If your guy does these 7 things, he'll make a fool of you

If your guy does these 7 things he'll make a fool of you

No woman wants her guy to make a fool of her, but sadly that happens quite often these days.

Some men do it because they're just bored and some because it's in their blood and they really are fuckboys.

So how do you know if your man really loves and respects you or is he making a fool of you?

Don't worry as there are some things that prove he's treating you wrong and here they are:

1. He doesn't want anything official

A guy like that will probably tell you that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship but still wants to see where this all goes as you are an amazing woman.

Don’t think you change his mind.

He's already decided to screw every woman he dates and only wants casual sex.

So the sooner you leave him , the better it will be for you.

2. He says he will ask you out but never does

He keeps telling you that he loves reading your texts and can't wait to go on a real date with you.

Don't believe him, especially if he only sees you between 2am and 5am texts in the morning as that's a big red flag that you're just a booty call.

He just wants to have fun. and then disappear.

He will take advantage of you as much as possible and will never respect you as a woman.

3. He says he's suffering because of a breakup

Every (and really every) woman falls in love with vulnerable men.

Somehow every woman has the urge to help them feel better and deal with the pain of their soul.

< p>That's why your guy will tell you that he's suffering and doesn't want to rush things.

And the moment you get close to him to comfort him, he will rip your clothes off and have wild sex with you on the kitchen table.

Suffer, don't worry!

4. You always meet at your

Why do you think that is? I tell you – he doesn’t want to meet you in public because that would put him at risk of being seen by another woman with you.

Then she wouldn’t be booty call anymore want to be.

He knows that he would risk too much and that the best option is to meet you at your place or at his place.

Believe me, such a man is definitely not the right one.

5. He apologizes but keeps hurting you

You'll cry a lot with a guy like that. You will constantly have the feeling that you are missing something, but you will not know exactly what it is.

The lack of love is probably the reason why you are suffering.

Honey, he's not the type of man who can love you as much as you expect.

Let him go and be happy as you love yourself before this saved a guy.

6. He convinces you he wasn't looking at the hot waitress

Well sure. Men will always look at good looking women no matter how in love they are.

It's just in their blood. So if you catch your man doing it in front of you, that's a sign he's making a fool of you.

Ultimately, whether you turn a blind eye or not is your choice break up.

7. He never makes plans for the two of you

If you're the only one making plans for you, that's a sign he's making plans for you disrespected and that he doesn't care about your feelings.

Apparently you're the only one who bothers and he's only with you to get what he wants and out disappear in your afterlife.

If you value yourself and want a bright future, you need to get rid of him.

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