If your boyfriend does these 10 things, he's a narcissist in disguise

If your friend does these 10 things, he is a narcissist in disguise

It all starts like in a fairy tale. You meet, you fall in love.

You feel like the happiest woman in the world. He gives you all his attention.

He showers you with gifts, takes you out to dinner, brings you flowers, he is a real prince.

Who would refuse such attention? Nobody, and neither do you.

You wanted to believe in true love and he presented himself as the man you've been waiting for your whole life.

Everything happened so quickly. He wanted to deepen your relationship and basically forced you to play along.

He blinded you with all the love and attention and you thought that was it, true love.

You thought you finally found someone to spend the rest of your life with.

You know, that's how their game works. That's how they lure you into their trap.

In reality, if you skip all the gifts and outings, you're left with nothing but a narcissistic bloodsucker sucking you dry.


When the first warning signs appeared, you ignored them.

You couldn't admit to yourself that you fell for such absurd lies and empty gestures.

He did everything possible to blind you.

So you believed his stupid excuses. You believed him because he was so convincing once again.

His excuses all made sense at the time.

Everything went back to normal. For a while he treated you like a queen just to make sure you still trust him so he can keep playing his sick game.

This can go on for years. It depends on how strong and determined you are. It depends on whether you are afraid of him or not.

It depends on whether you have lost your fighting spirit along with your self-esteem and self-respect.

Nobody should ever experience something like this. Living under the merciless fist of a narcissist can devour you and destroy you completely.

But if you break free from him, you can give yourself a second chance to love someone else and get the love you deserved in the first place.

Be careful if you think you're dating a narcissist and watch out for these red flags:

1. They never apologize

They never apologize because they are absolutely sure they did nothing wrong.

They have no understanding of other people’s feelings.

For example, if they are late and make you wait without even letting you know that they are late ;ten, they won't apologize because they think they're the most important thing in the world and if you have to wait for them, then you have to do it.

It's not your problem.

This can show up in your relationship in many different ways, from small things like being late to more serious problems.

So, heed this warning sign and act in time.

2. They are obsessed with perfection

They want to be a reflection of the world they see – the perfect world.

Since you are in a relationship with them, they see you as a reflection of themselves.

So don't be surprised if a narcissist tries to get you into any Ways to change things like your behavior or appearance.

They will even try to control your way of thinking and your worldview.

They will try to give you their own "correct" Instilling perspective.

They will make you strive for something they have imposed on you as perfect.

Step by step, your mind will be lost , along with your identity.

You will become what he wants, not what you want to be.

3. They are very charismatic

This is how they get you. They can be magnetic. They radiate a powerful energy that engulfs you.

Your energy and happiness dazzle you. In the end you only see what you are supposed to see. That's how it all works in the beginning.

What they really want is to get all the attention and spotlight for themselves, and that comes right after that.

4 . It's always about her

No matter what direction the conversation takes, they will always find a way to steer it their way.

They know exactly how to put themselves in the spotlight that they so enjoy themselves very much.

This makes them seek the approval of others and secretly fish for compliments.

They will also make you compliment them without you even knowing it get it.

5. You were made to please them

That's the whole point of your relationship.

That's the only thing they want from you – that you meet their wants and needs.

They will never do the same for you, such as putting your needs ahead of their own.

They don't even realize that something is wrong because they just don't care.

The only time you'll briefly get the impression he might be a tad interested is when he's feigning interest because he probably needs something from you.

6. You can't rely on them

If something bad happens to you and you find yourself in a difficult situation and you need someone to get you out of it, they won't help be there nor hear your cry for help.

They probably have something better to occupy themselves with – himself.

When you know deep in your heart that the person you are with will not help you when you need them, or when you are afraid to ask because you already know that the answer is no will be, then reconsider your relationship and your mutual trust, if it exists at all.

7. They are master manipulators

They will manipulate you into thinking that everything bad that happens is your own fault.

There is no way they did anything wrong because they are perfect and you are the one  need to improve.

It also has something to do with their fear of abandonment.

If they keep making you feel like everything is your fault it makes them feel flawless.

And when they feel flawless, they think you won't leave them. That's their logic.

And even if you leave them, they will put you down to present themselves as innocent.

8. They lack empathy

They don't care about any thoughts or feelings that aren't directly related to them.

So if you're hurt and in crying in your room – for whatever reason, whether large; or small – you won't feel it.

They feign interest and approach you, but they soon get bored and walk away because it doesn't affect them in the slightest and doesn't affect them personally in any way.

9. They can't take criticism

Because they think they're perfect. They don't like criticism, even if it's positive criticism to help them improve.

They will attack you because they feel attacked.

< p>They'll either criticize you to get back at you (and it'll be mean criticism) or they'll freak out and take a whole different tack and bring up a whole bunch of other issues that you both swept under the rug.

< p>They only do it to get back at you.

10. They're constantly sending mixed signals

They make plans with you and talk about a future together, but none of that happens.

It's everything empty words they forget as soon as they say them.

One day they make you feel special and the next they disappear and put you at the bottom of their priority; tenliste.

You feel like you're on an emotional rollercoaster.

Maybe you can take it for now, but definitely not much longer.

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