Open eyes! Here are the 12 most common signs of infidelity in a woman

Be careful! Here are the 12 most common signs of a woman being unfaithful

Why is she smiling? I think to myself as I watch her sitting in the corner of the couch staring at the screen. Maybe she came across a funny Instagram post.

And if so, she wouldn’t share it with me anyway. I still remember when we laughed together for hours.

It's funny, isn't it? How things change out of nowhere. The worst part is that I can feel the change and not even know what it could be.

She gets up and tells me, “I'm going to the cinema with Annette.” Strange. Yesterday she had coffee with Annette. They had never been so close, I think to myself. ”Are you seeing Annette again?” I ask her. “Yes, why do you ask? “,”Just like that” … I answer.

I watch her out of the corner of my eye while she makes up. She is beautiful. She really dressed up. But what worries me is that she's excited. But excited in a different way than usual.

After all, I've known her for so long and I can feel changes in her behavior, but now I don't want to admit it to myself.

I hate to admit that I'm afraid she's not excited about meeting Annette or about the new movie.

I hate to admit that she didn't smile because of the Instagram post. I don't want to admit to myself that there's a chance Annette actually has a man she's dating behind my back.

Me don't want to admit that my wife is unfaithful. Maybe I'm just imagining it. Maybe I'm too paranoid.

I'm consumed by doubts and I don't want to play detective, be jealous and follow her and me don't even want to ask her openly.

To be honest, I'm scared of the answer.

”See you, don’t wait for me!”, she says to me as she opens the door closes behind and leaves… maybe in someone else's arms …

How can I even know if she's cheating on me? What are the signs of female infidelity and how should I respond? What should I do? I remain trapped in my thoughts, searching for an answer…

A typical stereotype is that the male gender is the one most likely to be unfaithful and cheat.

But the fact is that women cheat just as much as men, often for the same reasons, lack of love and attention in a relationship, desire for something new and exciting, and seeking validation through physical contact with others.

Whatever the reasons for infidelity, being cheated on is like a big slap in the face.

For someone who has a part of themselves in the relationship and has done everything to keep it alive, the world turns gray and dark because the cheater betrayed everything that took a long time to build.

However, if you suspect that your girlfriend or wife is dating another man and is cheating on you, these are the most common signs of woman infidelity that you can spot by her behavior.

12 typical signs of a woman being unfaithful

Table of contentsShow 1 1. She hardly talks to you 2 2. She's suddenly become a workaholic 3 3. She's spending a lot more time online 4 4. She has new friends 5 5. She's changed her styling 6 6. Yours Love life has changed 7 7. She's obsessing over privacy 8 8. She's distanced herself from your mutual friends 9 9. She's in a good mood for inexplicable reasons 10 10. She gives you a lot more freedom than ever before 11 11. She is not jealous 12 12. She has been unfaithful in previous relationships 13 I have noticed the signs of wife's being unfaithful: what should I do now? 14 Find out the reason for her infidelity 15 Consider if she's worth a second chance 16 It's your choice…

1. She hardly talks to you

Your conversations used to last for hours and you always had enough exciting topics to talk about. You often stayed up late at night delving into interesting topics.

Back then, your relationship felt stronger than ever.

You knew everything about what was going on in her life: from the annoying co-worker to what she was up to that day.

But now that has changed.

It looks like you don't know her anymore. Long conversations have turned into superficial small talk and you have no idea how she actually goes about her day because she answers such questions tight-lipped and short.

The reason why? r lies in the fact that through conversations there is a chance that she will be revealed to be unfaithful and she wants to avoid that at all costs.

Another warning sign is that she avoids any physical intimacy like cuddling, hugging, kissing and touching with you. If this behavior persists for an extended period of time, alarm bells should be ringing.

2. She suddenly became a workaholic

Overtime, business meetings and company parties? Has there been a little too much of this lately? There's always an excuse for cheating, right?

One of the most common is definitely: ”Honey, I have to work overtime today.” and so every second or third day? Well, there's something going on.

Especially if the person hasn't been a workhorse before.

That same set of excuses includes hobbies that you've developed a particular passion for almost overnight and can't get through the day without going to the gym, yoga session, running, or class?

To clarify, not every partner who cares about career and self-improvement is unfaithful, but the difference is whether this behavior has always been there or the partner suddenly changed has.

Open your eyes and think about it.

3. She spends a lot more time online

Whenever she is around you, does she have her smartphone or laptop in her hands? Even when she leaves the room, she always carries her phone with her.

That is indeed a reason to be suspicious.

An affair does not necessarily have to be physical in nature, but can also be emotional. With the virtual world and social networks that you have, it's much easier to commit a serious breach of trust these days.

You already know how it goes, a friend request, a message today, a message tomorrow and it ends up becoming something you never thought would happen.

If yours If your wife/girlfriend always has her smartphone with her, seems to be texting all day and you can catch a smile or an inexplicable sparkle in her eyes, this is one of the most common signs of wife infidelity.

4. She has new friends

You actually know her best friend and her close circle of friends with whom she mostly hangs out? You also have a lot of friends in common, but suddenly some new names pop up that you've never heard of?

A work colleague? A friend from the gym? An acquaintance of her sister's who she is now also close friends with?

Well, making new friends doesn't necessarily mean it's infidelity, but try paying a little more attention to what names they mention and whether those names are repeated at all.

If she keeps making up new names, she may forget which name she mentioned and this is your chance to catch her lying.

5. She changed her styling

Lately, is your wife/girlfriend really dressing up like she wants to get someone's attention and interest?

New clothes, a sea of ​​perfume whose trail spreads through the room as she leaves, high heels and makeup every day are reason enough to doubt.

There's nothing wrong about when a woman makes up and grooms herself, but the question is, for whom? For herself, for her own partner or maybe for another man?

Also, it can be a red flag when you accidentally notice that she has new lingerie, that you've never seen.

Of course, you won't go through her closet, but if you live together, such things are easy to spot.

6. Your love life has changed

On the one hand, it can happen that love life suffers.

People distance themselves from each other for reasons such as tä Despite the same monotony and routine, they no longer have time for each other and this has a negative effect on their love life.

This generally indicates that the relationship is in crisis, but it also indicates that a partner may be unfaithful.

A sure sign of wife infidelity is when your wife has no desire for sexual intercourse and avoids any form of intimacy.

On the other hand, if she suddenly has more lust and desire to try new things in bed, it may mean that she has tried her lover, so she also wants to try new ways of being intimate with you be.

7. She insists on privacy

There are no secrets or concealments in a real relationship, are there? Whenever something like this happens, it's a sign that something suspicious is in the air.

Did your wife make phone calls in front of you?

< p>She checked her WhatsApp messages and emails while you were sitting next to her?

She had no problem leaving her smartphone with you when she left the room?

You knew all her passwords for social media and other stuff?

And now that's changed?

Whenever she gets a call, does she leave the room like someone just told her there's a bomb in that room?

She never takes her eyes off her smartphone, even when she goes to the toilet?

All passwords on all platforms changed?

That's a pretty big red flag that she's hiding something from you. You just have to find out what … or who. ?

8. She has distanced herself from your mutual friends

If she has distanced herself from your mutual friends or even your family, it may indicate that there is something going on behind your back is.

If your wife/girlfriend has cheated, she may have a guilty conscience that doesn't allow her to function normally in relationships with people close to you.

By betraying you, your relationship and your trust , she has not only betrayed that, but also everyone who loves her and who is dear to her.

Infidelity jeopardizes the whole relationship and the life that you have built together.

If she has cheated on you, she is aware of it and deliberately avoids family gatherings and socializing with mutual friends because she feels they know about her infidelity.

9. She's in a good mood for some inexplicable reason

You know how we are when we're in love. The mere thought of our partner makes our faces shine.

We are inexplicably happy and everything is wonderful and great for us. We sing, we laugh all the time, everything is funny and we enjoy it because we are really really happy.

Unfortunately that can be the case in this case too.

I'm sorry to say this, but if your partner has been in a very good mood lately for no real reason, you should ask yourself why.

To give her a leap of faith, k&ouml ;she might just be in a really good mood for no reason, but if it has been like that for a while, maybe another man is to blame.

10. She gives you a lot more freedom than ever

You stay up late with your buddies at a bar or spend a Saturday night with them instead of her .

Things like this used to drive your wife crazy and make her jump in the triangle right away, but now she doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

She gives you presents even more freedom than ever before. This can have two reasons for an unfaithful woman:

First of all, the less time you spend at home, the more time she has for her affair. Another indicator is that she even encourages you to take up a hobby again or go to a soccer game with friends.

And secondly, the more freedom you have, the more naturally she has it. rlich too and you won't ask her where and with whom she was traveling or what she was doing.

11. She is not jealous

In every relationship there's at least a little bit of jealousy. That little pang in the heart when a beautiful blonde smiles at our partner.

It's a sign that we care about our partner and that's why we're afraid of losing them.< /p>

However, when there is indifference in a relationship, then there is no jealousy. Why should we be jealous if we don't care?

You can flirt with other women for an hour, your partner doesn't react at all? You can say that a woman is very attractive and beautiful, your partner doesn't give a damn.

I'm not saying that jealousy is healthy and necessary to prove to someone that you love them.

But I would argue that when she is no longer in a relationship at all, it is a sign that the feelings have faded, gone, or that the partner has another love on their side has.

12. She has been unfaithful in previous relationships

It doesn't have to be always true, but they say once unfaithful, always unfaithful.

We are all humans, we all make mistakes and regret them, we do things we shouldn't and then we look for different ways to make things right.

It's just our nature and we can’

This is why everyone deserves a second chance and a fresh start.

We shouldn't judge by history, but if most of these signs are consistent with your wife/girlfriend's behavior, consider whether she has been unfaithful before.

If you happen to know; t that she was an unfaithful wife/girlfriend in previous relationships, unfortunately history may repeat itself.

I noticed the signs of the wife being unfaithful: what should I do now do?

If you have detected several of these signs of infidelity, then unfortunately I have to tell you that she has unfortunately cheated.

Now you are probably wondering what your next step will be should forgive cheating or say goodbye?

Confront her about it
First of all, I think it's best to ask her outright straight away if she has someone else. Such things, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable they may be, must be discussed immediately.

This saves you brooding and sleepless nights, accompanied by questions as to whether your wife wants you cheating.

You should put an end to this and the only solution is to confront her about it.

There is a chance that your wife did it herself admits, but why wait and agonize over various theories when you can find out the truth right away?

I know it's hard. Difficult to start a conversation on such a topic, especially because the betrayer is afraid of the answer, of the truth and of the result.

Either you misunderstood it all and you k&ouml ;can keep living happily together or your biggest fear will come true.

Find out the reason for their infidelity

Second, if she admits it, trying to figure out why she cheated.

In most cases, unfaithful women cite the fact that they felt neglected and unloved by their husbands as the reason for the infidelity.

A monkey; dating another man makes them feel desirable again and they claim it's only then that they felt like women again.

I know that you are angry and upset and probably don't even want to talk to her anymore, but whether your relationship will have a future depends on why she is having an affair with another man.

Maybe it was just a one-time slip, maybe she didn't feel loved enough, maybe you didn't give her enough attention.

Just so you know, I'm not vindicating them and I don't want you to take the blame for their cheating, but I want you to know that there are always two sides to every story has.

A lot of times we don't want to hear this page at all, but sometimes we have to to know what to do next.

Think see if she's worth a second chance

Third, this will help you determine if she's worth giving her a second chance.

< p>Because chaos is probably reigning in your head after this bitter realization, you can't think straight and make the right decision right now.

You may not be ready to talk to her right away. So give yourself a few days. Go to a relative, family or friend to collect your thoughts and understand how you are really feeling.

It all depends on how long the monkeys are. re whether she is in love with her affair and whether she really regrets it.

If she doesn't show any signs of remorse for her affair, I think you should be all set. She doesn't deserve a second chance.

However, if she shows that she really regrets it and is willing to do whatever it takes to regain your trust and work on the relationship, you can think about it, her give a second chance.

It's your decision…

First of all, the most important thing is that you put yourself first and don't stay with her just for children, for financial reasons or for a sense of security.

If you still love your wife and If you're really willing to give her a second chance, prepare yourself for a rocky road to rebuilding trust.

Only if you're both persistent and willing to work on the relationship has she a future.

In such cases, a temporary or physical separation is recommended so that the partners can think about the whole situation and understand what they actually want.

Consulted on Definitely a couples counselor or marriage counselor. Expert help is desirable in such cases.

If you don’t notice a change in their behavior or wish things to go back to the way they were before, say goodbye and don’t look around.


It takes two people to keep a relationship alive. One person cannot always pull the strings and steer the relationship in the right direction on their own. It doesn't work that way.

The choice is yours.

You deserve a woman who will do her best to show you that she loves you and your trust and love appreciates. Never settle for less. Everyone deserves to love right and be loved right. And you too.

Good luck!

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