Now you miss her but it's your fault she left

Now you miss her, but it's your fault she left

She could have stayed forever. she wanted it.

She wanted to love you for the rest of her life. But do you know what you did?

You let her go. You let her out of your life and now you're sorry.

You broke her big damn heart.

You just put it on her torn in the chest and torn to pieces.

And she doesn't regret that you did, because she knows that if you want to love someone wholeheartedly, you have to be prepared.

If you want to love someone with all your heart, you have to Open up and break down your protective walls.

You have to be vulnerable, and you have to trust the one you love.

She did all of that , and it backfired. She believed in love, but love was her undoing.

That's how horrible she felt when you let her go, that second when she stood by the front door with tears in her eyes and looked at you and hoped that you would do something to not to lose her.

You haven't done anything. You were too much of a coward to do anything to keep her from leaving.

Now you miss her.

And you have absolutely no right to. You could have made something of eternity with what you had. You had this pure and beautiful love.

You had it right in front of your eyes, but you didn't appreciate it. And that's why you don't deserve her.

So, don't miss her, because you don't deserve to miss her.

Only now, when you don't have her anymore, you realize how happy you were when she was in your life.

Now you see what your life is like without her and now you start to realize how much joy and happiness she brought you every day with her smile.

Another man would Anything to be her friend.

Another man would give anything just to have her and you just pushed her away.

No, you you have no right to miss her.

Now that she's gone, you've realized that she brought out the best in you while you were together. You were a better person thanks to her.

And admit it, you loved it. You were happy and content and you didn't know why.

But now that you've lost her, you've realized that she was the reason why was and that you made the biggest mistake of your life.

She was loving and faithful. She took care of you and you always came first for her because she loved you.

She knew you were kind of upset, so letß they go through so much.

She forgave you so many times that you didn't even know she was angry.

She kept everything to herself because she wanted to give you a chance to find yourself.< /p>

She wanted to help you become a good and loving person.

You didn't appreciate it. You didn't appreciate everything she did for you and you lost it.

Do you see how terrible your life is without her?

< em>See what you could have had if you'd only opened your eyes, if only you hadn't taken them for granted?

< p>You saw how serious this was getting and got cold feet.

You became afraid of life, afraid of obligations.

You didn't want to grow up and you stayed the same. Now you're sorry, and now you want it all back.

guess what? You don't deserve it!

You should have thought about that while she was locked in her room, choking on tears and wondering why.

You should have been thinking of her when her heart was calling your name in vain.

You should never have hurt her like that. You should never have been the cause of her pain.

She has erased you from her life and she will never come back to you. You had your chance and you blew it.

Now you regret it and are sorry you let it go.

But one thing you should know – that won't bring her back. Nothing will bring her back.

She was hurt, she healed and she moved on.

You will be stuck forever in the moment of realization that letting her go was the biggest mistake of your life.

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