Narcissism and partnership: can it have a happy ending?

Narcissism and partnership: Can this have a happy ending?

Narcissism in a relationship is every person in love's biggest nightmare.

What's interesting about this is the fact that nobody believes that you fall in love with a narcissist can. Many of us forget that love is blind.

And narcissists themselves are very sophisticated and sophisticated, so that the Narcissistic Personality Disorder goes completely unnoticed.

Starting a relationship with a narcissist, like any other person, is just wonderful.

The butterflies in your stomach flutter around happily when you think about him, you get a cozy and warm feeling and everything about him is perfect.

And you have exactly this perfect thing about your partner not just imaginary, he really tries to come across as perfect.

His manners are gentlemanly, everything he does, he does with a lot of style.

His masculine demeanor and his good looks, which he cultivates meticulously, immediately captivated you.

When he is in a room, all eyes are on him.

He is the center of events and of all things the center chose you, wanted to seduce you. Who would say no?

But slowly you realize that something is wrong with his behavior. You slowly begin to question his actions and behavior.

Is it really possible that I fell in love with a narcissistic person?


How do I know if I'm in a relationship with a narcissistic partner?

Warning signs that you are in a narcissistic relationship are everywhere but there If you're wearing rose-tinted glasses at the beginning of the infatuation phase, you don't notice anything.

But over time, infatuation wears off and you now have a clear view of your relationship and your partner.

< p>The traits and behavioral patterns of narcissists are the same in most cases, so these traits will help you recognize that your partner is a narcissist.

1. Self-infatuation

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are, in almost all cases, extremely self-infatuated.

Everything they do, everything they say, or even just that think must be something special. They also crave approval from other people.

They love receiving compliments from those around them, but rarely return them.

If your partner is a self-absorbed narcissist, it's easy to see through. His self-infatuation will spread to social media as well.

Since he is very careful about his appearance, he will take selfies of himself throughout the day and post them on his social media Upload accounts so that other people can also admire it.

When the photo is posted, he will only count his likes and comments all day.

If he is not satisfied with the number of likes, he will compare his picture with other pictures and tell you about it Wanting to convince people that there's no point in someone having more likes than them because they look so much better.

It also often happens that after just a few deletes hours because he is dissatisfied with the number of reactions to the photo.

He thinks that one doesn’t appreciate one’s beauty enough.

Narcissists find it difficult to surround themselves with compliments from their partner in front of them, it immediately makes them feel neglected ;approves and threatens and they let their partner feel it too.

Often they put their partner down in the presence of other people just to make them feel better and im again can be the center of attention.

2. Overconfidence

Narcissistic partners have a high degree of overconfidence. They think that they know everything better and that the only way to be successful is to ask them for advice.

Narcissists also want to convince other people of their awesomeness and that's why they push often take center stage.

Every story they tell is always overly exciting and in the end they are always the saviors who turn every situation around for the better.

They themselves don't even realize that they are so extremely exaggerate, because they themselves live in their made-up fantasy.

The partners of narcissists can rarely make decisions on their own and if they dare to decide something without the advice of the narcissist, come on it becomes a fight.

The narcissistic partner automatically feels left out.

They want to be a part of every decision, no matter how mundane the decision. They just want to have their finger in the pie.

Narcissistic people love the feeling of dominance and making decisions without them makes them feel useless and it's everyone's fault but them.

If you don't ask them for advice, they can become angry and offended.

3. Selfishness

Selfishness is very common among narcissistic people.

Everything has to revolve around them, only their needs are important, they always only think of themselves and forget their partner and those around them.

A narcissistic personality disorder outside of it; derives from various forms of selfishness.

They would walk over corpses to achieve their goal. They don't pay attention to other people's feelings because they only think about themselves.

It doesn’t always have to be important things and situations, sometimes they show their selfishness through little things, like for example they always take the last piece of cake without asking other people if they want it.

When you come into a bar, you always have to sit at a table where it's not too warm or too cold for them, no matter what other people think and feel.

Everything has to conform to them.

4. Inability to self-criticize

Narcissistic people have a strong need to criticize everything and everyone, but they don't embrace self-criticism.

They would never admit that they did something wrong themselves or didn't know exactly how to do it does something.

If they get suggestions for improvement from their partner or friends, they immediately feel attacked and it ends in a fight.

They like to spread criticism, but on they don't want to change anything about themselves.

In this way they react to both small things and important things.

Narcissism and partnership are a tricky combination, because if you want to have a successful relationship, you have to work on yourself and be able to accept your partner's suggestions for improvement.

5. Envy

Envy is something every narcissist carries with them. They are jealous of everyone and everything. It can be your partner, friends, even children.

Everything that robs him of the attention of others bothers him and he automatically develops envy of the person.

These outbursts of envy are particularly noticeable when someone is more successful than the narcissist himself .

The narcissist will never want to admit this, they will always make an effort to say something negative about the person, or even spread bad odors about them.


As I said, it can also be your partner. They are afraid of nothing.

A lot of times when someone has a good idea, they lie that the idea was stolen from them, but now nobody would believe them anyway.

In this way, they play the victim role and once again, they get pity from those around them.

If all of these traits apply to your partner, then you should be confident that you are in a relationship with a narcissist.

Narcissistic relationships almost never have happy endings and now you should think about how a narcissistic relationship will affect your well-being.

Narcissism and relationships are not for everyone the right thing, you have to prepare yourself mentally, but also physically.

You have to prepare yourself for the worst.

Narcissism and partnership: This is what awaits you in a narcissistic relationship!


A narcissistic relationship is doomed to fail in most cases because narcissists cannot engage in a loving relationship.

They are too self-focused that they simply ignore their partner .

You can't be happy in a relationship like this in the long run and the partners of narcissists withdraw more and more and develop strong self-doubt.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, this will come your way:

1. Attention, attention and more attention

People suffering from narcissistic personality disorder want their partner's full attention.

At the beginning of the relationship your narcissistic partner gave you a lot of attention.

He was accommodating, read your every wish from your lips, but now everything changes.

He knows that he has you wrapped around his finger, that you have developed certain feelings for him and now he can play his games with you.

Narcissists love attention and above all a lot Attention.

A well-known psychotherapist suggests that most narcissists have low self-esteem.

This may be because they didn't get enough attention from young children got from their parents or that they were always overshadowed by their siblings.

They now want to compensate for this lack of attention that they had in childhood in adult life.

They want to make up for everything they lost.

They then want this attention from their partner. The narcissist will do anything to get what he wants.

He won't even shy away from faking an illness just to get his partner to take care of him.< /p>

Many narcissists make up various stories about how they had a bad childhood when it's not true at all.

This way they get even more attention and sympathy from their partner.

< h2>2. Manipulation

Narcissists are masters of manipulation. Their magnificent abilities of manipulation are best showcased in a committed relationship.

They play games with their partners, making them feel like they are worthless.

This is how they bind their partner to them, because narcissists' partners think that they would be lost without their narcissist.

They manipulate on a psychological level and make the partner's self-esteem more and more down.

Very often, narcissists' partners think that they can only be happy with one person.

Narcissists know exactly what they are doing. First they give some "love and attention" and then they take everything again.

The partner is lost and confused in the relationship, making them even more dependent on the narcissist.

Narcissists' partners regularly have question marks hanging over their heads because they know never what they did wrong now, but still they have the need to apologize and make everything right for their narcissistic partner.

3. Control

In a narcissistic relationship, you must prepare yourself to always be controlled.

Narcissists always need to know exactly where their partner is, who their partner is with and how long they will be gone.

They sneak into their partner's private life skillfully but don't want to reveal anything about their own private lives. They keep their private lives to themselves because they need their space.

Narcissists never allow themselves to be seen behind the facade, everything is mysterious but beautifully packaged.

The partners of narcissists cannot make decisions themselves and if they want to do something, the narcissist accompanies them.

The narcissists also take control of the partner's acquaintances.

They always speak badly about their partner's friends and acquaintances, because in this way they want to repel and isolate their partner from other people.

The narcissist convinces their partner that everyone has a negative influence on them and that they only wish the worst for them.

In this way, the partner of narcissists only feels safe when they are near them and well.

4. Insults

Narcissists don't mince their words, they say whatever is on their mind and in most cases what they think is not so nice.

< p>Even in a relationship, they don't shy away from expressing their negative thoughts freely.

Often these are just insults to the partner.

Narcissists love to insult other people because only then do they feel powerful. They will insult your family, your intelligence, your looks.

They only do all this to make you become even more withdrawn and dependent on them.

Because of the daily insults, you lose self-confidence and the narcissist can manipulate you even more easily.

However, when he realizes that he has gone too far and might lose you, he will apologize and give you some nice compliments, because he knows; exactly what you want to hear.

And once again he manages to put his spell on you.

5. Become aggressive when criticized

There will be times throughout the relationship when you will criticize the narcissist.

You'll just realize that his behavior isn't right and that he needs to change.

This is when problems can arise, because narcissists hate any kind of criticism.

< p>They live in their make-believe world and think that they are perfect and complete and now you want to destroy their image of perfection?

He may well become aggressive in such a situation, you insulted and throwing serious accusations at you.

It's not typical for narcissists to use physical violence, but if they think you're going too far, they can also become violent.

If you choose to confront the narcissist, you should think carefully about every word and sentence so that there is no escalation.

Narcissism and partnership is a complicated combination, because normal relationships in themselves can become very complicated and you have to think about a lot Make an effort so that you can have an intact relationship.

If you've encountered a narcissist in your relationship, don't ignore it.

You have to face the truth and make the best of the situation.

You you have to ask yourself the crucial question: Am I really capable of being in a relationship with a narcissist? Can I trust him to change because of me?

A well-known psychologist assumes that every human being has some kind of narcissistic personality disorder, but it doesn't always come to the surface.

There are also people with handle the narcissistic traits well and it doesn't affect their private life, they can suppress the jealous outbursts, sometimes even push their ego aside.

For these reasons you should don't despair immediately after falling in love with a narcissist.

Many couples can overcome this barrier through couples therapy, but both partners must be willing to do so.

If the narcissism is severe, it will Don't get involved with couples therapy for a narcissist because, as already mentioned, they don't handle criticism well.

You have to make the decision for yourself if you want to take on such a burden without knowing exactly , whether this will change.

Narcissistic relationships can also have negative effects on the psychological state because the narcissist plays various games.

First and foremost, you have to take care of yourself and your health.

You need to put your feelings aside, keep your head clear and make the best decision for you.

Closeß your eyes and delve inside, now ask yourself, "Is it worth it?" Only you know the right answer.

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