If you want to stop attracting toxic guys, you need to stop doing these 6 things

If you want to stop attracting toxic guys, you have to stop doing these 6 things

Stuck for so many years I got stuck in this weird loop of hanging out with these horrible guys who took a lot more than they gave.

In such a toxic environment, I honestly didn't know what to do The devil was that I kept attracting the wrong men into my life.

I kept thinking about it and I knew there had to be a good reason for it, so I did a soul-searching and realized that my behavior was the main reason I was always with the the wrong guy!

I subconsciously manifested certain unhealthy traits that kept me from the men I deserve and instead brought a sea of ​​toxic guys into my life.

If you don't want to repeat my mistakes and get your dating life back on track, read these 6 things I did wrong and save yourself years of regret.

1. I was attracted to dark and mysterious guys with a shady past

I was stupid enough to think that I would be able to crack her tough exterior and her to it to make them open up to me like they've never done before.

Obviously I was wrong and it kept coming back to haunt me!

These guys may only appear visually attractive and appealing, but in reality they are damaged souls that aren't are capable of loving themselves, let alone someone else. Caution!

2. I secretly liked it when they were a little mean to me

It's pretty stupid to admit such a thing, and it probably goes back to when I was a kid, when I was told that if a boy is mean or teases me, it means he likes me!

This is a totally insane concept and I can't believe anyone was ever told that!

It carried over into my adulthood where I believed that if he yelled at me, it must mean he really cares about me! What a stupid thing to believe.

3. I wasn't interested in nice guys

Nice guys just always seemed kind of boring.

I know you can't judge a book by its cover and now I don't, but I used to think I couldn't could get thrills from being with a good guy as it just seemed too ordinary.

And now I would go for this ”ordinary” kind of love kill! Stability is more important than unpredictability.

4. I liked guys who were fresh out of relationships

For reasons I still don't know to this day, I've always kind of chosen guys who are just out of relationships ended or carried emotional baggage from past relationships.

I foolishly thought that I could be the one who would make them happily ever after and that I could put them back on the right track!

Rarely has it turned out that way and mostly it was just painful as I always felt like a second option.

Now I see that I should have waited for her to be over get over their past love before I started anything with them.

5. I kept dumping men for no particular reason

I loved being right a little too much, so instead of clearing everything up, I'd end up dumping them to avoid having to argue with them.

It was a really toxic vicious cycle that was unhealthy for both of us and it was all my fault.

I couldn't accept that I wasn't right all along so it was easier to end it and to find another toxic guy to replace him with. I was really selfish and didn't even realize it.

I don't even think they were that bad, I somehow made them act that way because of my disturbed way of thinking and my behavior towards them.

6. If it didn’t go my way, I’d go insane

And if things didn’t go the way I wanted, I would blame the guy.< /p>

I always had to have it the way I wanted it and I convinced myself that if a man can't adjust to that, then he's not the right one for me and something with doesn't have to be right for him.

And the whole time it was me who screwed everything up. I was too stubborn to admit I was wrong and I paid for it.

Thank god I now see that a relationship is a two-way street and that both sides deserve it , to be heard and to be recognized as an equal.

Anything else isn't fair and now I finally get it.

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