone for a while?

Or you've had a fight with your boyfriend and out of desperation you think you're in your best friend in love?

Am I in love with my best friend?

Once again you are completely desperate. Nothing makes sense and you just want to hide somewhere.

Your parents are always bitching, you can't take the stress at home anymore and lock yourself in your room.

< p>You don't want to see anyone. You even switch off your cell phone because everything is bothering you at the moment. But suddenly someone rings the doorbell.

Your best friend is standing in front of your door with a large pack of chips because he has noticed that something is wrong.

You look at him confused and he smiles at you. What is? Can I come in or should I eat the chips by myself?

You automatically have to laugh too, because once again he manages to save a shitty day. Of course you let him in.

Even though you were silent for the first hour, it didn't feel awkward.

And then, as always, he started asking the questions at. What happened? Do you want to tell me now?

It's not the first time he's stood at your door like this and every time you secretly hope he'll come to you.

You feel in simply safe and secure in its vicinity. When he is there, you feel like you can overcome any difficulty in life.

Only with him can you speak openly, cry and laugh. You know he will always be there for you no matter what.

As he sits on the sofa, your eyes wander over his face. His hair messy as ever, his eyes sparkle like crystals, and then his lips. You got caught on his lips.

He's talking to himself and your eyes are still glued to his full lips. How would kissing him feel?

And that's when you caught yourself, you're in love with your best friend.

It's that easy to realize you're in love with your best friend. But not all people are so lucky and not all are struck like lightning.

Some of us are in despair for months or even years because we cannot identify our feelings.


If you're wondering if this is true love or just a crush, then you've come to the right place.

How do you present the first signs? that you are in love with your best friend!

In love with the best friend! 7 Signs That Confirm It

1. He is always your first choice

When life gets tough, when you are sad or just overjoyed, he is always your first choice, he is the first person you want to share your feelings with.

You don't know why yourself, but over time you've noticed that you can talk to him about anything without reservations, that he always gives you good advice and that he always has an open ear for you .

Sometimes he needs your help. It doesn't matter whether you had other plans at the moment or not, you drop everything else and you are there for him.

You can rely on each other in every situation in life. It has always been like this and hopefully it will stay like this.

2. You can't stay mad at him for long

As in any friendship or partnership, there will also be arguments and disagreements between you.

Some days it doesn't end so well, you get loud and say things you don't mean.

< p>Everyone goes their own way and is just pissed off. But the very next day you need to get in touch with him.

You can't even go a day without talking to him or seeing him. No argument has managed to get you mad at him for more than a day.

Sometimes you want to show character and don't reach out to him and the very next day he's standing in front of your door and when you see his grin you forget everything that happened the day before.

You just can't resist him and he just manages to wrap his finger around you over and over again wrap.

When you see his smile, you forget everything that was and enjoy the moment with him.

3. He understands you best

No matter what others say, it can never compare with the words of your best friend, he simply understands you best.

< p>You often came to him when you had to make an important decision.

You make all important decisions together and in most cases you always listen to his advice, his opinion is very important to you and you would never do anything that he wouldn't find good.

Even when you make mistakes, he is the first to comfort you and to seek a solution with you. You never feel like he's judging you and that's what makes your relationship so special.

You know you're the best for him.

4. You compare all men to him

When you meet a new man who you date for days, you always have something to complain about. Sometimes he's too clumsy, sometimes he's too pushy, sometimes he doesn't have a sense of humor, nothing suits you.

Then you can't wait to get home so you can hang out with your best friend you can talk to the date losers.

You laugh about your date with your best buddy and often you make things up just to make you laugh even more.

Am At the end of every conversation you say with a joy in your voice, why aren't all men like you?

If you were my date, I would wrap you around my finger in an instant and we would be the perfect couple.

Nobody understands me like you do and I don't get along with any man as well . If I haven't found a man by 40, then we'll just get married, are you in?

He always reacts coolly to such references and you talk for hours.

5. You find him attractive

Slowly you realize that his closeness doesn't leave you cold. You analyze his body more and more often, what he's wearing, whether his upper arms have become a little more muscular and what kind of perfume he's wearing.

If he spontaneously hugs you, you feel a slight tingling in the stomach region, even when you get a compliment from him, you feel the butterflies fluttering around happily in your stomach.

Every time you see him from a distance, for ;your heart starts beating faster and your knees go weak.

Is this what falling in love feels like? What happened to me, you ask yourself?

Every night before you go to bed you imagine what it would be like if he kissed you when he passionately grabbed you and it would come to the first kiss. Just thinking about it makes you hot.

6. You are jealous of others

Jealousy is one of the first signs that you are in love. Being in love can weigh heavily on us and we see every other person as a potential threat to our true love.

You're starting to realize that you can't take it when he talks about other women talks.

Until now you were perfectly fine with him showing you other people's WhatsApp messages when he went out on dates, but now it's driving you insane.

If he talks about other girls or shows interest, you can always find a reason why this particular woman is not right for him. You ascribe to everyone quirks they don't have at all, but you know it's off-putting to them.

Put simply, you manipulate every potential relationship that comes their way is due.

7. You are thinking about Friendship Plus

Slowly you realize that you are desperate and just want to have him close to you, if possible just for you alone.

But you're not a couple, each of you has your own life and you're still just best friends.

You start to think about offering him a Friendship Plus, because right now you are both single.

That way you think that he will fall in love with you too and that you will be happily ever after.

In love with best friend – What should I do?

Now you get it, you're in love with your best friend. For the first time in your life something like this happens to you and now you don't know what the next best step would be.

How do you behave in such a situation? Can you just confess your feelings or do you have to keep them to yourself forever? Will you still be friends when the secret is out?

We'll give you some helpful tips on how to behave in such an unfamiliar situation.

1. Bring up the topic

If you want to know what your best friend thinks about it, you should raise the topic.

You know you can talk to him about anything, why should your relationship be an exception now portray?

You can be frank and say you're in love without much pretense.

You just have to choose the right moment. It would be best if you are alone so that you can talk about everything without being disturbed.

2. Write him a message

If you are not so brave and such a conversation would only give you a stomach ache, then you can also opt for the variant decide a message. Get everything off your chest.

Tell him how you feel, how you've thought it through and come to the conclusion that you're made for each other.

That way you also give him some space to deal with the whole situation himself and to come to terms with his feelings.

You can give him until tomorrow to think it over and when he does If you don't want to write, you can meet up for a coffee.

3. You can keep it to yourself

To be honest I would advise against this step as it would drive you crazy over time make.

You would just slip into the friend zone and you would have to listen to his girlfriend stories again and again, which would eat you up inside.

Anyone who decides to take this step has regrets it later.

Because that way you aren't best friends anymore because you lie to him all the time and quite often your best friend can hurt you without him realizing it .

What can happen after a confession?

That's the most important question everyone asks, what happens when I confess my love to my best friend? There are two things that can happen.

1. The worst scenario would be if your best friend didn't have the same feelings for you and rejected you. Maybe you would feel bad afterwards and your friendship would go down the drain.

Rarely do people handle love failures well and after such a rejection your friendship will never be the same.

He will always wonder if you love him and you will always asking you if he feels sorry for you.

2. You can confess your love to him, make a romantic love confession and he will be overjoyed. That would be ideal, because then you would both find happiness in love.

He's just glad you took the first step, because he's been secretly in love with you for years and didn't dare to say anything. He didn't want to jeopardize your friendship.

Falling in love with your best friend can be chaotic because you can't trust your own feelings. Are they just playing tricks on you, or am I really in love?

When it comes to love, it's always worth fighting for.

You have to put everything on one card and hope for the best, if you win you've found your love, if you lose you know you have to look elsewhere.

There are no defeats, only life experiences . After every life experience you will be a little smarter and more confident.

So gather all your courage and speak from your heart.

A relationship with the best friend can only have a happy ending, because such relationships are the purest and most honest, that's why it's worth fighting for.

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