Is your ex still texting you? The 8 most common reasons for this

Is your ex still texting you? The 8 most common reasons

After nights of crying your heart out, you finally got the feeling ;hl, you're getting a little better, you're feeling better, and just then you get a text from your ex and it all starts all over again.

Your feelings are mixed up. You have millions of different scenarios in your head.

You're kind of happy, but at the same time it hurts terribly.

You don't know what to do, eh you should write back or not.

You wonder what he will think if you do or if you don't and you have absolutely no idea what he will say to you of the message.

Why do men do this? Why do they text you when you've finally come to terms with the fact that it's over?

Why do they show up when you least expect them?

Why do they tend to reaching out after a year or even a few years when you're already over her?

The relationship is over. You went your separate ways.

Maybe he even specifically said he would never call back, and then did it anyway.

That just doesn't make any sense, does it?

I want to get to the bottom of this strange situation and find out why our exes have all of a sudden contacted us.

< p>Remember that the reasons for this will depend on the circumstances of your breakup and what happened between the two of you.

Table of ContentsShow 1 1. He feels guilty about the whole thing 2 2. He's used to texting you 3 3. He wants to do your laundry 4 4. He needs an ego boost 5 5. He's lonely 6 6. You're his reserve 7 7. He heard you're dating someone new 8 8. He really misses you and wants you back

1. He feels bad about the whole thing

If your ex did something terrible that led to your breakup, then his guilt will eat away at him.

He can't help but apologize non-stop and try to flatter you again.

If you still have feelings for him, be careful – not everything is to be forgiven, and not everyone deserves a second chance.

Think rationally about everything and make the decision that suits you best.

2. He's used to texting you

In his head whiteß him that the relationship is over, but he's so used to it that he can't help but text you.

He's used to hearing from you, good morning to you to wish and to tell you things.

He misses the friend he had in you. This usually happens when long-term relationships end.

3. He wants to touch your laundry

Unfortunately, that's one of the most common reasons, no matter what the reason you broke up.

He knows you, your body. He misses your moans. He likes the way you move.

If the chemistry between you two used to be very strong and there was always a spark between you and the sexual tension, you will find it hard to resist .

At least try to keep your sexual desires under control.

You only had a one night stand with someone you used to know.

4. He needs an ego boost

Some men, especially the selfish ones – for example narcissists – feels great when they see that they can always have you back.

It makes them feel strong and powerful.

Don't begrudge him this pleasure. Don't let anyone think they can come and go in your life as they please. Your heart deserves better.

5. He's lonely

Loneliness can be a strong motivator for your ex to contact you.

If they have friends who are in relationships, they will miss having someone to confide in and hang out with can cuddle for days.

Love should keep you together, not loneliness. Don't let him sneak back into your life under false pretenses.

6. You are his reserve player

He texts you several days in a row. Then he disappears or just checks on you from time to time.

He wants to keep in touch with you and keep you as an option to reach out to when it suits him.

It's better to cut off all contact than to keep texting a guy, who leaves you on the bench until he has nothing else to do in his life.

7. He heard that you are dating someone new

The hardest thing for your ex will be seeing you happy in the arms of another man.

Maybe he will realize what he had in you and what he has lost.< /p>

Just the fact that all the love, attention and affection that once belonged to him now belongs to someone else will drive him mad with jealousy.

If he didn’t appreciate you when you were together, he doesn’t need to anymore.

He's late and it's time he made you happy with someone else like you never could be with him.

8. He really misses you and wants you back

Sadly, some men don't even realize what they have until they've lost it completely.

He took you for granted and your breakup made him realize what a great relationship you two could have had if he only knew better.

If you feel the same way and if he has done something you can forgive him, then you should consider giving him a second chance.

Remember, every chance is a chance after the second is too much, and there are guys who won't earn anything from you after they completely screw up the first chance.

Make sure he tries really hard to get you back. win back, and not just get you back with a few lame texts.

He has to be worth the risk.

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