Meet me again when you're the old man

Meet me again , when you're the old man

There's nothing worse and funnier than watching the person you knew best slowly become someone of the past.

Nothing is worse than looking at someone you've connected with on so many levels and not recognizing them.

Nothing is worse than looking at someone to love but to have to let him go.

And that's how I feel for you and for us right now.

I know; I honestly don't know what happened to us.

We were soul mates, we understood each other with just one look, you were there for me and I was always there for you.

I didn't even have to think about what I meant to you, I knew I was your world and I knew you were mine.

You respected me a lot more. I was your priority and no matter what happened, you were always on my side.

You didn't allow anyone to speak badly of me behind my back.

< p>You trusted me a lot more, loved me a lot more and valued me a lot more than you do now.

We were partners. We shared everything and there wasn't a single problem we couldn't solve together.

I lay awake at night thanking God for sending you to me. You were every woman's dream.

And I hoped that we would stay the way we were for the rest of our lives.

Only you could do that to me Make me feel like the only woman in the world and honestly no one else has ever made me feel like that, not now and never.

But bit by bit our fairy tale faded. We became more like those miserable couples who have already spent their lives together and are now fed up.

And that's exactly what happened. We got fed up with each other. We started taking each other for granted.

You stopped trying to impress me.

You stopped caring if it I felt good or bad.

You'd rather spend time with someone else, while on the other hand I'd give anything to have you by my side, as happy and committed as ever.

< p>You don't laugh at my jokes anymore. Nothing I do is good enough for you.

What used to amuse you about me no longer arouses emotion in you. No matter what I do, I can't bring back the old you.

You do all the chores with me, but you avoid being together and hate being around each other.

I wonder where the burning lust we had for each other went?

Got it’ don't get me wrong, i still love you. When you're near me, I just want to run my hand through your hair.

I want you to pull me into your arms and give me a hug. I still long for your lips on mine. I would still give my life for you.

The only future I can imagine is with you. And I want to be by your side no matter how miserable I feel.

But I think we both deserve more than that.

Look, I still love you, but I don't like you more. I don't like this person you've become.

I don't like this man who doesn't see me. I don't like this man who takes me for granted.

Who puts everyone else before me. I don't like this man who makes me feel like I'm no longer loved or wanted.

We're both doing badly in this relationship and that's why I have to let you go .

I have to let you go for the sake of our past. For all the beautiful moments, for our love.

I don't want to stay until every single beautiful moment we had is replaced by these ugly ones.

I don't want to forget what we had. But you can't expect me to let you live in the glory of the old days.

I know what love you are capable of and that's why I won't stick with what you give me now.< /p>

Waiting won't do us any good. Someone has to be brave enough to say goodbye and pull us out of this toxic whirlpool we've fallen into. So that's just me.

If you find yourself again, I'm here.

This isn't a goodbye, so please don't look like that. It's just a little goodbye.

Find your way back to me when you're a better version of yourself and I'll wait for you to come back when I'm a better version of myself.

When you start, taking your partner for granted and there's nothing you haven't already tried, then there's one last thing.

Show him what your life is like without each other. And that's what I'm doing now.

I'm going away and I'm going to let you go. I distance myself from you because I have no other choice.

If you care, you will wake up, as will I. If you still love me, you will come back to me.

And I promise I will be there to take your hand.

Find me again if you're the man i fell in love with.

Because who you are now is not someone I recognize or want to spend my life with.

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