It's time to pull yourself together because she won't wait for you any longer

It's time to pull yourself together, because she won't wait for you any longer

I know that you're going to the girl used to. And when I say you got used to her, I don't just mean that you got used to her presence in your life.

No – you got used to everything she gives you and I don't just mean her body.

You've gotten used to her loving you without you loving her back in equal measure, as it should be.

You've gotten used to her always being there for you there is, in her support and loyalty no matter what.
You always knew she was someone you could count on, even when everyone else had turned their backs on her.

You knew that she was the only one who had your back no matter what you did, she was the only one who enjoyed your successes and the only one who shared your sorrows.

She was the only girl who couldn't be happy when you were sad and she always tried to make you laugh.

You knew she was the only person in the world who loved you unconditionally, even when you least deserved it.

She was the only one who believed in you, even when no one else did and even you lost faith in yourself.

But instead of appreciating that, you just have her exploited. You took advantage of her love and the fact that she was naive and sensitive.

You knew very well that she always had a soft spot for you and you were the only person in the world for her that she could never have turned away and you pretty much took advantage of that.

You gave her just a morsel of your love and attention – just enough to keep her going.

She's the first person you call when you're in trouble, when you need a shoulder to cry on, when you need advice or an opinion or you just need someone to chat with.

You've gotten used to her constant presence and over timeyou took her for granted, you imagined you didn't need to put any more energy into your relationship, that you didn't need to show her love and appreciation, and that despite being treated like that, she your side.

You know what? She won't. There will come a timewhen this girl will realize who you really are-. a self-centered, selfish asshole.

There will come a time when this girl will stop seeing you as the vulnerable, lost boy who needs her hand to make his way through life. She will see your true character and she will be fed up with it.

At the same time she will realize who she really is.

She will finally realize her worth and realize that you are wasting her precious time, patience, effort and energy.

She will finally realize that you her love and herself does not deserve. And then she will leave you.

Then it will be too late to try to save anything because she will be tired of you and the way you treated her.

That will be the moment when you too check what you made and lost. But by then it will be too late to do anything.

Because when she finally realizes the whole thing, she will never be able to look at you the same way again . Please do something before it's too late.

Because she won't wait forever for you to come to your senses. She won't wait forever for you to start appreciating her and all her other struggles and sacrifices.

She won't wait any longer for you to start loving her and her to treat her the way she deserves.

I know you're sure things will continue like this, but trust me, this girl is not going to waste her whole life on a guy who doesn’t give her anything back.

Please tear&rszlig; you together before it's too late. Deep down you know very well that you only meet a woman like this once in a lifetime.

You know very well that nobody will ever love you like she did and no one will ever treat you like they do.

Don't wait a second – Change your behavior now. Otherwise you will regret your decision for the rest of your life if you make the wrong decision now.

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