If your all isn't enough, then you're probably wasting it on the wrong people

If your all isn't enough, you're probably wasting it on the wrong person

You've done everything for this man and now your body is exhausted .

You've been looking for new ways to make him happy and now your soul is drained.

You feel drained because you gave yourself completely to him. You feel empty inside and life has lost its color by now.

You've tried everything to make him love you, you've done your best to make your relationship work, and that's why you feel like you're not good enough.

Your feelings are selfless and he was always just selfish.

You care about him more than you care about yourself. He is the only important thing in your life. But unfortunately he doesn't feel the same way for you.

You constantly feel like you don't deserve him because everything you do is wrong.

You have to understand that even the smallest little things you do will be right for him when it is true love and he is your soulmate.

He will appreciate your efforts more than these Appreciate gestures.You've been waiting for him to change for far too long.

You're still somehow sure that he loves you and that's why he's making himself up for you. will change – that he can become a better person for you.

He will not change. He is only there because he knows he can control you and that you will do whatever he asks of you because you want to stay with him.

He will just be with your love already feeding inflated ego. And you will end up with nothing but low self-esteem.

He has become the center of your life and now everything revolves around him. You lost your friends because of him.

You even distanced yourself from your family. From people who were always there for you. People who have been your greatest support in life.

You have distanced yourself from everyone who has tried to convince you that this man is not for you.

Because you thought they just wanted to break you up. do you believe them now Do you see that everything they have been telling you about him all this time is true?

You tried so hard to make his family accept you and make them like you. And they have. They know what a nice and good woman you are.

How many times have you been making weekend plans or arranging a romantic dinner whereupon he dumped you and with his buddies went out?

You would never do that to him.

He's the only person you can open up to, but he never has time to listen to you. How many times have you cried yourself to sleep because of him?

Then how many times did you smear makeup on the next morning and pretend nothing happened?

You miss a lot of great things that mean so much to you would be better.

Maybe you're missing out on someone who would love you like they never did. Who would love and appreciate anything you do for them.

Wonderful things await and all you have to do is let them go.

Let go of the wrong man who has proved to you so many times that he is not meant for you.

Your life is a book and you are the only author. Consider this relationship one of your greatest life lessons.

Call this lesson ”What love should never feel like” and close this chapter.

Believe me, you are good enough. You are even more than that.

He is a blind man and nothing you do will make him see what kind of woman he has by his side.

Until he sees you loses. Then he will understand. Then he will regret it. Then he will want to go back in time and undo everything he did to you.

Every second of your life is precious so please stop giving it to the wrong man to waste. You will only lose yourself that way.

And nothing is worse than that. Losing yourself in love. Losing yourself for someone who doesn't deserve one.

It's not easy to get back up afterwards. It's hard to learn to love yourself again.

Make the right decision. Stop wasting your precious time. Please, take care of yourself.

You will see how beautiful life can be without him. His absence will bring color back to your life.

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