If you want him to never forget you, then don't play his game

If you want him to never forget you, don't play his game

The world of dating these days is a mess, to say the least. It's full of gamers and their manipulative mind games.

It's understandable that most women see no other choice but to play along.

By doing so, they become entangled in this tangle of half-hearted love , which will never be enough to make them happy.

Let's see if some of these examples sound familiar:

You'll get a message and wait a bit before writing back; you do your best to make him jealous; you pay attention to him, then back off and pretend you don't care.

In short, you give him a taste of his own medicine. And while this works for a while, it doesn't get you what you need, it just keeps you in the game.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't want in live any game. It's exhausting and exhausting to be on the alert.

You want a normal and loving relationship. You want warmth, respect, and honesty to return.

You don't always want to be thinking ahead and strategically planning your every move. You want a love that flows, not a love full of dams.

That's why you shouldn't play his game. You should have your own rules and do your own thing.

You don’t need to engage in manipulation, mind games, or stoop to his level.

He should be a match for you and treat you right, or he should be out of your life forever.

Don't change, stay true to yourself, and by all means set standards.

Only by loving and respecting yourself first will you get the love and respect you deserve.

Having standards means demanding them at all times. It means not letting anyone treat you badly.

It means loving yourself enough to stay away from things or people that make you sad or unhappy.

Don't be afraid to close your eyes, fall in love and hope for the best.

Sure, you could have a hard fall and hurt yourself. But you could still be on cloud nine if love is real.

You shouldn't pretend you don't care or act like a bitch just to please someone.

Don't let yourself into something half-assed.

If he wants something casual, casual, or no commitments, tell him that that's all fine and dandy for him, but not for him you. Wish him luck and let him go.

Someone will come along who will give you everything, but you won't even notice if he's playing games that lead nowhere.

Love without reserve.< /p>

Do everything you can to make it work. Don't give up easily, just remember that sometimes enough is enough and it's time for you to go.

Don't wait forever for your phone to answer. Don't drop everything when he calls.

There's no point in playing games or putting someone at the top of the priority list who never puts you first.

Build your own life. Be proud of yourself.

Conquer your fears and thrive despite what's holding you back. Don't let sorrow stay in your life for too long. Laugh from the bottom of your heart and smile with all your heart.

Demand the same respect, love, honesty and effort that you ask for give the relationship.

Don't settle for lame excuses. Don't fall for the stories that players use to trap you. Don't play the game with… and go.

Don't let him treat you like a toy and he won't think you are either.

One day, the player you're addicted to will become are fed up with his games. He will change.

He will look for you when you lose all interest in him. He will look for you when you find your home in the arms of another man.

He will remember your warmth. He will miss your smile. He will think of everything he could have done differently to have you by his side today.

He will always remember you – the love of his life that he lost.

You know, the thing about players is that they don't realize what they had until they've already lost it forever have.

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