My boyfriend ignores me, is it my fault?

My friend ignored me, am I to blame?

Many of us have experienced being ignored by our partner. This state lasts for a few days and then everything goes back to normal.

But what happens when your partner gives you the cold shoulder all the time, when you can never get their attention?< /p>

Is it really you all the time, or are there some hidden reasons why the love of your life is making your life miserable, no matter what you do or try?

Such a relationship behavior can spoil our good mood very quickly. You don't know what triggers his ignorance.

Until now you never had to grope in the dark because your ex-boyfriend raised every disagreement and every problem was solved immediately, but now the wind is blowing in a completely different direction.

After every meeting with yours Honey, you've been thinking all day what you did wrong this time.

When you're out with your friends, you pay attention to every sentence you want don't say something wrong so that the whole situation between you becomes even more tense.

But that's not only the case when you're together, but also when you haven't seen each other for a few days.

He's always busy, radio silence is part of the daily schedule because he rarely replies to your WhatsApp messages.

This eats you up inside because you can't live with the uncertainty and pretend everything is fine. You go hand in hand with lovesickness and you don't want to be in a relationship like that.

But what is the next step? What can you do about it or at least get an explanation from your partner, because things can't go on like this?

We sat down for you and picked out the best tips on how to deal with this situation and not to make you feel guilty.

10 reasons why he ignores you:

Every love relationship is different and in every love relationship they behave Partners differently.

Something that bothers one couple doesn't necessarily mean it will bother another couple as well. But all couples have one thing in common, when it comes to the partner's ignorance, the reasons are almost always the same.

Here we go! We bring some momentum into the booth and present you with 10 possible reasons why your sweetheart ignores you without saying anything.

A few patterns of behavior emerge in almost every relationship that indicate something is wrong. If bad things happen to you more often than good things in the relationship, you need to do something about it.

You don't want to get lost in love again like you did after breaking up with your ex-partner. Now you should tackle the problem head-on and get rid of all doubts.

1. He's under a lot of stress

It often happens that your partner is under a lot of stress, but you don't notice it. It's not you because he doesn't show it.

When he comes home from work you always ask him how his day was. In most cases he always answers the same thing, everything is going like clockwork.

But the truth is that nothing goes according to plan, his boss is putting pressure on him and he wants to deal with it on his own, despite being overwhelmed.

The new apps he's programming still don't work and his head is buzzing with information.

Since he’s always been quite independent and has easily achieved all of his goals, he keeps everything to himself because he doesn’t want you to see that he’s not in control.

Exactly that's why he ignores you, because he knows that the less he talks to you, the harder it is for you to track him down.

When he gets home he goes straight to sleep without saying much, when you call him he doesn't answer because he knows he can't engage in conversation that way.

And the next day he gets up even earlier just so he can get out of your way so you don't know he's having problems.

2. You make him feel insecure

From the beginning of your relationship he tries a lot to achieve his goals and to be successful, but somehow he never makes it.

And the worst part is that you can do everything with ease. Everything you do works right away and you're on a winning streak.

In just a few weeks you were promoted to your new job and it was a slap in the face to your partner , because he keeps tapping in the same spot.

If you come home with good news, he ignores you because he can't deal with his own setbacks. Anything you achieve is just a confirmation of what he failed to achieve.

Men are a little touchy about that because they want to be the provider of the family, that Alpha male and when he has such a successful woman by his side, it's hard for him.

All he can do is ignore you.

In his circle of friends he was always the main attraction, the funniest, most interesting and now suddenly you are there and steal the show from him.

All his friends always listen to you carefully, laugh at your jokes and they all find your stories very interesting. You are the center of attention where he has been up to now.

You've sort of taken his place and now he feels threatened and pushed into the background by you. By ignoring you, he wants to unsettle you.

He knows you too well and knows he'll make you think in such a way that you'll start wondering why he's mad at you and why he's ignoring you.

< p>It's just his tactic to make him the main attraction again.

4. He wants attention

If you feel neglected in a relationship, then your partner has to blame for it and in this case it's you.

You may not realize yourself that you don't have as much time for your partner anymore, that you have become too focused on your work and that your partner is being neglected, but that's how it is.

He realizes that he always comes second and now he wants to beat you at your own game. He uses the ignorance method to get your attention again.

You guys haven't talked for a long time and you're spending less and less time together because you're always tired coming home from work, or you only see each other when you feel like it and have the time.

And slowly he feels he's being duped and doesn't want to take part anymore. He just wants to show you that he can also play this little game.

In this way he wants to open your eyes so that you can take some time for him and your priorities again reorder.

5. He wants to break up

Before that, most women are afraid that their partner will just want to break up without him saying anything and this happens more and more often, although it is quite painful.

If you haven't argued with each other and in your If everything is going great in a relationship in general, but your partner still distances himself and ignores you, then you should prepare for the worst, he may want to break up.

Some men don’t have the courage to look the woman’ in the eye and break up, so they prefer to break off contact without saying anything, without writing a nice greeting.

< p>You're worrying about it unnecessarily, because he will carry out his plan, whatever you do or say, it's only a matter of time.

It will be painful , but at least you will keep your dignity.

6. He did something bad

If your partner withdraws and blocks your every attempt to do things together, chances are they've done something bad and don't know how to break it down to you gently.

It can be something financial, maybe he made a bad investment and lost a lot of money, maybe he even lost his job and knows; not how to tell you.

The best thing you can do is show him openly that whatever happened, he can always count on you. You can also speak to him directly and ask what's going on.

If you can tell he's getting nervous, then you've hit the mark and he's hiding something from you. Talk to him openly, because only together can you overcome the problem and move on with your life.

7. You hurt him unknowingly

It's not just women who keep quiet when they don't like something, men do the same when we hurt their feelings, consciously or unconsciously.

If you notice that your partner is suddenly ignoring you without you having a fight, you may have hurt him without your knowing it.

He doesn't want to confront you about it, because he wants you to see the mistake yourself and apologize to him. Now it's up to you.

You'll have to replay all the possible scenes in your head and analyze everything so you can put it back together.

If you can't remember anything, you should ask. Just tell him you know it's you but you can't remember. Maybe he'll unravel the mystery of why he's angry.

8. He has a guilty conscience

I hope that's not the case, but if your husband has a guilty conscience, it may be that he cheated on you and is now he can't deal with the guilt.

He knows that if he were to hang out with you and strike up a conversation, he would spill the beans. So he chose to remain silent.

He can't deal with the fact that he hurt you so much, even though you are such an amazing woman, it's eating away at him. He just hopes the guilt will subside and he'll just forget about the mistake he made.

The better you are with him and give him more attention, the worse he feels. In that case, he'll totally block and avoid you.

9. You are too dominant

Men have the hunting instinct programmed into them and he wants to be the one who conquers the woman. If you are quite dominant yourself and know exactly what you want, problems can arise.

Your partner will feel cornered and the only way out is ignorance . He wants to distance himself from you because he doesn’t feel masculine enough next to you.

If you know that you are dominant and have struggled with it in the past, you should slow down and let your partner take on the male role in the relationship.

Leave it alone seduce and enchant again and again.

10. You don't have the same goals

You're just too different. You are always a few steps ahead of him and plan everything without asking him anything. In your relationship he feels crushed by you, pushed into a corner.

You want the full program with him, a small house, a dog and of course lots of sweet children. Just thinking about it gives him goosebumps and he just wants to escape.

Of course he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but starting a family might ;re the last thing he would do. He knows I don't know how to tell you and he just gives you the cold shoulder.

He wants you to figure out on your own that you're not meant to be together and that you should go your separate ways.

If the radio silence goes on for a long time, you shouldn't beg for an answer, you should just accept it and move on with your life.

The right man may be waiting for you around the corner.

Being ignored by the one you love falls always quite difficult for us, but we shouldn't put up with everything. The most important thing is that you communicate with your partner and talk openly about everything.

If you have unresolved problems, you need to talk about them when you sweep everything under the rug, a small problem or misunderstanding can grow into something big.

Sit down with your partner and break the silence. Whatever the conversation, remember it's always better to know the truth than live with a lie.

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