Non-binding phase: A man falls in love a little differently!

Non-binding phase: On Man falls in love a little differently!

It all started like a dream. You weren't even aware of it, but you were hit by Cupid's arrow. You couldn't believe it.

He. Of all the men, he's the one who shows interest in you.

The first time you saw him, your knees went weak. Handsome, black hair, brown eyes with a beautiful smile and enviable intelligence.

He has suddenly become everything you think about and dream about.

You can't wait to see him again, hear his voice, snuggle into his arms and spend eternity there. And he … He's just crazy about you.

He showers you with attention all the time, compliments, calls you every day just to hear your voice, asks you how after your day, open the door for you and carry your heavy things.

He tells you how special you are and how lucky he is to have met you. He's just Mr. Perfect.

You're wondering how this is possible. And just when you thought he could be your potential partner and you would finally have a committed relationship and true love: bang!

The pink cloud you were floating on dissipates: You notice that he pulls away.

The calls became less frequent, the attention is absent. What the hell is going on?

Just as the door to the new phase of the relationship seemed to swing wide open, he slammed it in your face.

Has he lost interest? Maybe he never liked me? Maybe there is another one?

Countless thoughts are circling around in your head and there is no answer. Men.

If only we had some usage instructions so we finally knew how to treat them and what to expect from them.

But don't worry, that's why we're here for the shadow of truth.

Men and women go through the dating stages of falling in love differently and for the most part we can't understand them and they can't understand us.

If love wasn't so complicated, it would be boring, right?

When men fall in love, there is a so-called non-commitment phase, in which the initial euphoria and passion somehow subside and the feelings float in the air.

This is the phase in which they step away and you will learn more about that below.

Read on and find out how men fall in love, what actually is the commitment phase for a man, why men’ retreat and what to do when you notice it.

Non-commitment phase: a man falls in love differently?

First and foremost, you should know that his withdrawal in the dating phase does not necessarily have to be attributed to you .

You will surely be plagued by thoughts like: Maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I was too needy and pushy. Etc. It doesn't have to be.

A man can withdraw for a variety of reasons. In order to understand this, it is crucial that you understand the stages of infatuation that a man goes through:

1. Attraction phase (infatuation phase)

The first phase of getting to know each other is mainly about appearance and physical attraction.

It's not possible it's about superficiality, it's just about men reacting to looks first.

This phase is characterized by lust for life, passion, longing and the desire to spend time with this person.

In the attraction phase, people in love usually only want to spend time in intimate togetherness, exchange tenderness and until late ;t talk late at night about the little things and the origin of the universe.

At this point, a woman can already judge whether she can have a serious relationship with this man or not and whether it is worth investing her time and feelings in her, while a man still cannot.< /p>

At this stage, he wants to attract the woman who has piqued his interest, so he does whatever it takes to be successful.

This includes tokens of appreciation, gifts, romantic gestures, compliments, tenderness, etc. By fighting for the heart of a woman he likes, a man affirms his masculinity, boosts his self-confidence, which brings us to the second phase:

2. Withdrawal Phase (Non-Commitment Phase)

There are cases where a man will do anything to attract a woman, enjoys games while the woman shows no interest in him and makes herself scarce.

That's what interests him: hunting. And when he notices that the woman reciprocates his feelings, he loses interest and withdraws.

However, this is a trait of immature men and I'm sure you had the opportunity to experience this in your teens.

However, the withdrawal phase or the non-commitment phase in a man is crucial to whether does the relationship evolve or not.

At this point, the man is unsure of his feelings. He knows not sure if he's ready to move on to something more serious, so he withdraws.

Reasons for a man to withdraw can also include the following:

Personal problems: In some situations, problems from other areas of life just dominate so much that it is difficult to focus on your love life. If your crush is going through a crisis, chances are he doesn't want to burden you with it right away because you're just starting out.

He has feelings for you his ex:There may be times when a man isn't done with his ex and doesn't want to get involved in something serious until he deals with it himself. In any case, he finds it easier to withdraw than to communicate openly.

He has developed strong feelings:Men withdraw when they develop feelings. As strange as it sounds, it's true. Sometimes they are so afraid of their feelings that they are not sure what to do. They are afraid of being hurt and are clever at hiding their feelings while deep down they are overwhelmed by them.

The commitment phase in a man is a turning point, however, whether the relationship is going in the direction of something long-term or it all ends there.

Women most often interpret this phase of non-commitment in a man as meaning that he has lost interest in her and gives up immediately, but this does not have to be be the case.

Read more about it here:Is he interested?

3. Commitment phase

And the third phase is the love phase, in which the man is ready to make a long-term commitment and fall in love with all his heart.

This is where the desire to bond and the desire for a permanent relationship arises and a man can already imagine a future together with this woman. Infatuation turns into love.

Butterflies in the stomach are still there, but this time combined with even more intense feelings of love.

At this point in time, a happy relationship is certainly ahead and it depends on the partner how long it will last .

Non-binding phase for a man: what can I do in this phase?

Okay, I know you feel powerless right now. You worry that he has lost interest in you and that he will leave you … and you don't want this to end between you because it's just so beautiful.

Worse, you just don't know what to do. And then there's this stupid fear that you'll make things worse if you say something about it, but it feels so awful not knowing what he's feeling or thinking.

How can a reconnect happen? Is it even possible?

Whether you're still in the dating phase or already in a relationship, it's not a good feeling and you want an answer.

Fortunately, there are a few things you are doing to understand his behavior and make him a man in love again:

1. Don't panic

First things first: don't panic. I already mentioned that his withdrawal doesn't have to have anything to do with you.

Maybe he needs to clear some things up with himself first. Of course, there's always a chance that he's really lost interest, but we won't let that get in the way.

We'll go with the option that's best for you ;re and that means that the commitment phase for a man is a completely normal process, so you should accept it as such.

None of us fall in love with the same speed and strength. Someone can determine if they are the right person for them after spending a few days with the crush and unfortunately someone cannot.

It all depends on person to person. However, the non-commitment phase is a normal process as it marks the transition from something short-lived to something long-term.

It marks the beginning of a new phase in the relationship and the development of stronger feelings with which some people just can't handle.

So accept that his retreat phase is a normal process. Don't panic.

Keep your cool and pretend for a while that you haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary in his behavior.

2. Patience and lots of patience

If you immediately bombard him with questions like: What about you? Why are you so cold? Are you alright? etc. you will feel him withdrawing only more.

In most cases, criticism and accusations do not bring anything good, so they are not the best solution in this case either.

During the getting-to-know-you phase, it is certainly most important to be patient this is only the initial phase of building trust and relationship and arguments should not be started right away.

Most importantly, don't put pressure on him about whether your relationship with the n’m ;next stage or not, whether you define your relationship status and the like.

Even if this is a man you've been in a relationship with for a while, you'd better avoid fighting.

I know you want to counter immediately, but patience is the key right now key. Of course, you're not going to let him fool you while you're sitting at home doing nothing because a relationship coach told you to be patient.

Everything has its limits, but first show him that his withdrawal doesn't affect you so much and that you understand his behavior.

3. Make him want to be close to you again

The previous leads us to the next tip: make him comfortable in your company.

Show him why you are the woman he should be with. Be full of love, attention and just be by his side.

Especially if his withdrawal has something to do with his personal problems. Maybe he really needs protection and a shoulder to cry on and that can be you.

He needs to see you as someone he can trust and depend on. 

You can try to cook his favorite meal, just hug or kiss him in passing, compliment him, book a romantic weekend for two to renew the magic (only if you are already in a relationship, never in the dating phase).

This is how he develops a longing for you and believe me, when he feels it, he will can't hide it. 

4. Open Communication

If all the nice gestures you make for him and your support during this time are not enough to turn him back into the guy in love, he was at the beginning, then it's time for an open discussion.

Just tell him that you feel like he's been kind of withdrawn lately and that you're wondering why.

You might hear a response that you don't want to hear it, but it's important that you know the truth.

If he tells you: You were just imagining it. Everything is fine etc. take his word for it, but be careful.

Unfortunately, if you don't notice a change in his behavior after a while, that's already a warning sign that he's lost interest in you or just doesn't want anything serious with you.

5 . Think of yourself too!

Remember that you should think of yourself first. No one is worth your sleepless nights debating whether or not they want something serious with you.

You have to decide if you want to fight over someone that you always have to handle with kid gloves.

Is it worth asking yourself: Am I putting too muchpressure on him? Is it stressful for him to be in a relationship with me? Am I good enough for him? etc.

You must never neglect your life. Stay independent and devote yourself to work, hobbies, friends and activities you enjoy. make.

Another positive side is that this might get his attention and he will realize that he doesn't want to lose you after all.

Anyway, make your own priority. If he is the right one, you will go from this non-commitment phase to the commitment phase very easily and you will be able to have a happy relationship.

Conclusion: Men withdraw for a variety of reasons and it doesn't always have to be a lack of interest.

The commitment phase in a man is often viewed as a myth or just an excuse for dating ;r seen in a man when he doesn't want to be in a relationship with a woman.

That may be true, but this phase of falling in love in men is real and it's all about how long it lasts and how to deal with it.

In any case, the most important thing is to think of yourself and not waste your time with someone who doesn't give you any indication that they are serious about you .

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