If your husband does these 7 things, then he is a domestic abuser

If your husband does these 7 things then he is a domestic abuser

It is a well known fact that many relationships break their homes. ups and downs, and that partners sometimes fight.

But you must distinguish normal fighting from abusive behavior, and if you see this happening to you, you should do so as soon as you can ;escape.

You must know that life with a predator is not easy and as long as you are with him you will never thrive as you deserve.< /p>

In fact, your life could be in danger if he decides to make your life miserable.

If you have children with such a man, then you should leave him, so they don't hear the arguments. This can cause severe emotional damage to children.

For all those women who are unsure whether they are in a relationship with a man who is exploiting them or for the women , who don't have the courage to leave such a man, here are some points that might make these women pause.

1. He threatens you

A man who loves you will never threaten the woman he loves. Instead, he will idolize her and protect her like the apple of his eye.

However, a domestic abuser is someone who makes your life worse than it was when you had it didn't know.

If he doesn't want you to do something, he'll get rude, call you names, and make you feel bad.

If you have children with him, he will threaten to take them away from you because he knows that would hurt you the most.

2. He slams doors and smashes dishes

It's something every domestic abuser does to scare you and force you to do whatever he wants.< /p>

If you don't do something the way he wants, he gets angry and starts slamming the doors to show you that he doesn't tolerate that kind of behavior anymore and that he's nagging you ;maybe next time he will hit him when he gets angry.

He wants to scare you as much as possible and brainwash you into doing the things he does wants.

Catching your man doing this is a clear indication that he is developing into a man who will abuse you.

3. He takes your money and wants you to ask him

In this case, he wants to put you down and even if you earn a lot more than he does, he won't admit it. He will ask you for money from your salary and make you come to him and ask him for it.

This is how he wants you to become dependent on him and let him decide can what is done and when.

This is another sign of domestic violence and if you are able to leave him please do so to put yourself out of this agony.

4. He intimidates you with knives or guns

If a domestic abuser realizes that you might run away, he will do everything possible to get you around him. hey.

This also includes guns or knives to intimidate you into staying with him or he says he will kill you first and then himself.

< p>He's just playing mind games with you and he knows you'll stay because you're worried about your life.

If you have kids with a man like that, make sure they don't have any of these Overhear arguments, as doing so could cause them serious trauma.

5. He hits you or slaps you

If he does anything that could cause you physical harm in any way, rest assured that he is not just going through a bad patch, but that he is a real domestic abuser.

This is the worst thing a man can do to a woman he loves because he knows there is nothing she can do to defend herself.

So don't trust him , when he says he will never do it again and that he made a mistake because if he hit you once he will do it again.

Such a man doesn't deserve your love, so don't be afraid to leave him, because that's the only way to find the right path.

6. He plays the victim role

If he's having a bad day or some other problem, he blames you for it.

Over time, his expectations of life get so high that you can no longer fulfill them.

And again he will blame you, but this time he doesn't stick with it as he will either abuse emotionally or even physically.

He doesn't understand that you don't meet all his needs. that you can fulfill needs and that you also have your own needs.

7. He says if you leave him he will kill himself

This is one of the most obvious signs of domestic violence. By saying this, the perpetrator of domestic violence wants you to stay with him so he can continue to control you and do things the way he wants.

In So in this case you have a choice between plague and cholera-on the one hand there is a man who wants to kill himself if you leave him and on the other hand we are talking about your own life being destroyed will if you stay with him.

Please remember that you should always choose your life as he loves himself too much to hurt himself.

It's just a dirty trick he's using to keep you with him.

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