No more excuses! If he cared about you, he would show it

No more excuses! If he cared about you, he'd show it

Have you ever hoped that someone would eventually change, even though you knew deep down that something like this would probably never happen?

Have you ever ignored your intuition that kept telling you that someone isn't worth your time and energy and held on to someone who has been proven worthless more than once?

You are Have you ever stayed with someone knowing that you should go for your own good?

Have you ever convinced yourself that someone really loves you despite being proven wrong over and over again?< /p>

If yes, then this is for you. For every woman who keeps making excuses for a man who treats her like dirt just so she can keep loving him.

For every woman who pretends to be blind, for the woman who ignores all the signs right in front of her nose, and for the woman who doesn't take off her rose-colored glasses and the Doesn't want to face the truth.

For the woman who still justifies the man who doesn't deserve her love, hoping that one day he will change.

For every woman who keeps telling herself she's going to save that man who's just emotionally unavailable.

Who keeps telling herself she has his heart for love &ouml ;and will make him change his behavior.

No, I'm not here to give you the comfort you need and to you tell you to keep fighting.

I'm not here to get your hopes up or to tell you that one day you will get anything you want from this man.

I'm trying to reason with you and open your eyes so you can finally see the ugly truth.

I'm trying to remind you what you're worth and I'm trying to force you to fuck your shitß to get a handle on.

Honey, I hate to tell you this, but when a guy acts like he doesn’t give a damn about you, you should start telling him also believe.

Remember that a man's commitment reflects his love for you.

Anything else is bullshit.

I know you probably expect me to tell you, that he only you loves in his unusual way.

That he's only like this because he's been hurt in the past or because he needs some time to open up to you and you to trust.

That he knows deep down that you are the love of his life, but somehow he can't find a proper way to show it to you.

But none of it is true.

< p>Because if a man doesn't treat you as his first choice, if he takes you for granted, if he abuses you in any way, if he cheats on you physically or emotionally, if he doesn't make an effort If he doesn't want to make your relationship official, if he wants you to chase after him and if he doesn't give you the love you need, then he just doesn't care about you.

No, you're not asking too much, you're not too picky or demanding, he just doesn't love you, never has and never will.

So much so Although it hurts to admit this to yourself, you just have to accept the fact that this man is not the right one for you.

You need to stop waiting for him to change his behavior and start appreciating everything you do for him because he never will.

< p>You need to stop wasting years of your life waiting for him to become a better person and start treating you like he should have from day one.

To make him realize that you are special and how much you love him.

You have to let go of all eventualities. Forget his potential and let go of the man he could become.

Be realistic for a change.

For once, stop being yourself to pretend and see who this man really is– a manipulative asshole who will use your good heart and take advantage of you.

If you do this, when you finally see his true colors, please be strong enough to leave that pathetic ass behind.

< p>Don't do this to teach him a lesson or to show him what he's lost. Do it for yourself. Do it because you don’t need a relationship like that and because you’re much better off without it.

Do it because you deserve better and because you knows he could never give you what you need.

Do it because you love yourself more than him. Do it because breaking up with him will be the best decision of your life.

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