Once she's really done with your shit, there are no second chances

Once she's really done with your shit, there are no second chances

If she loves… then with everything she has. She can't help it. She loves deeply, strongly and selflessly.

She is not like all the other women you have met.

Her heart is a temple that can endure a lot can… but if you break it there is no turning back.

This woman is a unique breed of girl, one who is able to take a shitstorm and the other end to come out again.

One who can take a lot of lovesickness and pain and still not let her spirit break.

But there's one other thing you need to know about her…

Her big heart, kind soul and forgiving nature don't make her a fool.

Her ability to see through your shit and recreate it to give you some time doesn't mean she doesn't see what you're doing.

White ;t you, she sees everything. She knows when she's being taken advantage of and when she is, believe me when I tell you it won't take long.

If she lets you get away with some crappy behavior, it's just to test you and see how long you think you can actually pull it off.

She has limits. And when she's really done with you, there are no second chances.

No matter how much their heart hurts, no matter how much their body aches for you and no matter how much they forgive you will… when it's done, it's done forever.

One of the worst things you can do is take that woman for granted.

There aren't many women left with a capacity for love that deep.

Finding someone as pure and genuine as her is like winning the lottery… only better.

Money is running out… her love never.

This woman is not a casual summer affair to have fun with; and then forget that she exists when the summer is over.

This woman is not someone whose commitment and passion you can take for granted, or someone you can leave , when things start to get serious.

You must treat her with dignity and devotion.

You must show her the same amount of love and respect that she does brings to you.

You have to appreciate her open-minded spirit and willingness to turn the other cheek.

Because if this woman decides to leave, it's because you've blown all your chances.< /p>

It means you've seriously messed up and there's no one to blame but yourself.

It means she will never let a man hold her back.

She's taken as much shit as she could, the damage has already been done and there's no turning back!

She's strong enough to love, no matter how much hurts inside.

And she has enough self-respect to walk away from a man who couldn't give her what she deserves.

Don't take this the wrong way… it will hurt her. It will fall apart…

Someone will have to pick up the shattered pieces of her broken heart… but it won't be you!

She will repair the damage you have caused her all by herself.

With tears streaming down her cheeks and her stomach aching from the incessant crying&hellip ; but she will.

She will never come back. She will never answer the phone and call you crying.

She will want it… but she won't. She knows she's better than that.

Her mornings will be hard and her nights will be lonely… but every day she will return to her full strength and one day she will be able to think of you without that queasy feeling in her stomach.

Your name will be in her head show up and she'll just smile and think ”boy…. I just barely got away”, and she'll get on with what she did without ever thinking about your cowardly ass again.

You see, she's coming out of this thing come out… and she will be stronger, tenacious and smarter than before.

And you? You will remain the same piece of shit you always were.

The only difference is that she will know that she will never do that again while you will be stuck in your crappy ways for a long, long time.

And you will eventually realize one thing… She won.

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