Never push away a girl who does these 7 things for you

Never kick a girl who does these 7 things for you

Learn from your mistakes. Let your past show you the way to a better future and don't gamble away the best thing that has ever happened to you because of your childish fears!

It's really difficult nowadays to find someone to share your life with chemistry really is right – so more than just sex and lust.

It's rare to find a person who genuinely cares about you for no other reason than genuinely loving you.

If you have a girl who has your back, give yourself her time and gives you all sorts of things you want, then don't let her go.

If you have a girl who is there within 5 minutes when you have a crisis, she isn't checking her schedule to make sure she has time for you, you're luckier than most!

Appreciate the unassuming and selfless love she gives you, for she too was hurt.

But she let&sz; that doesn't diminish their relationship with you. She tries very hard and you should at least give her twice as much.

If your girl does these 7 things for you, then you are more important to her than you think!

Do not let her go. Treasure her while she is yours because girls like that are hard to find and even harder to keep!

And this girl really wants to be with you.

< h2>1. She remembers every little detail you told her about yourself

A year ago you mentioned how your parents had such a small, beautiful ;visited a place in the south of France and would give anything to go there one day.

Imagine, not only did she remember that, she also got you tickets for the trip!

See? She’s listening to you and remembering everything in her pretty head.

And as soon as she has the opportunity, she will find a way to hug you in a pleasant way. Surprise.

It won't always be a fancy vacation, but it will be something important that shows their bond with you.


2. She will give you the advice you need to hear, no matter how harsh it may sound

Your friends will belittle it and your parents will always see the best in the situation you are in.

Yet your girlfriend will tell you exactly what you need to hear about you pull it together.

She knows the only way to learn from your mistakes is to grow and move on with a clear conscience.

And in time you'll see that it was the best thing anyone has ever done for you.

3. She genuinely cares about everyone in your life .

If your parents are having a hard time, she will be your rock and a shoulder to lean on when you're feeling down.

And if your sister gets a promotion or your brother gets engaged, she will be delighted for you!

She will be there with all her heart as if it were her own family. And if that doesn't make them very special, then whiteß me neither!

4. She cheers you up when you're feeling down and doesn't let you feel sorry for yourself

She knows you have hopes and dreams . She understands how hard you worked to make them come true.

And that's why she doesn’t let you give up when things get tough.

She doesn’t let you feel sorry for yourself because she knows that , if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it!

And with their support and the hard work and perseverance you put into it, giving up is NOT an option.

Not today, never and she will make sure you are aware.

5. She is simply the BEST because she shows you her love in the most random (but most needed!) moments

She just has the way she can spot every mood in you.

You may not tell her you're going through something difficult, but she will know.

She will be there for it right then make sure you handle it with love and affection.

She will text you the sweetest and pick you up from work to go to one of your favorite places.

She will cook you your favorite meal and dessert will be at the bed!

Whatever you need to get back on your feet – she will!

6. She never plays games (she's open about how things are)

Probably her greatest thing about her is the fact that you never dwell on it what she wants or how she feels.

She will always tell you how things are, no matter how good or bad they are.

When she feels like shit, she will tell you. When she's mad you'll know that!

But one thing she NEVER does is play mind games.

She doesn't waste time with such childish behavior when honesty does much more quickly makes everything better.

So with her, you never have to worry about where you are. She will always be 100 percent honest with you.

7. She will defend you in your absence

If she is angry with you, she will show it to you personally and react accordingly.

But when you're not around, she'll defend you all the time.

If she sees someone talking bad about you, she'll make them realize how wrong they are.

< p>If someone tries to betray you behind your back, she will warn you about them.

Any time someone has evil intentions for you that you are not aware of, will they will protect you fiercely and make sure no one makes the same mistake twice.

Because that's what couples do. They argue privately in their own four walls, but defend themselves in public.

And they make sure everyone is aware of it.

With this one Girls you can be sure that nobody will get in your way.

She is by your side as long as you are by her.

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