Morbid Jealousy – What to do about this toxic trait

Morbid Jealousy - What You Can Do About This Toxic Trait

Let's face it, every relationship has its drama sooner or later. You can't change much there. When jealousy creeps into the relationship, it often becomes very stressful.

By doing so, they put their own relationship at great risk.

But what exactly is extreme jealousy? How can we even recognize it?

Jealousy morbid is an exaggerated form of jealousy and it is primarily a phobia that stems from our fear of loss and insecurity.

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It causes us to have serious problems with our behavior and confidence and can often be quite difficult to control.

If we don't recognize jealousy in time, we will certainly experience it in our relationship.

To understand jealous people, you should first know why jealousy occurs and how to recognize it.

The impact of jealousy on your relationship can be huge, so you could use some tips on how to combat pathological jealousy.

Save your relationship now by saving yourself from jealousy! You will definitely make it!

Why am I getting jealous?

It's perfectly natural for us to get jealous. We've all been there.

The problem is when we overdo it with jealousy and we can't control it.

Then it becomes very difficult to control our jealousy to get rid of.

Have you ever wondered why you get jealous? Have you ever noticed that you overdo it with jealousy?

We get jealous for a variety of reasons, but our fear and insecurity are the two biggest causes.

Fear of loss

We d&uuml But we mustn't let our fear get the best of us. As soon as our fear of loss influences our behavior, we do something that will greatly damage our relationship.

It's normal to have separation anxiety. You love your partner and you really don't want to lose them, but your jealousy can only keep them away from you.

It's a terrible feeling when you keep thinking about your partner cheating on you could, but you have to trust him.

Our jealousy comes from a feeling that something is wrong and that's why we want to protect our relationship.

But we don't notice that jealousy only creates new problems for us.

Your delusions of jealousy can only repel your partner further.

There's no need to keep making check-up calls to know your partner's every move. This need for control is harmful to any relationship.

If your jealousy constantly forces you to doubt your partner's fidelity, your relationship will encounter many obstacles because there is no trust between gives you.

You must believe in your partner's love to overcome your fear.


Jealousy and envy are very similar. Sometimes we get jealous because we suffer from self-doubt because of another person.

We are always responsible for our own jealousy. The reason for our low self-esteem is the insecurity in our own life.

We often forget to value many things in our life and only focus on someone being better than us.

If you suffer from insecurity, you can also damage your relationship.

Often the thought comes that your partner wants to leave and replace you because you are not good enough.

These thoughts create real psychological terror and do not allow you to feel comfortable in your relationship.

You should work on your insecurity and your partner can help you with this.

Tell him what's bothering you and he will surely find the right words to cheer you up.

The biggest mistake you can make is to hide your insecurities and jealousy, instead of sharing them with your partner.  The sooner you get over it, the better for your relationship.

How is jealousy hurting my relationship?

A little bit of jealousy shows your partner that you are afraid of losing them.

You obviously have strong feelings for him and that's why you care about him.

But what happens when there is pathological jealousy in the relationship? Is your relationship still safe then? – Under no circumstance! Extreme jealousy is not a good sign and you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Porbidly jealous people try to totally control their relationship and sooner or later you realize that it's more about control than love.

Too much jealousy brings out the selfish side of love in your relationship and your relationship changes with it.

Sick jealousy leads to more arguments and less and less trust. How can you take such a relationship?

If you both don't do anything to finally get rid of the jealous scenes, then your relationship is slowly coming to an end. Do you really want that?

You have to talk about it with your partner and find a solution. There is no other way to salvage the relationship.

If you are extremely jealous, you should work hard to overcome your jealousy. This is your first step to a happy relationship.

5 Signs of Morbid Jealousy

You know that jealousy can be very dangerous for your relationship, but can you recognize it in your relationship?

Here are a few signs that indicate strong jealousy in the relationship.

1. You've been hurt before

Your past can explain many of today's problems.

The loss of a partner is painful and creates space for the fear of loss and Insecurity.

Of course, if you've had your heart broken before, you'd better be careful now.

It takes a lot of time to take such a big step and meet someone again to love.

Your fear of loss drives you to be jealous to protect your relationship and often you don't realize that jealousy only brings harm.

You've been hurt and I have know how painful it can be, but you should trust your new partner.

Being hurt once doesn't mean it will happen again.

To have a happy To have a happy relationship you just have to trust him.

He won't hurt you, just show him how much you love him!

2. You don't trust your partner

Trust is to a relationship like air is to people. We can't have a healthy relationship without trust because it just doesn't work that way.

You feel like he's lying to you all the time. You distrust him because you think he's hiding something from you.

Your partner tells you where he's been and what he's been doing, but that's not enough for you.

You're dying to catch him in a lie because you always feel like he's not being totally honest with you.

That's why you have trouble fully committing yourself to him ;Open up and confide in him.

You should try to trust him a little more. Show him that you love and understand him and soon you will be able to shake off your doubts about him.

3. You want to spend all your time with your partner

Don't get me wrong, you should spend a lot of time together because it's very good for your relationship.

But you shouldn't overdo it because he might get the suspicion that you have a hidden motive.

You both need your freedom from time to time. If you never take your eyes off him, you'll show him that you don't trust him enough and he won't be comfortable with you.

You shouldn't accuse your partner of being unfaithful right away, because that's a clear sign of pathological jealousy, which you should get rid of.

Give him freedom and trust and he will give you love in return!

4. You're constantly checking your partner's phone

Where could there be greater evidence of his infidelity? – Anything you want to find should be on their phone.

But what's the problem here? – You show that you don't trust your partner and you always look for proof of your suspicions. You are invading his privacy.

Constantly reading his messages and checking his activities online can destroy your relationship.

This is a big sign of jealousy. Many of us do this, but you shouldn't overdo it.

Give him his privacy or he won't be able to trust you anymore.

5. You feel threatened

You always have this strange feeling that your relationship is in danger and you want to protect it.

The problem is that your jealousy is also a threat to the relationship.

Your partner is going out with his friends and you think he will flirt with others.

The thought that he might be cheating upsets you so much that you keep calling him and want to control him.

You hate it when he thinks highly of other women or men because you doubt his loyalty and his interest in you. Even his co-workers make you jealous.

In short, you see danger in your relationship everywhere and think that so many people could damage your relationship.

< p>It all comes down to trust again. Don't let your jealousy destroy your relationship and trust your partner more and you will soon find that you have no reason for fear or insecurity.

How do I fight pathological jealousy?

If your relationship is suffering from your jealousy, you should learn how to beat it once and for all.

Do this for your partner and your relationship and you will both be much happier.

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of your jealousy.

1. Realize that you are too jealous

The first step is awareness. You should be able to recognize and accept it so that you can overcome it.

It's normal to feel jealous at times, just try to overdo it less and you you will find that everything is slowly getting better.

Your jealousy can be a big problem and once you realize that you can work on this problem, you will be able to save your relationship from the unnecessary jealousy.

2. Talk to your partner

You should also hear their opinion about this. Talk about your feelings and tell each other what bothers you and makes you jealous.

Reassure each other that there is no reason for pathological jealousy. You need to feel safe together.

Put all your trust in him and expect his honesty. You love each other and that is the best proof that there should be no room for jealousy.

3. Give your partner enough space

Spend as much time with them as possible, but always remember that they also need some alone time.

He can also have fun without youß to have. He won't let you down!

Your partner deserves their privacy, so give them enough space so they don’t feel pressure.

The more space you give them, the more often they will come back to you for theirs Spending time with you.

Remember, love should not be held loosely or tightly in your hands.

4. Don't put pressure on your partner

Jealousy makes you want to control everything in the relationship and this can put a lot of pressure on your partner.

< p>You don't have to call him all the time to find out that he's still loyal to you.

You shouldn't fear for your relationship if he spends time with other people.

< p>The need for control can only keep you apart and create new problems, so be careful not to overwhelm it with control.

5. Relax and trust your partner

Jealousy is very small at first, so it's not a problem.

But after a while it gets bigger and bigger until we can hardly control it.

Sometimes we worry too much and see danger somewhere, where there is no danger. Just remember that he loves you.

Try to stop thinking about what he's doing when you're not around and focus on the power of your love.

Relax, trust him because your partner loves you and will not let you down. He's your partner and he won't hurt you.

Conclusion: What is morbid jealousy? – She can jeopardize a relationship.

Because of her, it is very difficult to trust your partner, so you should work on getting rid of this jealousy once and for all.

I hope this article will help you understand and recognize jealousy.

You can conquer any form of jealousy! Do it for your partner and yourself. Get rid of jealousy in your relationship!

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