Open relationship: can something like this even go well?

Open relationship: Can something like that even work out?

An open relationship is not the same as an open relationship. This makes you ponder, but it has to be like this.

Even open relationships are different. What do I mean by that?

There are different types of open relationships and in this text we will look at exactly what a relationship model is, how to have an open relationship without stress, why people choose an open partnership, what monogamy and polyamory is and much more.

I already said at the beginning that an open relationship does not automatically resemble another.

The relationship partners play a major role in this. The best thing you can do is set clear rules about what you can and can't do.

If you decide to have an open relationship, you have specific reasons for doing so. right.

Perhaps you are in a new phase of life and want to try something new, or you no longer believe in the relationship concept of monogamy.

Your motives are your private affair and you don't have to justify yourself to anyone, except maybe with your partner. You just have to be aware of the possible consequences.

Before we look at the different types of open relationships, here are some tips on how to have an open relationship without too much stress. hear

Tips on how to keep an open relationship stress-free

1. Set clear rules

Not all rules are the same and every couple should decide that for themselves.

When you talk about rules, you think something boring, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Rules can also be exciting and help both people feel comfortable.

Both should agree with the rules and you should think carefully about what bothers you and what is an absolute no-go for you.

This can be anything, such as, from not making it public or having other sex partners, to the more difficult cases of not being allowed to fall in love.

2. Talking about emotional development

This is often the biggest problem in open relationships – it often happens that someone falls in love.

That's why you should do a so-called emotion update.

If you feel that you are slowly falling in love, you have to tell your partner, the same applies to him.


You have to play with open cards and not hide anything from each other.

You don't want someone to end up getting hurt, whether it's you or him.

3. Make fixed appointments

This sounds boring at first, but it can save you a lot of stress and nerves.

What do I mean by that? Well, if you know exactly when you meet your sex partner, you can make better use of your free time.

If you don't have any fixed rules, it can easily lead to frustration.

You will be waiting for a call or a WhatsApp message more often, checking your cell phone again and again, wondering when he will finally answer.

So you can save yourself the stress and enjoy the sweet things in life.

But that doesn't mean that there can't be spontaneous meetings. 🙂

4. Permitted meeting places

Regulating meeting places is the be-all and end-all in such relationships. In this way you can avoid unpleasant meetings with your acquaintances. If your open relationship is all about sex, then you should seek a neutral zone.

If you've known each other for a long time, it can also be your or his apartment.

Nevertheless, this can lead to you being much more involved in the person's everyday life and falling in love can develop .

5. Which topics of conversation are taboo?

Everyone has to decide that for themselves. Unless one seeks a deeper connection, one should avoid talking about family or personal life in general.

You also have to decide if you want to talk about other men and women or if that's a no-go for you.

But you also have to be aware that if you are jealous of other men or women that it is no longer just a physical relationship.

Then you have to ask yourself the question, am I maybe in love after all?< /p>

6. Contraception

This is a very important point! You shouldn't joke around with contraception.

You should clearly define right from the start which method of contraception would be ideal for you.

It wouldn't hurt if you both used contraception.

< p>In this way you can avoid unwanted pregnancy and protect yourself from diseases, especially if you have several partners.

With these tips, it should be easier for you to have an open relationship , after all it is not easy to get involved in such a relationship.

If you follow these rules, this relationship can be a lot of fun. mean.

However, there are several types of open relationships and different reasons why two people decide to have an open relationship, which I would like to present to you here.

< p>You can then decide for yourself which type of relationship suits you best.

Dual relationship (monogamous open relationships)

This is the most common type of open relationship when two people have found each other who want something casual to start with, but still don't want to share anything.

How can that work, open relationship without sharing ? Very easily! This type of relationship is becoming more and more popular.

The rules are set right at the beginning and you only start the open relationship when everyone agrees with the rules. The most important rule is fidelity.

It's kind of paradoxical now, but that's how it can go. This is not a love relationship, the focus is on the sexual experience and in this respect you don't want to share anything with others.

So we can also call this a monogamous open partnership.

< p>

You meet when you have time, it's just for physical pleasure.

You want to get your needs met and you're the best at it achieve in an open relationship.

Now you're thinking, I can also have that in a permanent relationship.

Not entirely true, because a permanent relationship involves many other tasks, such as emotions and conversations Spending time, sharing everything and in an open relationship you can skip the whole thing and go straight to the box.

Friendship Plus

In modern times, Friendship Plus is becoming more and more popular. You can't put that into any previous category, because it's not about affairs, cheating, or fling, it's just a friendship that brings some momentum into everyday life, a friendship with certain advantages.< /p>

It works like this: you have a good friend, you could never imagine yourself in a relationship with him and it's mutual.

You can still say he's good looking and also has something attractive about it.

You've also noticed him staring at your butt a few times.

Time flies, neither of you are in a relationship, there is a lack of sex.


The last time you were at a party together, for funß the topic of Friendship Plus was raised and no one refused.

That's how you became sexual partners. In such an open relationship nobody expects fidelity, you can also meet other people or have sexual contacts.

Then when you have found your permanent partner, you are just friends again without the plus and end this relationship without a headache.


You were your whole Being in a committed relationship and now you're fed up with it, you want to try something new.

You read something about a swingers club in your area, but that seems like a big deal; he step to be.

How can you live out your fantasies without ending up in a solid partnership again? The perfect solution is an open relationship.

You may not be used to it the first time, but over time you will get used to the concept of a relationship and you might even like it.< /p>

Maybe you'll say goodbye to monogamous relationships forever, who knows? :p

Relationship crisis

If you have been in a romantic relationship with the same person for a long time, dissatisfaction can arise.

You feel neglected, unattractive and your partner only gets on your nerves. You can't sleep at night, you are looking for a solution.

Couples counseling is the best thing to do in such a situation.

Most experts advise trying something new try out what will bring new momentum to the relationship.

At that moment, many couples opt for a swingers club or the well-known open relationships.

But always remember, something like this can also lead to the end of a relationship.

Your mü You must be completely sure of the matter, establish clear rules and define exactly what is possible and what is a no-go.

The physical experience must not be confused with emotions.

If both don't want the same thing

This is the worst kind of open relationship. These are emotions that one person has and the other doesn't reciprocate.

This can lead to emotional chaos.

Once you've found a man that you really like it and you can imagine a permanent partnership with him, but he doesn't want a permanent relationship, you will very quickly get involved in an open relationship.

You assume that he will agree with you of time will fall in love with you.

But you forget that you can get emotionally hurt. You want to convince him at all costs that you are the right one for him, but you will never make it like this.

The only thing you crave is togetherness, but you won't get from him, at least not in the form you would like it to be.

He only wants one sexual partner and that's not going to change. You can't force love and you shouldn't try.


Open relationships can also be counted as affairs.< /p>

There are also situations when married or engaged people want to try something new, then they throw themselves into affairs.

In this way, the affair also becomes a kind of open relationship, because our sexual partner know that we can’t make it public since we’re taken after all.

You always have to be on your guard in adventures like this.  You certainly don't want to jeopardize your marriage or long-term relationship.

Always remember what's at stake, and is it really worth losing it all to a one-night stand or friendship plus?


The term polyamory describes the need for several partners.

Polyamory can develop over the course of life and should not unsettle you at all.

In most cases, two types of people chose polyamory.

Those who have had bad experiences in life, have been betrayed, even though they have been monogamous their whole lives.

The second type are people who suffer from attachment anxiety.  They are afraid of a committed relationship for a variety of reasons.

But of course it can also happen that one switches from polyamory to monogamy once one has found the right person for life .

Lack of time

It doesn't always have to mean that open relationships are all about sex.

A lack of time can also be to blame for an open relationship.

These days there is a fall It is difficult for most people to reconcile everything: job, social life, sport, family and of course the romantic relationship.

Although you don’t have that much time for the beautiful things of life, you don't want to be alone forever.

In such situations, busy people flee into open relationships. It makes life sweeter, but doesn't require as much sacrifice.

When you have some free time and you want to eat something tasty, you need company and then you can reach out to your partner the open relationship.

You have a similar lifestyle, so there are never arguments.

You make fun of each other's free time and you can loosen up sexually at the same time.

Open relationship with the ex

If you ask me , I would count that among the no-gos.

Is it wise to start something like this with your ex? This can easily lead to emotional chaos and you can feel even worse afterwards. But many think it can't hurt.

You already know each other well, you know each other's preferences and best of all, there are no rules like in the previous steady relationship. That sounds too good to be true.

This can only work if you're both comfortable with your feelings, and that rarely happens.

In 95% of the cases one of the two wants to try again and then you meet with rejection.  It can be hurtful in a way.

When you get involved in something like this, always play with your cards open and say what you hope to get out of the whole thing.


Many of us have experienced it when our circle of friends or even our family thinks that someone is not so good for us.

Everyone advises us against starting a relationship with that person , but our heart says otherwise.

You only want him, can't stop thinking about him. Now you're hesitating, should I or shouldn't I?

If I choose him, how will those around me react? Will everyone turn away from me?

This drives you to despair. But one night when you couldn't fall asleep an idea came to your mind, an open relationship.

That way you don't lose the person completely and your friends and family don't need to know about it.

But you also need to be aware of the fact that if your feelings get more intense and you find yourself having to lie to your friends again and again, doing this can only make matters worse.

You should stand by your feelings. Open relationships are and will always be interesting for young and old.

What's so exciting about it that it can get anyone? Excitement is the word.

When you're in an open relationship, everything is new and you need to explore.

In a committed relationship, it often happens that you get too used to your partner and you think that you don’t need to try anymore.

You know that he’s a committed part of your life and that you no longer have to seduce him.

In an open relationship you can't fall into the routine of everyday life because everything is up in the air.

You don't even know what's going to happen tomorrow. Will he report? Will we see each other again? How long will it all take?

And that's exactly what most couples lack in a monogamous relationship.

That's why many couples therapists also advise that you should try it with role-playing games, that spices up your love life again.

Open relationships can only be something wonderful if both want the same thing.  Emotions have no place in such types of relationships.

Turn on your head and turn off your heart, enjoy every moment and reduce stress. This is the ideal opportunity to act only according to your senses.

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