If your man doesn't appreciate you, he deserves to lose you

If your man doesn't appreciate you, he deserves to lose you

One of the central aspects of a successful and long-lasting romantic relationship must be mutual respect.

Because what do you really do if your partner doesn't appreciate or respect you?

You can fool yourself all you want, but if your man doesn't appreciate you , your relationship lacks the foundation to sustain it and be happy and content.

Love is a wonderful thing. It brings you indescribable joy, satisfaction and the feeling of always having something in life that will help you up when you're on the ground.

You know you have a partner for life and as long as there is mutual trust, respect and consideration your relationship can only thrive.

But if your man takes you for granted, doesn't appreciate you or your feelings, and doesn't give a damn about what you have to say, then it's time he felt that deep pain and loses you!

If your man doesn't appreciate you, it means he will always put his own needs ahead of yours.

This man believes the world revolves around him, and it doesn't matter , whatever you do or say, his selfish, pathetic ass isn't going to change.

He only makes decisions that benefit him and he cares not about how it makes you feel – he doesn't care either.

He values ​​himself more than anyone else and that will most likely never change.

So instead of trying to get him to value you when he's quite obviously isn't interested, just walk away and show him you don't give a damn!

If your man doesn't appreciate you, he'll never really care how his words come up affect you.

A man who doesn't appreciate you will never take care to be nice and gentle to you.

He won't worry about being too hard or too brutal with you.

He just doesn't care! You could fall apart inside, hide your tears and sorrow and put on a brave face just for him… and he would never notice and wouldn't care.

No matter how tough you think you are or how much you think you can take, nobody deserves a man who doesn't give a damn how you feel!

Your partner is your hoard, and if it turns out to be the cause of your tears, then it just deserves to see you walk through the door and never look back!

If your man doesn't appreciate you, he will never let you be right. This man cannot understand that anyone else is right.

Whatever he says is to be taken as the Word of God, and no matter how obviously wrong he is, you are expected to agree with him.

You can't have a good idea, and whenever you want to voice your opinion about something, you get pushed aside.

It's really frustrating to be with a man who can't admit that sometimes he's wrong lies, and that is just a testament to his weak character.

You certainly don't need a man like him who will never admit when you're right and when he's wrong.

If he's so ignoring you and your words of wisdom, then go for it make him realize that you will not tolerate this any longer and just leave.

There are so many other fish in the sea.

If your husband does not kiss you; Now, there is no room for trust in a relationship.

Trust is one of the fundamental factors in a relationship.

You must have absolute trust in people who you are with.

And if you're with a man who can't appreciate or respect you, how can you really trust him?

He's just minimizing your needs and giving you feel insignificant.

He won't let you speak your mind, and he doesn't even pretend to care what you have to say.

When you're with a man like that, your secrets and your passions will never be safe with him.

Whatever you tell him, there's a risk he'll spill it all.

< p>Do you want to be in a relationship where you feel like you need to hide a part of yourself so that it really stays just yours?

It will never be any different with this guy.

It's about time you figured this out before things get even more messy.

Don't let a guy who doesn't values, your life dictates! be your own boss Make up your own mind.

Choose your own path and never let a lame, insecure man devalue you.

Show him what it's like to lose a woman like you , because it's only when he loses you that he'll realize what a treasure he's had and gambled away all along.

It'll kill him to see you thrive without him, and this is exactly why you need to walk away and focus on your amazing self!

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