If you're tired of being screwed by guys, you need to start living by these 9 rules

If you're tired of being screwed by guys, you need to start living by these 9 rules

It's true that men can be real assholes when it comes to relationships, romance and love life in general.

You are perfectly capable of pretending to be w’ Find the nicest gentlemen and screw it all up later.

But you know what they say: “Once you tricked me, second time you didn't.”

If you've had more than a few bad experiences with guys, I do sorry to tell you but maybe the problem could be you.

Well I'm not saying it's your fault because some men are real assholes .

But it's your fault for not protecting your heart and establishing basic rules that will keep you away from toxic men and manipulators.

So if you're really fed up, getting screwed by guys (which is definitely the case with me), you should start living by these 9 golden rules that will help you find a man you deserve!

1. Always put yourself first

Remember that you are the captain of your own ship and responsible for your own happiness.

Remember that if you don't fight for yourself, no one else will. Always put yourself first no matter what!

Don't wait for him to start treating you the way you deserve. Instead, always treat yourself the best you can.

This will show him that you will not tolerate him treating you differently.

If you make yourself a priority If you do number one, your heart will be protected because he won't be able to reach it easily.

2. Don't let him into your world easily

The number one mistake most women make is that they let men into their world so easily.

Men love a challenge and it's in their blood to fight for a woman they like.

And you can guess what happens , when you give yourself and your heart so easily to a man. Exactly!

He takes it for granted. He never makes you his priority because he knows he didn’t have to fight that hard to get you either, which in a way makes you a woman with low standards.

Don't be that woman. Always keep your head and your standards as high as possible because one day you will thank yourself for it.

3. Live in the moment

You're probably a bit confused now, but there's a perfect reason why you need a reminder to live in the moment.

Many women start talking to their partner about it soon after they start a relationship to fantasize about the future.

Believe me, we women are so good at it that we can already find ourselves married, with three kids and a fourth on the way, in a perfect house with flowers and more Shit – and all in just three seconds.

I guess I don't even need to mention what will happen when you realize your guy isn't even close to the idea.

So you should always do one thing at a time. Don't think too much! Live in the moment, seize the day.

4. Don't let him dictate the pace of your relationship

Imagine letting a guy dictate how fast or slow your relationship goes.

If you do, or have already done so, I'm sure it didn't go so well in the end. That's because men want everything, and they want it now.

They see you as the perfect candy they need to have in order to find happiness.


They want to rip your clothes off and look at you and do it over and over again.

And you know what? You need to keep this under control if you don't want to end up getting your heart broken.

You must control the pace of your relationship because it is your duty to protect yourself!

5. Pay attention to actions and ONLY actions

How many times have you listened to a man without really considering his real intentions?

< p>How many times have you forgotten to focus on his actions instead of just the words that come out of his mouth?

Many women forget that when it comes to men, words can be completely meaningless.

The only thing you should pay attention to is his actions! What's the bottom line if he tells you he loves you but never proves it with actions?

It's easy to pay lip service, but few real men know that actions do speak louder than words. When a man really likes a woman, he shows it. 

And you should wait for a man like that!

6. Always listen to your gut

If you feel like something is wrong in your relationship, then it probably is.

Don't forget to listen to that little voice in your head telling you that something is wrong just isn't right.

Your gut feeling is your best friend when it comes to relationships and you should never downplay its importance.

7. Change your habits

Let's say you go to a place where you keep meeting idiots.

But instead of learning your lesson, you keep going back to the same place as if nothing happened.

If you find yourself repeating the same story over and over, you should definitely Thinking about changing your habits.

Your choices and habits are closely related to your happiness.

You'd be surprised how much you'd benefit from just changing venues or doing little things like B. your walking route or something else you do every day.

8. Avoid “rebound” relationships

If you want to forget about that one certain guy, forget about rebound relationships.

No one is ever through a new relationship got over someone (unless your feelings are genuine).

You must give yourself some time to heal and you must not rush into anything.

I know it sounds a bit cliche, but it's true that time heals all wounds.

Time is the number one remedy for all types of breakups and conflicts. Never forget that!

9. Don't make excuses for the guy

You know what's worse than letting men into your world so easily?

Looking for excuses for the same guys who are acting like assholes.

Please do yourself a favor and don't go out of your way to find a perfect justification for his behavior, every time he does something to you. Open your eyes and face the truth.

If he keeps acting like an idiot to you, it means he doesn’t deserve you and you don’t look another second wasting him, let alone making excuses for his behavior.

Remember that your happiness is in your hands, so always play wisely!

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