It should be your priority, not an option

It should be your priority t not an option

Let's not beat about the bush here and let's admit that in many cases it happens that when a man meets an amazing woman , has no idea what to do with her.

He knows; not how to treat her, what to think and how to act.

Sometimes when a man meets a great woman, he knowsß he immediately says he wants her in his life, but somehow he messes it up.

It often happens that he overthinks and overanalyzes everything, every little situation in his life, and in the end he's only toxic to himself and the woman.

At some point it seems to him that it's still too early to take life seriously; he's not ready to settle down or commit to a single woman, but he doesn't want to miss this opportunity to commit to an amazing woman either.

So he's going to drag this amazing woman into something that that could be a relationship, but it could also not be a relationship.

And it's just plain wrong. It's wrong on so many levels.

When you meet an amazing woman and your head is in chaos, you should do one of two things: give it your all or let her go.

You either say, “I've been waiting for this my whole life,” or you say, “She's great, but I don't have the same intentions, so I'm just going to let it go.”

If you're unsure whether to commit or not, you don't make empty promises, you don't talk to her about the future, and you don't plan unless you're ready to make it happen .

You don't drag a great woman into something you have no idea what it is. You don't confuse her and you don't hold her next to you and make her wait until you're ready to commit.

Sometimes life spices things up for us, but sometimes things are not that complicated, you know? Life is easier when happiness and sorrow are shared with the right person.

So when you meet the right woman, you don't come up with excuses that you're not ready or that now isn't the right time or God knows; What is. Either you do it or you let her go.

There are women who love with all their hearts, laugh with all their hearts, scream out loud, don't play games and always tell the truth.

There are women who achieve things on their own, women who don't need men to accomplish them in life and who are not afraid to live their lives to the fullest; you know, the kind of women your mother talked to you about and your father told you to marry?

Having women like that not afraid to commit to a single man.

They are not afraid to spend the rest of their life with a single man or to start a family with him to get into him and their relationship to invest.

They're not afraid to say "No" to say to other men and all the other possibilities.

This type of woman should be your priority, not an option.

This type of woman should not be lied to , not to be fooled or tricked into believing she has a future with you when you yourself are confused about what you want from your life.

You deserve that kind of woman if and only if you knows exactly what you want from her.

When you meet an amazing woman you forget all about why it might not work and you start thinking about what you can do to make it work.

You find no excuses, but you give everything and make it possible. You tell yourself this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you don't want to miss it.

When you meet a great woman, you put her at the top of your priority list . There are no buts, no other options, no games.

When you meet a great woman, you're just a man. You start building your life, you start building yourself and you realize what it means to be truly committed to someone.

You finally realize that you weren't born not to drift through this life but to find your other half and be happy.

I remember the words my mother said to my brother when he was upset :”If she respects you, if she is loyal and generous, kind and smart, don't let her see any other man but you. If she's a great woman, don't make her wait for you and don't give her room to doubt your intentions. You take her hand, tell her how much she means to you, and put her at the top of your list of priorities.”

If that's not a golden philosophy on how to treat women, then you know ; I don't what else.


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