My mind says let him go, but my heart won't listen

My mind says let him go but my heart won't listen

You would let me go. And as soon as I would even think about doing the same, you would come back just to hurt me again.

Sometimes I really have myself in your childish hands like a toy ;and felt.

You would pick me up and play nice with me. Suddenly you would just throw me aside – like I'm worthless.

I've always been wary when it comes to love. I've always made sure I'm safe and nobody can come near me.

But when I met you, I still can't describe the feeling. It felt like nothing before.

You made my walls fall down. I fell in love so quickly. I didn't even realize what happened.

I just felt so safe in your arms like nothing could hurt me like you would stay with me. I was happy.

I was relaxed. But I shouldn't have become careless so easily. It hurts so much now.

You're not the man I thought I knew. You're just a spoiled child who thinks you deserve everything.

You would always hurt me so much and then you would come back as if nothing had happened.

All would be quiet and peaceful for a while, but then the storm and thunder would strike again. But you would never stay away too long – something drew you back to me.

Just like it drew me to you. I thought that was love. You always said you'd get better. You had a lot of problems – that were mostly inside you.

You would always tell me that you will change for me. My love would have changed you. But she didn't. She never will. You'd be worse next time.

I still loved you. The good and the bad about you. No wonder I felt this way, we were totally obsessed with each other.

We had a passion that is rarely encountered. I miss kissing you. It was something special.

We kissed like it was the only thing keeping us alive. But it wasn't enough. It was never enough.

i need everything Your heart. your body. Your soul.

Just one of them is not enough. I rationalized. I sorted everything in my head. I knew you weren't good for me.

You literally destroyed me. Inside and out.

You took me for granted. You disrespected me and made me feel worthless.

When you love someone like you said you love me, you don't do those things.

You don't come and go. You stay no matter what. I've told you that a million times.

My mind knows; that. My mind has made peace with the fact that you and I will never be together again.

But my heart ….

My broken heart will always love you still, with all its pieces. It just won't let you go.

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