Leaving someone is more than just breaking up with them

Leaving someone is more than just breaking up with them

Leaving the person you care about and want to be with is without a doubt one of the most difficult and painful things you have to do sometimes.

Breaking up with someone you still love is never easy and it takes a lot of strength and courage.

But sometimes that's the only choice you have, despite all the love you have for someone.

Sometimes that's the only thing you have to do if you want to be happy .

Sometimes love isn't enough and you just can't make things work as well as you'd like.

And sometimes you decide to leave and you decide; t never looking back, as much as it hurts.

But are you sure you know what leaving is all about?

Do you know what it really means and that it's much more than just breaking up with someone?

The truth is that most people make a mistake by thinking that their job is done the moment they physically separate from the person who is causing them harm.

And yes – yes; this is without a doubt the most difficult step.

But I have to disappoint you and tell you that the sad truth is that your journey of recovery and your journey to truly walking away from it are just beginning the moment you break up with someone.

Because leaving someone is so much more than that.

It is so much more than meets the eye. physically separating from someone.

It's much more than not seeing, spending time with, or talking to them.

It's much more than not kissing or sleeping with that person. It's a lot more than not officially being in a relationship with them.

Leaving someone is stopping expecting them to come back.

When you finally stop spending every moment of every day waiting for that person to knock on your door or call you.

When you stop hoping that they've come to their senses and that they've finally realized they made a mistake in letting you go.

When you stop waiting, that he runs after you, just like you did for him back then.

Leaving someone means stopping to think about them and what about them was going to.

That's what happens when that someone stops being the first and last thought you have every day.

That's what happens when you stop asking yourself if he misses you the way you missed him and if he ever thinks about you.

That's what happens when you stop. first to think about all the things that could have happened between the two of you and all the things that have happened between you.

This happens when you stop stalking him and looking for him on social media to see what he's been up to lately.

That's when you lose all interest in him and his life.

That's when you stop looking forward to meeting him every time you go out.

Then when you stop pretending, just in case he crosses your path. This is what happens when you stop going to places where you might see him.

Leaving someone is stopping spending time with that person's friends and family just because you hope they will tell you more about them and because this is a path for you, a part of his life.

This is what happens when you stop turning around every time you see someone walking or smiling the same way they do.

If songs stop making you sad, and you remember your anniversary or their birthday long after it's over.

Leaving someone is forgiving them for whatever he did to you.

Then when you can wish him all the best and when you really want him to be happy without you.

Leaving someone means that they finally stop being a part of your life.

When they stop existing in your mind and heart.

When you stop missing him and when you finally stop loving him.

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