Monogamous relationship: ideal or long outdated form of relationship?

Monogamous relationship: ideal or long outdated form of relationship?

Most of the time when we picture an ideal relationship or marriage, we picture two people who love each other and are faithful to each other for the rest of their lives.

But is that really the case?

Many people find the monogamous relationship unnatural and imposed by society, at least in the western world.

The monogamous relationship is considered the classic relationship model. Monogamy remains the only acceptable form of partnership, consistent with the law of most western cultures.

But there are also countries where polygamous marriages are legalized and normal and commonplace.

Many argue that monogamy is not natural to humankind. real and that it is an invented form of relationship, imposed as the only right one due to many different factors, from history to social norms.

But what forms of bonding still exist and is monogamy really an unnatural form of relationship for humans? If so, why do most people still get into monogamous relationships?

Is that why so many people in monogamous relationships cheat?

What are the pros and Disadvantages of monogamous relationships? How can you have a happy monogamous relationship and only be faithful to one person?

You can find the answers to all these questions here. So stay tuned and find out all about a monogamous relationship!

Definition and Types of Monogamy

Monogamous relationship refers to living with only one partner. But where does this type of relationship come from and when did it emerge?

Researchers claim that people are not monogamous by nature and that they were not monogamous in the past.

Most of the time, people connect Monogamy with Christian cultures. As monogamous relationships were promoted by the Christian church in recent centuries, this is how they found their place in the modern world.

However, the concept of the monogamous relationship is not easy to explain, since religious and moral aspects play a major role. Because of this, some researchers have tried to compare humans to the animal kingdom.

It has been scientifically proven that only 9 percent of mammals are monogamous.

Animals mostly love in a community of convenience. In the animal world, only a few species of birds live monogamously and mostly only to raise their young. So there is no love in the animal world. How sad!

Both in humans and in animals, a distinction is made between the following forms of this type of relationship:

Social monogamy: In social monogamy, the partners live together and take care of their children together.

Sexual monogamy: Refers to a relationship in which you only have sexual intercourse with one partner.

Serial Monogamy:This is very pronounced today. It means that a person has several monogamous relationships, but they only last for a certain period of time.

In colloquial language, social and sexual monogamy are considered as one.

Finally, it turns out one question: is society open to other types of partnership?

The opposite of monogamy

The opposite of monogamy is called polygamy. It denotes a form of relationship in which several people of any gender live in relationships with each other.

The term was formerly known as polygamy, which is still illegal in most western cultures.

< p>Even though most of us think of monogamous relationships as the only acceptable one in our minds, there are so many other relationship models, such as open relationships, that are now also very common.

An open relationship is a partnership between two people who are not only allowed to be intimate with each other but also with other people.

In open relationships there is still a close connection between two people. The only thing that differentiates them from a monogamous relationship is the freedom to have physical relationships with other people.

It doesn't just depend on the culture, it's also a question of personal values ​​whether one wants to live monogamously or polygamously.

There are several forms of polygamy in relationships:

Polygyny or polygamy is a form of marriage in which a man can have multiple wives. This is often part of the cultures of most African countries, as well as Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Polyandryor also called polygamy, is a rare polygamous relationship in which a woman has several men. Polyandrous societies still exist in parts of India today.

Polyamory means that people have multiple romantic relationships at the same time and that all partners know about it and agree to it.< /p>

Bigamy or double marriage means that people have two marriages at the same time.

Monogamous relationship: advantages and disadvantages

One question that comes to mind is that if many people consider monogamous relationships to be unnatural, why do most people enter into such relationships?

Let's see what the pros are together – and disadvantages of a monogamous relationship.

The advantages of the monogamous relationship

1. Security

The monogamous relationship or monogamous marriage gives us a certain measure; of security.

That feeling of having a partner you can trust and rely on is something many people long for in a relationship.

Living with a person and with them the good and that Sharing bad ones strengthens the relationship and love between two people.

2. The Desire for Faithfulness

Can you imagine sharing your lover with someone? Well, I think I'd have a hard time.

It's human nature to be jealous and not want to share your loved one with others.

Statistically, more than 70 percent of people aged 22 to 35 want it fidelity in a relationship. However, this contradicts the notion that a monogamous relationship is unnatural.

3. Physical Health

Long-term partnerships and monogamous relationships have been shown to be a positive factor in the well-being of many people.

This makes sense because a monogamous relationship is usually more stable than an open relationship and that's why you become much calmer, physically more stable and therefore happier at the same time.

The disadvantages of the monogamous relationship

1. Sexual Pleasure

Opponents of monogamous relationships claim that cheating is human nature and that we are not made for monogamy.

Many believe that we cannot find one person attractive for the rest of our lives and that cheating will happen sooner or later. At least in thoughts and fantasies.

2. Relationship work

Every relationship requires effort and patience, but many claim that an exclusive relationship involves many exhausting aspects.

Jealousy, distrust and the constant suppression of lust for other people are just some of the problems that occur in a monogamous relationship that many people find stressful.

3. No room for self-realization

Throughout our lives we evolve so quickly and our needs and desires keep changing.

< p>If you spend your whole life in a monogamous relationship with only one person, you can't always act out such changes that you experience, because there is a certain restriction of freedom.


Whatever type of relationship you prefer, it's a matter of individual attitude. Everyone is free to choose for themselves what works best for them.

Since many people, despite criticism, still prefer monogamous relationships, below are the best Tips for a happy monogamous relationship.

10 Tips for a monogamous relationship

1. Give free space

If you feel restricted in a relationship, you quickly become dissatisfied and unhappy.

Most people then look for a way out of the toxic relationship by cheating or getting into an affair ;you fall.

That's why it's very important to give your partner space and get the same from him.

One should be free to make time for work, hobbies, friends and family and the other should respect that.

A relationship doesn't mean that two people always have to do things together. You can also go out with your girlfriends from time to time or even travel.

If you don't see each other for a while, you realize how much you miss each other and this can only strengthen the relationship and mutual respect. mark.

2. Honesty

Honesty is the most important part of any relationship. Even if you live in a polygamous relationship, honesty towards the other parties involved is expected.

You have to be able to talk to your partner about everything. Put all cards face up on the table. Talk about what you expect from each other and how your relationship should look like.

You should agree on some rules for your relationship, like when does cheating start for you. Is it just flirting with a co-worker or is it a hug or a kiss.

The rulemaking goes against what I said above in a way, but that way you'll know how far you can go with other people.

I'm not saying you have to control each other ;sst, but that way you will just know what is tolerable in your relationship.

3. Build trust

Since a monogamous relationship requires fidelity, it is logical that as such it also requires trust between the partners.

Trust starts with honesty. Anyone who speaks openly and honestly about everything avoids various misunderstandings that can occur in a relationship.

If you have enough trust in your partner, then there is in the relationship no jealousy, distrust or insecurity.

It is also important that you keep your promise once you have promised something. Because the more often you do this, the more trustworthy and reliable you will appear and your partner will realize that he is important to you.

4. Enjoying time together

Enjoying time together ensures that you get to know each other better, build trust and get closer to each other.

You can find a hobby together, go to the gym together, travel together, etc.

Spending time together creates great memories that will keep your relationship going when things get rough sometimes.

Even though sometimes it's just a new cafe, it can still be a great experience be because you share it with your favorite person.

5. Accepting each other

When you fall in love with someone and decide to be with that person, you have to accept them for who they are. Don't try to change your partner or expect too much from them.

Of course you can tell him what's bothering you and what you expect from him, but always in a nice, calm way to see together what compromise you can make.

Be aware that the moment your partner realizes that you want to change or re-educate them, you could lose their respect and maybe even them too.

You mustn't let him change you either. Love is accepting and loving each other with all our rough edges.

6. Communication

Communication solves many problems in a relationship or rather there are not many problems in a relationship where there is good communication.

You should immediately discuss anything that is bothering you and even if you have to argue, it is important that you do not let things go unresolved.

You shouldn’t avoid problems and relationship stress, but solve them sensibly.

I think I don’t have to emphasize that communication is the key to trust and thus the key to a happy relationship. relationship.

Don't be afraid of arguments and disagreements. You are perfectly normal. Even if you fight, it is important that you are honest with each other.

7. Be reliable

Show your partner that he can always count on you and that you are a support in his life.

If he is feeling overwhelmed by something, be for him there, talk to him and help him solve the problem. If he's not in a good mood at the moment, try to make him laugh.

If he's upset about something, try to settle it peacefully or let him calm down and talk then with him.

If he tells you something in confidence, keep it to yourself. If he has too many commitments, help him out by taking on some of them.

There are many examples that will show your partner that they can count on you. And don't forget that of course all of this only applies if he does the same for you.

8. Validation and attention

We want validation and attention. It is good for everyone to hear nice words about themselves and to be appreciated by their partner.

These are the little things that mean a lot in a relationship. You feel better in your own skin when you have someone in your life who loves you just the way you are.

One form of affirmation is compliments, for example. So you can say a few nice words to your sweetheart, he will definitely feel at home there.

It is important that your partner feels comfortable around you. Applying caresses, kisses and hugs to everyday life can do wonders for a relationship.

9. A satisfying love life

The main reason for infidelity and cheating is an unsatisfying love life. Talk about intimacy, your wants and needs.

At the beginning of the relationship you are open and like to try new things in bed. But when you're in a long-term relationship, you relax and the intimate relationship quickly becomes monotonous.

That's why it's important to talk openly and honestly with each other in this relationship area. It might be a bit awkward at times, but you should be relaxed enough in the relationship to share everything.

Talk about your needs and desires and be open and honest honest about intimate things. It's important to spice things up a bit in bed.

Experiment and discover new things together that you will both enjoy. Only then will you have a fulfilling love life.

10. Working on the relationship

As for the monogamous relationship, the most important thing is that two people really want it and are willing to work on it.

None Relationship is perfect and each one requires a lot of work, effort, attention and love.

If only one side makes an effort, then this relationship will go nowhere. It is important that you love each other and that you both know that you can count on and trust each other.

Then it will be easy to overcome any obstacles and difficulties that may come your way in the away and that's the only way you can have a happy, successful monogamous relationship.

Conclusion: Many say love knows no bounds. Is that really her? Is there really love in an open relationship? Is there love in plural marriages?

I'll leave that to you to think about.

Whatever one decides, everyone has the right to be Living life the way you want and what makes you happy.

No one should judge anyone and no one is more moral for being monogamous or more immoral for being in a polygamous or open relationship is located.

After all, we all have the same thing in common – the feeling of having someone by our side through thick and thin.

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